Stolen Youth: the Decimation of Innocence | Karol Markowicz | EP 355

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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Karol Markowicz discuss many of the topics found in her new national best-selling book, “Stolen Youth.” Together, they break down the current state of K-12 academia, the pornographic books being pushed into your child’s hands, and the broader discussion we need to have about woke-ism in the West and where to draw the line.

Karol Markowicz is a weekly columnist at the New York Post and FoxNews, a contributor at Spectator World, and a contributing writer to Washington Examiner magazine. She has written for USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Time, Forward, National Review, Daily Beast, Business Insider, Haaretz, and many others. She appears regularly on Fox News, Newsmax, OANN, and Fox Business Network and is featured frequently on national radio programs. Karol was born in the Soviet Union, grew up in Brooklyn, and now lives in Florida with her husband and three children.

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(0:00) Coming up
(1:07) Intro
(1:58) Stolen Youth
(2:46) Widening the umbrella
(6:32) LGBTQ+ children’s books
(8:07) Who is “they”?
(9:48) Prior movements in hedonism
(12:38) Soviet authoritarianism seeping in
(14:14) Milo Yiannopoulos, subcultural givens
(18:00) Predation and running aground on education
(21:18) Desantis, following the news standard
(25:28) Things children don’t need to be taught
(32:55) The inadequacy of the Conservative response
(38:28) Memorization is not learning
(44:17) Marxism used to teach teachers
(45:30) War for the culture, fighting dismissal
(48:25) The Teachers Unions farm capital for Democrat campaigns
(51:34) Responsibility abdicated is opportunity for tyrants
(53:43) School boards and parental influence
(55:37) What pushed Markowicz to get involved
(58:54) Government informers and totalitarian pressure
(1:01:45) “You should have been wearing a mask”
(1:02:42) Child masking and the lack of evidence
(1:04:13) Children turned into blind activists
(1:06:19) Intolerable masculinity, the lapse in male education
(1:11:34) Why young men gravitate toward Andrew Tate and Donald Trump
(1:13:50) Trump, Desantis, and the cultural battle for presidency
(1:16:45) Leaving New York for Florida
(1:19:32) When everyone lies all the time…
(1:22:56) Conformity without obligation
(1:28:11) The contradiction that will tear Mulvaney apart
(1:32:56) Shifting tides and best selling ideas
(1:36:45) The power of a few bad actors


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I would say that the conversation about What to teach kids And at what age is larger than just sex Either I I don't know why we're teaching Climate change fear to small children Age-appropriateness is such a big part Of all of this and the left really wants To remove the boundaries of Age-appropriateness and you could see This with the drag queen shows it Started with drag queen Story Hour where A drag queen would read a book to kids Where's the last time we saw a book in Any of these events now it's twerking And and dancing this really Inappropriate behavior becomes something That you must not only accept you must Also support and a lot of what we go Through in the book as well is how the Spectacle of leftism is such a big part Of it it's not just that you need to Believe certain things you need to Demonstrate that you believe them you Can't just think black lives matter you Need to put the sign in your window and So all of this is very again Soviet Totalitarian authoritarian and it's Coming here and it's aimed at our kids [Music] Thank you Hello everyone Today I'm speaking with Carol Markowitz Writer of the new book stolen youth And a columnist at the New York Post

We discussed the ideological capture not Just of our school systems but of our Children From the pornographic books being Peddled into libraries to the Authoritarian doctrines letting Bad Teachers preach keeping good teachers Silent this interview is vital for Parents worried about the state of the K-12 Public School System sir Carol you Have a book Stolen Youth and that's being published By daily wire By the daily wire crew and so Is that out and if not when is it out And then even more importantly what is It about It is out it came out March 15th And it's about the way the woke are Targeting our children for Indoctrination and what parents can do About it All right so let me ask you a specific Question about that I've been trying to think this through Watching the American public school System implode so I want to walk a Hypothesis by you and maybe then you can Tell me what you think of it in light of What you've been researching So our whole society decided A couple of decades ago To include gay relationships under the Broader umbrella of

Socially acceptable and or desirable Relationships I was the gay marriage issue and that Started out as a progressive movement But eventually The classic liberals and the Conservatives came on board And We made a societal decision to expand The definition of Conjugal Union let's say if not on the Religious front at least on the state Front and often on the religious front Now that that produces a thorny problem You might say Because what you've done then as a Society is To sacralize Same-sex sexual activity Now that brings up the next problem Which is well once you've decided that There's no moral or qualitative Distinction between Homosexual sex and heterosexual sex And you've already decided that you're Also going to educate your children On the sex front Then you have to solve the problem of Exactly what you teach children about Sex and you might say the default would Be well you spend half the time teaching Them about heterosexual Processes let's say and you spend half The time teaching them about homosexual

Practices because Since there's no distinction in value There's no reason to draw A boundary and then that makes the then The problem gets even worse after that Because If the default rule of thumb now is Every proclivity has an equal Opportunity to be put forward on the Educational front You have to face the problem of well What if all the books that your children Are reading feature only heterosexual Couples do you now have to transform the Entire Canon of children's literature so That all other forms of sexual encounter Get equal air time The content I've created over the past Year represents some of my best to date As I've undertaken additional extensive Exploration in today's most challenging Topics and experienced a nice increment In production quality courtesy of daily Wire plus we all want you to benefit From the knowledge gained throughout This adventurous Journey I'm pleased to Let you know that for a limited time You're invited to access all my content With a seven day free trial at dailywire Plus this will provide you with full Access to my new In-Depth series on Marriage as well as guidance for Creating a Life vision and my series Exploring the book of Exodus you'll also

Find there the complete library of all My podcasts and lectures I have a Plethora of new content in development That will be coming soon exclusively on Daily wire plus voices of reason and Resistance are few and far between these Strange days click on the link below if You want to learn more and thank you for Watching and listening Thank you [Music] And it seems to me number one that the Answer to that is we don't know how to Do that Number two we're trying to Give every proclivity equal air time and Number three that's destroying the Public education system So What do you think of that what what's Your take on the situation why are we in This peculiar position So it's interesting because one of the Things that we cover in the book is how Children's books have gotten so Inappropriate in so many different ways And I think a lot of the time these Books are allowed into the classroom or Into the children's libraries because They're specifically LGBT a lot of the Pornographic books for example that Ron DeSantis in Florida my Governor is Trying to pull out of Elementary School Libraries are pornography books but

They're specifically gay pornography and They use that as cover to say if you Don't like these pornographic books in Your Elementary School library then Perhaps you're anti-gay perhaps you're Homophobic and so they use this all as An excuse to kind of get these things in Front of children it's a wider issue of Much younger sexualization and Just pitching ideas to kids that are Completely inappropriate But they wouldn't allow this kind of Thing to go on if it were straight sex They wouldn't let a pornographic book With straight couples into libraries They wouldn't let let's say a stripper Grind and dance in front of children but Drag queens are okay and if you Challenge that then you're you're the Problem So two things come out of that like who Do you think is the they in question Exactly it's a wide day It's um we try to answer this question In the book because this is a really Good question it's not some vague they And in fact a lot of it is I don't like The idea of saying it's an ideology that Targets children no it's people that Target children with their ideology A lot of it does come at the top so you Have like teachers unions teachers Accredation societies all of that is has Been captured by the ideologically woke

And so this is being spread throughout The US and I'm sure elsewhere Um really from the top and there if you Look at like Library associations and I Know that that sounds crazy before we Started researching this book I would Have thought oh this is a conspiracy Uh Theory why would the libraries want To push this kind of thing but they do And they have like these annual meetings Where they decide what kind of books are Going to be in our libraries and they Specifically say things like it's okay To not tell the parents what the kids Are taking out of the library that's Crazy Karen should be the last line of Defense for their kids but they can't be If they don't know what's going on So your sense is that that there are Well targeted groups of activists Fundamentally who are pushing this Agenda Um that brings up two additional Questions I suppose one is why would They do that and the second is What exactly constitutes pornographic Content and I know that's a particularly Thorny question let's talk about why First of all like my sense of this Looking at it historically Because there have been pushes for let's Say liberalization of childhood sexual Behavior that have been mounted for Decades now there was a famous petition

Signed back in the early 70s by a whole Coterie of French intellectuals aiming At radically lowering the age of consent Making the claim that children were Perfectly capable of consenting to Essentially is to sexual relationships Now you might ask why adults would be Interested in doing that and I suppose The positive side is that they're trying To free children from unnecessary Constraints by tyrannical adults but the Darker end of that is something more Like The entire Movement To promote Sexual freedom is grounded in a very Narrow Hedonism and I would say it's Narrow because Narrow means willing to sacrifice Everything to the pleasures of the Moment Now you know there is a psychological Literature on the personality Attributes of people who engage in Short-term mating strategies so that Would be casual sex mating strategies And The Tilt towards casual mating Strategies rather than long-term Relationships let's say committed Relationships is associated with what's Been called the dark tetrad Group of personality traits and that's

Narcissistic Manipulative or Machiavellian Psychopathic that's parasitic and Predatory and because that wasn't enough Sadistic And so what you have is a group of People and arguably there is a small Minority of people who are extremely Oriented towards maximizing short-term Pleasure their own short-term pleasure And perfectly willing to sacrifice Everything to that and also perfectly Capable to demonize and Destroy Reputations in that Pursuit And they attempt I think what's Happening is that they're attempting in Every desperate way possible to ensure That their hedonism Moves forward in an untrammeled manner But also that they can make a moral Claim that any objection to their Hedonistic behavior is nothing but Prejudice right which is the radical Leftists are extremely good at Maneuvering and manipulating on that Front so that seems to be associated With the why in in your investigations You talk about the they that are pushing This agenda for example in library Groups and among teacher groups and so Forth what's your sense of the Underlying motivation I think it's a cultural revolution and I Think we've seen it before in so many

Countries we opened the book with a History chapter I was born in the Soviet Union I came to The us as a small child and these so Many things that I heard throughout my Life I feel like are happening right now In our country and I don't know that You know I ever felt like this before Throughout my life people have said oh Doesn't this feel Soviet to you like the 1990s the early 2000s like isn't this Soviet feeling and I would always say no But now I see it I see that we're moving In the direction of an authoritarian System where neighbors inform on each Other and people are afraid to speak and So much of this to me began undercovered But has really accelerated they've Managed to force this cultural Revolution on all of us and they're Starting with the kids just like all the Revolutions before them and the only Difference is that in places like the US You know it's happening my Soviet Ancestors could probably say that they Didn't know what was happening they Didn't have the internet they didn't Have much news and in other countries Too in China and Cambodia Um these places could say that we didn't Know we didn't know what the leaders Were doing we didn't know what people in Charge were doing I don't think people In America can say that and for us part

Of the reason of writing this book is to Make sure that they can't say that so The The overt sexualization of children let Me let me add another wrinkle to this Just to make things further complicated A long while back five years ago I Interviewed Milo yiannopoulos And Milo was quite an interesting person Extraordinarily extroverted Dramatic Charismatic he made quite a splash on University campuses for a couple of Years as as a right-wing provocateur you Might say but coming from the LGBT side Of the community Spectrum And I talked to him a little bit about His early sexual experiences He was inducted you might say into Homosexual activity when he was about 14 Something like that at the hands as it Turned out of someone who is a member of Religious community Who was about 29 or so And uh He said that that was consensual and That it was welcome on his part and also That he was capable of making that Decision even though he was 14. that was His retrospective memory but I had my doubts about that when I talked To him listening as a clinician first of All because I don't care how smart you Are when you're 14 you're still only 14.

And Just because you thought you were Competent At that point to make decisions like That doesn't mean that that was an Accurate memory to carry forward let's Say into your adult years And Milo didn't seem to Harbor any Malice or resentment towards the person Who he had been involved with but later On his star plummeted let's say and Things got pretty twisted and bent For Milo he ended up converting to a rather Radical form of Christian evangelism and Issuing his Homosexual lifestyle and I'm not saying that he saw the light or Anything like that I'm saying that all Of that was evidence of an Extraordinarily deep-seated existential Confusion but one of the things Milo did Say and this is a very thorny issue was That that practice of having young gay Men inducted into active homosexual Activity by older men is an extremely Common part of the subculture Now nobody talks about that outside of The subculture let's say and part of the Reason for that is that if you even Bring it up I understand that this is Also common in organizations like well There isn't any evidence that I know of That shows that the rate of child abuse Among Roman Catholic clergy is any

Higher than it is among other groups of People that have access to Children Let's say but I have heard through the Grapevine and and as a consequence of my Investigations that this practice of Older men inducting younger men into Active homosexual practice is What would you say it's a subcultural Given And so that complicates the situation Very much as well you know there's a Proclivity among the gay male Community To Be attracted to youth now it's not Different really different than Heterosexual male attraction to Heterosexual female because there's a Proclivity for men to like younger women And this is an extension of that but it Certainly makes the discussion of all of This much more complicated especially When you're also talking about the Motives I think part of the question We're dealing with is You know is it possible to develop a Society that manifests tolerance of or Even depreciation for Committed homosexual relationships that Doesn't run aground on the problem of What to teach children about sex so I Would say that first of all everything That Milo says should be taken with a Grain of salt Um I think that when he said that it's

One of the many controversial splashy Things that he says to get into our news Which I've met him he is very personable He's very magnetic I get it Um but you know I I think that there was A Level of disgust when he said that and Also a pushback from a lot of gay people And not just on the left the idea that They're predators and obviously I I Think that that's something that they uh Argued very strongly against So Milo isn't the best to me example but Your question is right how do we protect Children in any case Um from anyone and I think that a lot of What we address in the book is that you Have to have sort of open conversations With your kids about what happens out in The world and how to protect them is to Lay a foundation at home and to make Sure that there is this open line of Communication I think a lot of the work That you do for example is to help Adults be resilient well what if we Didn't mess up kids in the first place What if we didn't have to have Unresilient adults that needed fixing or Help what if we treated childhood as a Time to teach them how to be in the World instead of to indoctrinate them With far left ideas in their schools and Libraries and doctor's office and media Companies and every other Avenue

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Let's say on the Sex education versus pornography front I Mean it's famously difficult to Define Pornography I think there is a famous Supreme Court decision at one point Where the Justice involved in in Deciding whether uh a particular I Believe it was magazine Um transgressed against Community Standards he said something Approximating I can't Define pornography But I know it when I see it And that's not a completely unreasonable Answer because there are lots of things We know when we see that we can't Define Or make explicit but when push comes to Shove which is what's happening in the Schools right now It's no easy matter to clearly Define The line between what constitutes Pornography and what constitutes open And Frank discussion about sexuality And of course what's happening in Florida is that the more radical types The more Progressive types and also by The way some people who are concerned With censorship is that The attempt to regulate what's being Shown to Children is can easily Degenerate into a form of heavy-handed State censorship and so for you Personally you've been researching this Book for a long time thinking about These matters

I mean do you regard yourself like are You are you a conservative on the sexual Morality front is that embedded in your Own What would you say your own concerns About Purity and propriety and how do you Think that We can draw a line between what Constitutes appropriate sexually Informative material And what constitutes pornography these Books that you've been objecting to that DeSantis has been objecting to what line Is it that they're Crossing as far as You're concerned yeah So DeSantis has been asked this and he Held a press conference and he said I'm Going to show you the books and the News Agencies had to pull away from his press Conference because they couldn't show What was in the books on the news I Think that's a fairly good standard if You can't show it on the news to adults Then you can't show it to my Kindergartner and that's not a crazy Thing to say I I'm generally very Permissive about you know written Material not to kids I don't think it Should be Um immediately because something's okay To be published means that it should be Acceptable for children it's not not Everything is made for kids and I don't

Just mean books a lot of things in the World are not appropriate for children And so in these books it's not simply Sex acts Um there's things like sexting in the Books again this is in the library uh For elementary school so until fifth Grade which in the U.S is like 11 12 Years old 11. um and so these books are Accessible to really small children and It's drawing so it looks almost cartoony Um and Librarians suggested to kids uh There's graphic sex acts there's I don't Know how much I'm allowed to say here But you know there's oral sex Say exactly what you have to say there's Language like so to speak you Know butt plugs Etc in these books that are available to Small children now should they be Available to high school children to you Know teenagers even that I'm ifeon why Should it be available in their school Library which is smaller children I Don't even think it's a question I don't Understand why we're you know having This debate because it's so clear that If we can't read it on the news we Shouldn't have it in their library right So that's a practical demonstration of The violation of community standards Well okay this brings up another issue So You might say that there's a certain

Minimum Degree of sex education that should be Provided as part of the public education System and that children who are Properly educated in sexual matters for Example might be less likely to end up Pregnant as teenagers now I would say The empirical evidence for the utility Of sexual education in public schools as A preventative measure for teenage Pregnancy is damn dismal there's no real Evidence that providing just the facts Ma'am so to speak two kids had any Effect whatsoever on The remediation of childhood teenage Pregnancy let's say And I would also say that Kids can get so much information about Sex on the net Now not that that's a particularly good Way of going about it but it's certainly Available that the additional value of Having teachers teach sexual education Seems debatable at best but then you Could perhaps say that there's a place In the schools for Discussion of the biology of Reproduction maybe in a biology class Because obviously reproduction is a Major element of biology but then that Brings up another thorny issue which is Is it possible or Desirable To offer value free sex education you

Know or is that a contradiction in terms Because if you describe the process Merely in terms of its mechanics You're making the case implicitly that What would you say that sex can be Viewed purely through the lens of Objectivity And it isn't obvious at all that that's The case like it seems to me and this is My socially conservative Prejudice you Might say that it's actually unethical To teach kids about sex outside the Context of simultaneously teaching them About the necessity of long-term Committed loving mutually reciprocal Relationships right marriages for all Intents and purposes and that if you Divorce one from the other you're Already halfway down the slippery slope To the kind of prediction that we're Facing now Well and then you might say well the Simplest Solution on that front would Just be to pull the schools out of the Sex education business altogether So what do you what do you think about That and you've been talking to Political figures you're somewhat Involved with the DeSantis people like What's the solution from the Conservative side to this conundrum Well there I think is a range of Solutions so one thing I would say is a Number of years ago there was this show

Called Teen Mom on MTV and there was a Study that showed that this show Actually did more to reduce teen Pregnancies than all of these sex Education classes because they show they Saw What it was like for a teenager to be a Mother and they thought God I don't want This and so you know for all the Conversations and sex education class About how not to get pregnant or why not To get pregnant uh you know the image of It really did Solidify for kids I don't want this The other thing I would say is that the Biology classes are running into a Different problem at this point because We can't be honest about a lot of Biology we have a chapter in the book on Transgenderism how do they address Transgenderism in biology or sex Education classes they don't address it With any facts it's all very feelings Based and and what people think and feel As opposed to what things actually are Um so I would love to see a straight Discussion in Biology class about the Way the human body works but we're Moving further and further away from That and it's being filled in with a Bunch of woke nonsense that our kids Aren't going to be able to process at The age that they're at Um and carry forward and into being

These resilient you know capable adults I would say that the conversation about What to teach kids And at what age is larger than just sex Either I I don't know why we're teaching Climate change fear to small children There's a lot of evidence that anxiety Among teenagers and young people is very High because of stuff like this and why What are these kids going to do to fight Climate change what are they going to do Other than lay in their bed at night and Be afraid that the world is going to end So for us and what we say a lot in Stolen news is that age-appropriateness Is such a big part of all of this and The left really wants to remove the Boundaries of age-appropriateness and You could see this with the drag queen Shows it started with drag queen Story Hour where a drag queen would read a Book to kids Where's the last time we saw a book in Any of these events now it's twerking And and dancing and they would never Stand for it if it were a straight woman Stripping and doing the same thing but Because it's again they've used the LGBT Shield Um this really inappropriate behavior Becomes something that you must not only Accept you must also support and a lot Of what we go through in the book as Well is how the spectacle of leftism is

Such a big part of it it's not just that You need to believe certain things you Need to demonstrate that you believe Them you can't just think black lives Matter which is a you know idea as Controversial as the Earth is round you Need to put the sign in your window and So all of this is very again Soviet Totalitarian authoritarian and it's Coming here and it's aimed at our kids Are you aware that your browsing data is Constantly being tracked and monitored Have you ever stopped to think about who Has access to this information and what They might be doing with it if you're Like most people you probably haven't Given this much thought but the truth is Your browsing data can reveal a lot About you your interests habits location And even your identity every time you Visit a website click on a link or make A purchase online you're leaving a Digital trail that can be monetized by Advertisers and data Brokers they use This information to Target you with ads And promotions that are tailored Specifically to your browsing habits the More data they have the more accurately They can Target you that's why we trust Expressvpn expressvpn encrypts your Internet traffic and hides your browsing Data from prying eyes this makes it much More difficult for anyone to intercept Your data or track your online activity

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While I was investigating all of that on Purely for purely practical Reasons by The way I was trying to figure out how To help people select better employees And how to select better students those Who had a better chance of succeeding Let's say I started investigating Alternative Theories of Human ability and that led me into Research that was being conducted Primarily at education schools Howard Gardner Robert Sternberg those were big Names in those days Gardner invented the Theory of multiple intelligences and Sternberg the proposition that there was A kind of practical intelligence that Was different and could be what would You call Promoted independent of General Cognitive ability and I looked into that Research in great detail and concluded Along with my colleagues that it was Absolute 100 percent nonsense and Rubbish that all that Gardner had done With his theory of multiple Intelligences was repackage the idea of Talent and call it intelligence and that All Sternberg had done was hand wave About a form of cognitive ability that He couldn't measure nor demonstrate but It was politically Um what would you say welcome because it Challenged the idea that

General cognitive ability is a unitary Phenomena which it is by the way and uh And that led me to take a look at what Education schools were doing in more Detail and what I learned and I Certainly have learned more of this as The years have progressed that there Isn't any resource research done on the Social science front then the research That's done in faculties of Education They're responsible for more Pathological educational fads than any Other single academic source which is Really saying something because they Have to compete with Departments of English and say fields of like faculties Of social work and all the what do they Call those grievance study disciplines So you have to work pretty hard to be The worst of that Bunch but the Faculties of Education have truly Managed it now and they're the people Who are training our teachers but it's Worse than that because The students that enroll in faculties of Education are not exactly the cream of The crop generally speaking they're Often kids who haven't figured out who Go into education as a kind of default Because they don't know what else to do They're not stringently selected for Their academic prowess and they're often People who are interested in a rather Permanent career with a pretty decent

Shot of holidays And so we're not getting the cream of The crop as students and we certainly Don't have the cream of the crop as Researchers in the faculties of Education however The faculties of Education have a hammer Lock on teacher certification And that means that they're the woke Enterprise enters the general population Because of the faculties of Education Hammerlock control of teacher Certification and so my question is why In the world are the Republicans Daft Enough and have been for like 50 years To not only allow this insane Monopoly To exist but to continue especially Given also that in many states in the U.S there's actually a teacher shortage And given also that there's no evidence Whatsoever that faculties of Education Have ever produced to show that their Attempts to train teachers actually make Teachers better So you know we can complain about the Radical leftists pushing their idiot Agenda and there's no shortage of useful Complaining to do on that front but I Would say well if the bloody Conservatives are going to roll over Like dimwits and allow the Monopoly of The leftists to continue on the teacher Certification front they get exactly we Get exactly what we deserve so

We're talking about ideology here and We're talking about the sway of these Ideas and even the sway of these radical Individuals but the fundamental problem Technically is that there's a monopoly On teacher certification that's been Granted to the faculties of education And their woke nightmares so like how in The world can the Republicans and the Conservatives in general be so blind if I had a dollar for every time I wondered How could Republicans be so daft I would Be a gazillionaire you're absolutely Right they're not doing anything I I Think in places like Florida I have a Lot of faith in Governor Ron DeSantis But obviously there's only so much he Can do our family moved from New York to Florida about a year ago because we saw Saner policies but you're right and so Much of what you're saying is right it's Not even just political stuff like a Discussion happening right now in America is about the way that we've been Teaching children to read now I have Three kids 13 10 and 7. about a year and A half ago I realized that my youngest Kid does not know how to read despite Everybody around him thinking that he Does and the thing was he had managed Because he's a smart kid he had managed To memorize enough words to make it seem Like he knows how to read so I would Have these conversations with his

Teachers and they would say Oh no you're Wrong he knows how to read he's really Smart and I'd say I know he's really Smart he's managed to convince you he Knows how to read and he doesn't because The way that we've taught reading in America for the last decade plus has Been memorized these words and somehow That worked yeah my whole word reading Yeah it's not reading it's no sounding Out so my older two managed to still Read the right way but my younger one Took the lesson memorized all these Words a lot of words and went through Life pretending to read Now we're having the conversation of Like wow that was a really dumb thing to Do for a while in our schools but why Did it happen in the first place why are We throwing random I can tell you I can Tell you why I can tell you how that happened I Looked into that because that's one of The Preposterously stupid theories put Forward by faculties of education so Here's how it happened So if you analyze imagine that You might start by thinking that If you wanted to teach children how to Do something you'd look at how experts Do it And teach them the way the experts do it Okay well that's not a bad Theory it's

Not necessarily true because experts and Beginners might use different strategies But as far as theories go it could be Stupider so let's start with that okay So now let's analyze the behavior of Expert readers Foreign Well expert readers Read words at a glance they don't sound Them out And not only that expert readers if They're really expert can probably read A whole phrase at a glance with one eye Movement And so And so the theory was well experts read At the whole word level So perhaps we should teach children to Do that now there's other evidence Supporting that idea so for example if I Showed you a paragraph made up of English words Where each word had the first letter and The last letter in the right place but All the intermediary letters were Scrambled You could still read that and almost as Fast And so by the time you're an expert Reader you do recognize whole words as Units And so the theory was well why don't we Just teach children to recognize whole Words

Now the problem with that is well just Because that's how experts do it doesn't Mean that's how they learn to do it So that's one problem and the second Problem is that basically converts English into a form of Chinese Now Chinese words exactly is that each Character becomes something like a like An image instead of a sequence of Letters the whole point of the bloody Alphabet is to have an alphabetic Language and the whole point of that is To allow for phonetic learning to break Down the sounds into their units to Allow children to piece together the Units and then to to memorize the words Now so what happens when you learn a Phonetic when you learn phonetically is That you first of all master the 40 Sounds or so that are associated with The alphabet Then you learn how to chunk them into Say two letter three letter combinations Then you learn how to put them together In words and as you do that you build up The neural circuitry that enables you to Identify the words at a glance but you Do it from the bottom up well the idiot Research it just seems like we're Receiving kids You know using a philosophy that we Haven't thought through I don't know Very much about education I'm not I

Haven't thought it through at all but I Know that that was crazy It was it was research that was shoddy In the utter extreme and this isn't new The whole word reading dispute goes back At least 40 years and it's absolutely 100 percent self-evident in the Literature that if you take a school System this happened in California that Used a phonetic approach to reading and You transform that into a school system That uses a whole word approach to Reading that you decimate the ability of The education system to teach children How to read and we've known that for 40 Years And the faculties of Education are still Debating whether or not this is true and That's only one of the many unbelievably Foolish things they managed to do and Here's some more They're The Originators of the Self-esteem movement And because of their cockeyed version of What constituted self-esteem they ended Up teaching children to be narcissistic Instead of to be confident and Narcissists pretend to be confident That's how they and mimic it and when You do explicit self-esteem training you You train narcissism not confidence we Have social emotional learning we have Learning styles we have all these idiot Educational fads that and there's not an

Iota of good research data suggesting That they do anything but harm and That's all That can all be put at the foot of the Faculties of education but they're Entirely enabled by idiot Republicans For example who aren't smart enough to Notice that they're losing the cultural War because they've handed over the Entire educational Enterprise to social Justice Warriors and it doesn't take That much thinking to figure that out Yeah I mean one of the other discoveries That we made in researching stolen Youth And again this is something that I would Have thought was a conspiracy theory Before we started writing this book but In teachers colleges they use Marxist Books to teach the teachers so the Teachers themselves get indoctrinated And then they spread out throughout the Country and they indoctrinate the kids They don't even know what's happening They don't know that they've learned Critical theory and that they're passing It along to children they they think That they've learned something good Um so I think a lot of this like I don't Know why Republicans don't spend all Their time talking about it I think the Reason I would have thought it was a Conspiracy theory is because how can it Be in America that the teachers colleges Are using Marxist books and they're

Coming up with con Concepts like two Plus two is not always four and it's not Front Page News every day it's not the Main thing that all of our politicians Talk about all the time how could that Be and that's really again part of the Reason that we needed this book to be Published is because we felt like For a long time you could say I didn't Know I don't know these politicians can Say I don't know well again read our Book and there's no way to say I didn't Know yeah well you know I see this Happening in Canada there's a Conservative government in Ontario and No and there's a conservative minister Of Education in Ontario and nonetheless The school system there is as woke as Hell and what happens consistently is That these bloody Marxist doctrines are Put forward under the rubric of Anti-racism let's say and idiot Politicians who don't do their homework Or who are afraid of being pilloried See the word anti-racist and they think Because the leftists are very sneaky in This regard they think oh well if it's Anti-racist we have to be for it and They don't look at all to see what is Being transmitted what ideas are being Transmitted in the guise of this So-called anti-racism and they are a Strange hybrid of post-modernism you Know and the postmodernists dispute the

Existence of any uniting narratives Whatsoever and the marxists well I Suppose they Trump that by claiming that There's nothing else but power and the Conservatives are so damn blind that This goes on under their noses Constantly and they often facilitate its Movement forward and it's because They're they're either ignorant that's Part of the problem or they're afraid on The moral front and neither of those are Excusable especially when hypothetically They're concerned about losing the Cultural War which they are definitely Losing well look at the abuse and Pushback that Governor DeSantis gets Even from other Republicans you know People that are in the pub public eye The the Chris Christie's of the world And such they say things like he DeSantis Sparks cultural Wars well Culture wars are really important Because a war for the culture matters Culture matters so yes we should be Fighting these wars I think so much of What we talk about is Um dismissed by the left and we let them Dismiss it we let them say oh this Doesn't matter but it does matter and we Should be talking about it all the time I think that the schools and the fight For our schools is so important so Another thing the Republicans are doing Right now look I love the idea of school

Choice which is you know supplying Vouchers to parents so that they could Pull their kids out of failing public Schools and go to parochial schools or Private schools but that's nowhere near Enough most people still send their kids To the local public school so the idea That Republicans have like oh I passed a School voucher Bill I'm done is Ridiculous we have to fight for the Schools we have to fight for the Curriculums we have could fight for the Kids who go to those schools we can't Just give up on them and say like oh We'll hand out vouchers that's just Simply not enough well if if all your Voucher choice is between one woke School or another it's not helpful in The least and well that's part of the Reason too why I think it's necessary to Go to the source of the problem and the Faculties of Education which I think Should just be abolished they're Certainly their Monopoly on teacher Certification should be revoked like Tomorrow and permanently because there's No excuse for it whatsoever the other Thing that's so bloody idiotic about This that it's almost a kind of Miracle Of stupidity is that if you look at the Teachers unions for example and you look At where they donate all of their Monetary support I think it's 99 percent Democrat

So what you have is this strange Spectacle where not only do the Republicans hand over Children and the future to the woke mobs Via the vehicle of the faculties of Education but they actually Facilitate the development of these Immense organizations the teachers Unions and so forth that do nothing but Fundraise for their for their opponents 100 percent of the time I mean it's no bloody wonder that the Conservatives are being rolled over you Know and and it's it's not even that the Leftists are what would you say pushing The conservatives or circumventing the Conservatives the conservatives are so Damn blind that they help the leftists Do this Don't buy and I see this very very Clearly in Canada for example right I Think I saw this very clearly during the Pandemic where places like Maryland that Had a republican Governor nevertheless Had schools closed one of the longest in The country because the Republican Governor was so cowered by the teachers Unions he didn't want to be criticized As wanting teachers to die which is Again you know what Ron DeSantis was Getting what the governor of Texas was Getting he didn't want to have parade of Caskets outside of his office like What's happening in places that were

Trying to open schools and so you have These weak Republicans who don't stand Up to their political enemies like Nobody is even saying you know Um fight the people on your own side Which is a lot of times necessary at Least fight the people that hate you and Such an easy kind of decision to make But even they can't even do that We'll be right back first we wanted to Give you a sneak peek at Jordan's new Documentary logos and literacy I was very much struck by how the Translation of the biblical writings Jump started the development of literacy Across the entire world illiteracy was The norm the pastor's home was the first School and every morning it would begin With singing the Christian faith is a Singing religion probably 80 percent of Scripture memorization today exists only Because of what is sung this is amazing Here we have a Gutenberg Bible printed On the price of Johann gooper science And religion are opposing forces in the World but Technically that has not been the case Now the book is available to everyone From Shakespeare to modern education and Medicine and science to to civilization Itself it is the most influential book In all history and hopefully people can Walk away with at least a sense of that So there's another issue here that's

Interesting too so I've been playing With this notion which I think is True In a very deep level which is that any Civic responsibility that you abdicate Will be taken up by tyrants and used Against you And so what we see in Canada and I uh The the local school boards have a fair Bit of sway over how the schools conduct Themselves And many of the positions on the school Boards are elected And it's those are low-level positions And they're not well paid and they Require a fair bit of work and so We could say let's say they don't Necessarily attract the best candidates Or we could even say they often attract People who For whom that Avenue to some power is The only Avenue they have and who have The same kind of pathology that idiot Radicals in universities who take over The students unions have because they're The same sort of people and resentful And power mad and devious and neurotic And narcissistic and so they end up on The school boards but and we could say Well that's a terrible thing that the School boards have been taken over by The woke radicals but by the same token The same people So let's say the Centrist conservative

And liberal types they're not Putting their Names forward to occupy these Low-level political positions it's the Same within political parties you know The the woke mob can't take over the Political landscape unless normal sane People abdicate their responsibility and That certainly happened so in your book For example You talk about what parents Can and should do and one of the things They can and should do is get involved With their child's education in some in Some manner well so what sort of things Do you see as low-hanging fruit on the Parental front Well in the U.S in the last three years That what you're describing has been Changing uh for a long time it was only People on the left running for school Boards and so the majority of the school Boards throughout the country were run By committed leftists and what happened In the last three years and kovitz Sparked so much of this it was covid Plus the George Floyd riots Um those two things combine to open a Lot of eyes And so what parents saw was wow my School board does not represent my Values at all and isn't fighting for my Kids at all isn't trying to get my Schools open isn't trying to get the

Masks off the kids while 80 year olds Were you know living freely Um the curriculum's ridiculous they saw It over their kids shoulder while the Kids were studying from home they Suddenly realized that math is racist And Um reading isn't taught correctly at all And so much is filled in with this woke Nonsense a lot of critical race theory Gender Theory at a very young age So there has been a parental Revolution Across the U.S where more moderate or Right-of-centered parents have been Running for school board but again the Left has like a 20-year head start on This it's not going to be an overnight Thing and it'd be great if Republican Politicians instead of talking about the Presidential election would talk about Run for your school board push people to Do it say this is how we fight back this Is how we win the culture and if you Don't step up and do it the left will And so many leftists who run for school Boards don't even have kids they're just There to influence the culture and the Right doesn't seem to have the same verb To do the same now you're you're you Have a extensive background as a Journalist you've worked for the New York Post for Fox and so forth and yet You wrote this book Um

What was your pathway into this issue And why did it start to well obsess you Sufficiently so that you know you wrote A book which is non-trivial Takes a non-trivial devotion and and To manage on the time and resource front What what pulled you into this it really Was the covet era we were living in Brooklyn we were lifelong New Yorkers my Husband and I both grew up in New York We were going to raise our children in New York we had just finished our Dream Home moved in March 2020 And what I saw around me Shook me so hard that I needed to talk About it and so I would talk about it All the time I would say before 2020 I Wrote about all kinds of things I wrote About sex I wrote about marriage I wrote About immigration but 2020 hits and I See kids as being uniquely targeted so My co-author Bethany Mandel and I would Talk a lot about what was going on with Children in the country I have three Kids they were all in public school in New York City she had six she had six Kids now uh all homeschooled so very Different paths she and I take Um but what I saw happening in New York And across the country where kids were So disregarded the covet pandemic really Just exposed how kids are put last in New York for example when the reopening Plans were announced by Governor Cuomo

Kids were like it was like concerts Broadway shows schools it was like the Last thing that he thought of like oh Right kids need to go back to schools And things like I lived in a super left Neighborhood Um and my neighbors all marched for Equity and they all put the BLM signs And the defund police signs in their Window Um and then when schools didn't open They sent their kids to private schools Which obviously weren't open because That's safe or they formed pods for Their own kids or they moved to their Beach house and sent their kids to School there and they didn't say a word For any of the kids around the city who Didn't have the same opportunities as Their children I grew up poor in Brooklyn I was an immigrant Um I lived in an immigrant Enclave where Things were tough and so the people that I grew up with were not enjoying the Pandemic and baking banana bread and Ordering ubereats they were struggling And I saw that nobody cared about them And particularly nobody cared about Their children so we have a covid Chapter in the book which I don't you Know I admit it doesn't exactly fit Because a lot of the book is about Fighting and moving forward and and what You need to do to get your kids out of

This crazy system but the Kobe chapter Was so important because I think that That's where a lot of the eye opening Began for me and for so many other Parents where I realized that something Really bad was happening to the children Maybe it'd been happening for a while But that was the moment where I realized We had to do something Yeah well one of the things that struck Me I live in a pretty leftist neighborhood Too in Toronto in fact I think I'm Probably more unpopular in my own Neighborhood than I am anywhere else in The world which is rather annoying uh Consequence of everything that's Transpired around me in the last six Years but one of the things I was quite Struck by in Toronto in particular was The Two things one was the willingness of The left to sacrifice the poor to their Purity concerns that was really quite Interesting and also to align themselves With the pharmaceutical companies Because that was kind of a miraculous Reversal that was virtually Incomprehensible I mean for decades the Only enemy the left had that was as Significant let's say as big energy Companies was big Pharma and for the Left to align themselves with the Pharmaceutical company struck me as a uh

What would you say uh philosophical uh Reversal of miraculous proportions I Still haven't wrapped my head around That entirely and I was also shocked and I would really say shocked by the Absolute pleasure that people seem to Take in the Side effect of the covid lockdowns which Was the opportunity to spy and inform on Your neighbors and my sense was that in Toronto first of all 70 percent of People would have worn those goddamn Masks happily for the rest of their Lives and half of that group would have Done it happily merely because it gave Them an opportunity to spy on and inform On their neighbors and you know I knew That in places like East Germany under The Soviets that one-third of citizens Were government informers which is a Pretty damn dismal statistic But I and I knew that that proclivity Was embedded deep in the heart of the Human soul let's say if a soul can have A heart you get my point but it was Still a shock to me to see how rapidly That Desire made itself manifest when the When the social and political conditions Made it made it possible and morally Necessary And so yeah I was and it was also very Interesting Go please go ahead no I was gonna say I

Think I was naive I did not think that Americans or Canadians or free people in General had that inside them I knew that People who had been under totalitarian Rule who didn't know anything else yes They could be made to inform on their Neighbors but free people who didn't Have anything to lose were telling on People for having too many friends in Their backyard and that was happening Frequently in my neighborhood another Interesting uh moment was so I lived in This neighborhood park slope in Brooklyn And there was like a board on Facebook And Um a woman wrote in and she said I'm Asian I was bicycling without my mask And an older white couple yelled racial Epithets at me this is at the height of The pandemic you know spring 2020 and in Normal times obviously everybody would Be supportive of her and oh how dare This white couple say racist things to You but the majority of the comments Were like well you should have been Wearing your mask and that's where they Got to where they threw away their own Previous ideas in order for this new Math god Um and it was really wild to watch that I I don't I didn't expect that look I'm A lifelong conservative my husband is a Conservative and we were going to live In this liberal area and that would have

Been fine until the pandemic hit and we Saw what was really going on we couldn't Unsee it so Carol you were locked down In In New York With your Progressive neighbors and you Started to become aware that children Were being placed pretty damn low on the Hierarchy of importance I mean we Certainly saw that in two ways right we Saw that with the 100 percent insane Insistence that children should wear Masks which was Appalling given the absolute positive Evidence the children who were at any Risk whatsoever for mortality in Relationship to covet and the notion That the children were presenting a Danger therefore to the teachers I mean The first thing I would say is well There's an occupational hazard for you And you can walk along with it the same Way the bloody nurses do and the doctors But but but having said that I would Also say that the evidence that teachers Were at particular risk because of the You know the the uh the Infectious Nature of the children was also lacking But it didn't make any difference we put The damn masks on the kids and and Wreaked havoc on their Psycholinguistic and emotional Development for two years and then we Locked them at home where they didn't

Learn a goddamn thing and and and the Poor kids in particular are going to pay For that perhaps for the rest of their Life and we're going to pay a walloping Economic price as well Because we failed to educate a very Large number of people and so they won't Be as productive as they might have Otherwise been so that's quite the Bloody catastrophe but then We also you also dug further into that And realized that children's interests Weren't being served on a broader front And that's how you moved more into the Into the let's say the what the gender Dispute the culture War domain that Started to occupy your attention before That how concerned had you been With the broader issues of the culture War somewhat concerned but nowhere near What ended up happening so I would say That I should have begun spoken speaking Up earlier Um when my middle son was in first grade He switched schools after the school Year had begun and his new school had a Climate March in their Courtyard and I Didn't want him to be the weird kid who Just got to the school and didn't Participate and sat it out so I let him March around when he was seven years old With his Earth dies we die sign and Obviously in retrospect I would never Allow that ever again but that's the

Kind of thing that I think parents don't Even really see until it's too late that They're using your children as little Activists and this is happening so much In Brooklyn kids marched obviously Against climate change they marched for Gun control they marched vaguely against Hate after the 2016 election and so they Have this idea that they could turn the Kids into child soldiers and then their Ideas will be unassailable how are you Going to argue about climate change with A first grader you're not and how are You going to argue about gun control With a teenager I think a lot of Politicians tried to do that after the Stormman Douglas shooting in Florida a Few years ago and they ended up looking Ridiculous on TV because you can't argue With kids it just doesn't work out that Way and so that's why the left is using Them Greta unberg it's not an accident It actually well there's there's another There's another reason too I think which Is even more perverse if possible I mean It's pretty damn perverse to turn Children into activists and it's but It's more perverse to do this and this Is what's been happening particularly With young men and I've seen thousands Of examples of this and in fact I had a Friend who eventually committed suicide He was an early victim of exactly this Sort of thinking I would say he

Committed suicide about it's got to be 15 years ago after live in a pretty damn Dismal life and he was racked with Existential guilt as a consequence of His intolerable masculinity and so that Didn't work out very well for him as a Let's call it a life plan and so here's What I see happening in the schools with Young men in particular and I think it's Worth concentrating on them because boys Are not doing well in school Uh teenage boys are not doing well in Junior High Um men are not going to University and If they do they don't graduate an Increasing number of men aren't picking Up let's say gainful employment or Mature relationships when they had Adulthood and more and more men are Bailing entirely out of the entire uh Bailing out of the entire sexual Dynamic Process as well not only not having Relationships with women but not having Sex at all not even with themselves and That's becoming more and more widespread It's it's part of the broad scale Demoralization of man and boys and so How does that start well it starts in School and the reason it starts in School is because the more boisterous Boys so more extroverted and unless Agreeable so are actually more hard to Discipline and control they don't want To sit still for six hours a day and

Shut up and not say anything they want To run around and play and they want to Do it competitively and that is like Verboten in school if you're the sort of Boy who wants that you're nothing but Trouble and so right at the beginning The boys are taught that they're Deepest intrinsic desire for let's say Active exploration and engagement Certain degree of competitive dominance That's like that's bad that's morally Bad and so that's brutal especially when It's medicated out of them which is Exactly what happens on the attention Deficit disorder front let's say Um because a ritalin suppresses play That's what it does pharmacologically it Doesn't calm kids down that's complete Bloody rubbish and it certainly doesn't Calm a hyperactive kids down Differentially none of that's the least Bit true but those medications are Widely used and so boys are demoralized Right at the beginning in school because Their natural proclivity for boisterous Activity is deemed inappropriate and Then there's explicit training that Happens next and the explicit training Is the bloody leftist claim that you Know history is to be read is nothing But a patriarchal nightmare the Inference being that all of the Competitive stress driving that Characterizes masculinity is nothing but

The force that manifests itself as Patriot patriarchal domination and Tyranny and so any boy that has any Degree of compassion let's say and who Might feel guilty for his toxic Masculinity is going to be demoralized By the suggestion that his ambition is Nothing but The manifestation of implicit tyrannical Force and if he escapes that well then The leftists are there to mop up Whatever you know bit of Courage might Be left by accusing him of being part of The force that's eternally raping the Planet And so you you see and I've seen Thousands of cases of this it's been Devastating to me to see how widespread This is the degree of demoralization That characterizes young men is is it's Almost incomprehensible it's Incomprehensibly deep and it's hurting People in a very deep way and it's not Just hurting boys and men obviously Because if women are then faced with an Entire cohort of demoralized men it's Like well what the hell are they going To do for a partner you know there's Lots of universities now where it's two To one women to men well that's no damn Good for the women how are they going to Find a partner right and the idea you Know women say there are no good men Well yeah this is what happened they

They destroyed boys they destroyed men And then obviously women are unable to Find somebody because the pool has Gotten like this I have a daughter and Two sons I absolutely think that there's A difference between the two Sexes They're born different they're it's not Not just something that they grow into They're day one they were different and The idea that they're the same and that We should treat them the same and that We should give preference to girls I Think that that's a real problem Um I I don't know that we've gotten to a Point where Um we can treat them equally I that Would be you know obviously the the goal But you know in the meantime I think we Need to do more for boys I think we're We're really raising a Lost Generation Of boys and it's scary to me that it's So easily dismissed because oh who cares About boys Um they've done well enough in history That we don't need to worry about this Group of boys now Um I definitely worry about my sons more Than I worry about my dog there's also There's lurking there's a lurking danger There too so Um The the rising attractiveness of figures Like Andrew Tate Speaks to the danger of demoralizing

Young men Because if you demoralize young men you Make What would you say charismatic bad men Become much more attractive Because they're The Men Who say well to Hell with all of this idiot constraint And pathetic morality I'm just going to Go and do whatever the hell I want which Is a kind of a narcissistic route to Self aggrandizement and attainment right But if the alternative to that is to lay You know Half comatose in your basement being Depressed about the impending apocalypse A little bit of attractive criminality Beckons us quite the uh compelling Alternative and that can easily be make Itself manifest on the political front You know if you raise a generation of Demoralized men and then you wave a Leader in front of them who says Um Some forthright Self-aggrandizing semi semi-criminal Behavior would be in your best interest The probability that they're going to Find that attractive that kind of Well you that's that's a good route to a Kind of fascist populism let's say The probability that people are going to Find that attractive is extremely high I Mean I think that part of the reason That Trump was attractive and I am not

Going to you know grind away negatively And simple-mindedly on Trump because He's a complicated character but part of The reason that Trump was attractive was Because he had that you know Up yours attitude that giant middle Finger attitude towards the woke mob That was a hell of a lot more attractive Than the half-baked cowardly cow Towing That the typical conservatives do when Faced with a woke Onslaught and you know Trump at least had the gall to tell People to go to hell when it was Necessary and maybe he did that more Often than he should have I mean he's Not the world's He's definitely a bull in a china shop But you know maybe it's better to have a Bloody bull in the china shop than a Castrated gelding you've covered Trump You know and you have your ambivalent Um what would you say feelings about him I mean how do you read Trump's Popularity in light of the culture wars That we've been describing and what do You think is going to happen on the Republican front you know you've been Involved with the DeSantis Enterprise And DeSantis looks like the prime Challenger to Trump but at the moment Trump seems to be trumping him in terms Of overall popularity and I think the Bloody Democrats are pretty happy about That so how do you see this playing out

You're right that he uh has stood up to The woke mob Etc and he's been himself The whole time I think a lot of what his Campaign is doing now though I wrote About it recently where I really don't Like that he's trashing Florida's Policies I understand that uh political Campaigns get very dirty I expect if Ron DeSantis gets into the race that the Primary is going to be a really dirty One but attacking conservative policies That are actually working in the model Republican state really makes no sense To me and I hope that his campaign takes What I wrote to heart and doesn't just Dismiss it Um because whoever ends up the candidate I want to see them be strong and be able To defend ideas and not just be a cult Of personality I'm obviously a big fan Of Governor DeSantis I moved to Florida In large part because of his policies But obviously I could the move you know I moved my whole family it's not just Because of a politician we saw a sanity In Florida that had been missing and I Had never really experienced in New York So it definitely was governor DeSantis Leading the way I think a lot of what He's doing and especially on things like Well my sons are in a public school in Florida and I don't worry about them Learning gender ideology in school I Don't worry about them learning critical

Race theory in school I just worry a lot Less I mean I'm still worried about Things like reading but I just have a Lot less to be concerned with in Florida Um and the idea of the Trump Campaign attack so now you're now you're Worried about what he's not being now You're worried about what he's not being Taught instead of what he is well I Would say that I have found Florida School to be uh incredible like yeah I Feel like a lot of what I talk about When I talk about Florida it sounds like I drank the Kool-Aid and I have because It's really a magnificent place it's Such a great place to raise a family Um I didn't know what I was missing for So long and you know we have a lot of uh Discussion with some of our mutual Friends about getting Jordan Peterson to Make the move someday Um I think you'd really enjoy it but uh It's a great well we have an Enterprise We have an Enterprise we have an Enterprise in Miami and my daughter Spent some time there and so I've Enjoyed being in Florida let's talk About that personally for a minute now You're you were a died in the Wool New Yorker and you lived in a liberal Neighborhood and I mean New York has its Attractions it's an incredibly exciting It's an incredibly exciting City and so And it tends to evoke a substantial

Amount of what patriotic identification Among its inhabitants you know there's No place in the world like New York and That's particularly what New Yorkers Think and they have some reason for that But you moved to Florida which was a Major move and uh you said that you've Experienced being in Florida as a relief And so like exactly why is that you're Not worried you said you're not worried About your kids in school now but What else did you see that changed for You when you got out of that liberal Hothouse atmosphere of New York and how And how do you think that was affecting You now when you look at it in Retrospect I was a New York supremacist I thought New York was not just the best But the only place to live I couldn't Even imagine a life outside of it Um and getting to Florida and every time I fly back to Florida and Landing at in Florida I just feel this sense of Freedom that I've never felt before Freedom to say what you want Um to raise your kids how you want to Um say things that people know to be True but have to pretend that they're Not true in New York Um I I don't I don't have to do that in Florida we don't have to pretend we Everybody that I've met even people who Are politically on the left can be Themselves and don't have to worry about

Their neighbors Um coming for them which actually was Happening in New York City and I I think That the New York of my childhood and The New York of my dreams really got Crushed during covid um we had been Through so many tough times before the Post-9 11 period Um the blackout of 2003 various Hurricanes in New York that did a lot of Damage Um but we always came out of it stronger And this was the first time that I Really felt like New York came out of it Weaker and they Um just the pandemic exposed that the New Yorkers that I had always loved the Independent strong unique New Yorkers Were going to be sheep going forward and That they felt the pressure to conform And they became this conformist blob That I could no longer You know defend and appreciate Um Florida is just it's a beacon of Freedom and it's been for the last three Years I think it's really become Something unique where if you want to be Free if you want to be bold if you want To say what you want to say Florida is The place to do it yeah well you know There's an interesting parallel between Your parents leaving the Soviet Union And you leaving New York and I don't Want to make a lot of that but here's

The parallel you know and and uh I spent Quite a lot of time working with Democrats over the last decade and one Of the things that I found very Difficult was that I was trying to help The people that I was Consulting with Let's say pull the party to the center Away from the grip of the woke radicals And I did I wouldn't say I had a lot of Success on that front I had some success For Better or For Worse but I got very Tired of having to watch every bloody Thing I said you know because I would Rather be around people where I can just Say what I think and sometimes that's a Joke and sometimes it's harsh and Sometimes it's real harsh and but I can Do it and they can do it and that's just Fine and this sense of walking on eggs Constantly gets extraordinarily wearing But there's something deep and horrible About that because You know people think that when you're In a totalitarian state the reason that The state is totalitarian because Everyone is the victim of top-down Pressure from tyrants And that's completely that's not how it Works at all A state becomes totalitarian when every Single person is lying about absolutely Everything all the time and you said That you started to experience that in New York because you had to pretend all

The time you had to watch your language You had to couch what you say and you Did because you were afraid of how other People would react and that is the Totalitarian ethos and when that's Distributed across the population in General you still have tyrants who are In control but they're just mouth pieces Of that more generalized lie and you Know I've traveled a lot in the last Three or four years and I've been in Places that were very woke especially on The lockdown front and I would say Toronto was first and foremost among Them worse than New York worse than San Francisco worse than La worse than Washington A sense of real oppression descended on Me arriving say back in Toronto airports And a sense of real Freedom emerged Going to places like well Tennessee Texas Florida where I could say what the Hell I wanted and everyone wasn't half Insane with mask friends and frenzy and The associated coveted authoritarianism You know and I'm more and more convinced That there was no damn pandemic at all I'm convinced on that front not least in Part because there's not a lot of data Showing excess mortality in Sweden for Example during the pandemic years what We had instead And conservatives should probably stop Talking about the pandemic as such what

We had was an outbreak of two years of Totalitarian governance and that was the Bloody pandemic It was a lot worse than the virus by any Stretch of the imagination and there Were some places that managed to stay Relatively free of that you know Tennessee is a good example and but so Is Florida you can go there and there is A sense of lightness That's I think it's palpable on landing and Maybe it's because the airports aren't Quite as authoritarian as they are in The more you know in the more lockdown Oriented States and provinces it's true I remember Landing in New York on you Know various trips during that time and There would be National Guard there you Know asking you where you're going Um the idea that that would be happening In America is wild and you're right it Is so I mean look I don't want to Discount I I when I say it's similar to My parents leaving the Soviet Union it's Similar because I'm moving towards Freedom just like they were and maybe we Didn't come from the same terrible Totalitarian system but we both felt The social pressure to conform and I Didn't want to conform anymore I wanted To be free I cannot tell you how many Well-known famous people were in my Direct messages during that time saying

I agree with you but I can't say Anything how many news people in the Media who are like yeah I think schools Should be open but I'm afraid to say Anything well like in the beginning I Felt sorry for them and I was like I Would respond like I get it you know I Understand you can't speak out but after A while I came to really hate them and Think like you can't speak out about Really basic things that you know are Affecting your children and other Children and you can't speak out because What you're going to get a nasty comment On Facebook it's just I I came to lose So much respect for people who were Conforming even when they didn't have to Yeah well I felt the same thing with Regard to the professoriate and the Influx of the woke administrators yeah It's like look you guys You have tenure you are the most Protected people in the world right be Brave you have this privileged position Well it's it's your uphold your bloody Ethical responsibility the price you pay For your tenured privilege is the Requirement that you speak your mind At whatever risk that poses to you now The culture has done everything it Possibly could to ameliorate that risk For you Everything it can and you yet you don't Have enough courage to oppose you know

The HR person who's pushing forward a Diversity inclusivity and Equity Proposal it's like well we we can't say Anything about that we have to go along With what the administration wants you Know what happened in the universities It's so interesting to watch and I Watched this over a 30-year period the First thing that happened was the Administration took over the Universities and That's well documented all you have to Do is look at the statistics that show How much the administration increased in Terms of uh sheer numbers compared to How much the proficerian or the student Body increased and you see a massive Increase in administrators and no a Slight increase in students and almost No increase whatsoever in faculty and The reason that happened was because the Administrators pushed and they could see A good thing when they had one and they Figured out how to pick the future Pockets of their students in a Parasitical manner but and so that's on The administrators but The Faculty allowed it to happen just Like the bloody Republicans have allowed The woke mob to take over the education System exactly the same thing so it's on The faculty as far as I'm concerned Cowards cowards thousand micro Retreats Or ten thousand micro Retreats but then

What happened and this was so bloody Interesting is that once the Administrators had taken over the University The woke mob used the same tactics to Take over the administration and it Probably took 30 years for the Administrators to take over the University it took like four years for The woke mob to take over the Administration And that's where we are now and that's For me that's a hundred percent on the Faculty because it was their job to To not allow this to happen And so and these people that you're Talking about I can understand why People are afraid of being singled out And mopped you know but if you're a Journalist or an academic or a Politician you know you're someone on The front lines of the culture War it's Your bloody ethical responsibility to Put yourself at some risk to say what You believe to be the truth and so you Know I might get mobbed well that's a Reason but it's not an excuse yeah I Just I my thinking on them was what is The point of you what is the point of You doing this job what is the point of Any of this if you're not able to speak Really basic truths and it's going to Get harder it's like it wasn't that hard To say schools should be open I think it

Gets a lot harder when they're they have To say look there are actually only two Sexes there are only two genders and There is no such thing as gender Non-binary Um all of this becomes really difficult To to say when you've already laid the Foundation where you don't say anything Controversial at all Um um I I it's just the lack of Bravery It was scary to me it was scary to me Not only among like famous journalists Etc but among parents the fact that they Weren't fighting for their own kids and They were expecting somebody else to do It I I think is a really bad path to go Down and if you're expecting the culture Or the school or somebody else to teach Your kids values Um you're gonna find that they're going To learn values that are not aligned With yours and that's what what happens All the time well it's so interesting eh To think you know you were talking about The fact now that it's risky to make the Case for uh a sexual binary it's like It's so interesting eh because people Backtracked As a consequence of the onslaught of the Reputation savaging woke mob and they Made little compromises along the way so To speak little compromises of which Weren't little at all but appeared that Way and within a period of a very short

Number of years It's probably the last six years we've Gone to we've got to the point where Stating the most what you could argue is The most self-evident fact Is enough to put your reputation on the Line like I think cognitively speaking It isn't obvious to me at all that there Is a distinction that is more real Than the distinction between male and Female because Organisms that can't make that Distinction don't propagate right it's And sex is extremely old it's hundreds Of millions of years old it's older than Nervous systems by a large margin it's Way older than trees I think it's probably older than the Distinction between up and down I don't think there is any piece of Differentiated perception That's more fundamental to the Integrity Of our psyches and to the Integrity of Our social systems than agreement on the Distinction between male and female And the fact that we've gone from Cowardly you know what would you say Cowardly adherence to the woke mob Routine to the point where we can't even Claim that there's a difference between Men and women just shows you exactly how Dangerous the totalitarian slippery Slope Precisely is

So I mean Matt Walsh is getting Pilloried like mad didn't they just Throw him off YouTube because he dares To do such a thing as stand up to Dylan Mulvaney who's like the most Preposterous human being that's ever Existed narcissistic right to the bloody Core as is obvious to anyone who has the Eyes to see Playing this idiot game uh that's Dementing the culture for not for no Other purpose than his own Self-aggrandizement and the consequences Someone who points out the completely Obvious well God it's I mean when I First saw Dylan Mulvaney I actually Thought he was pretty damn funny his Little routines running through the Forest where he's pretending to be Female that's high comedy man unless You're taking it seriously in which case It's just an absolutely dismal parody And I can never make up my mind with Mulvaney whether or not he's a comedic Troll and who's just playing this for The laughs or whether he's tied up in His own pathology and and believes it's A serious Endeavor I think it's half and Half and I think that contradiction will Eventually tear him apart Because there's no way someone can Sustain that sort of thing over any Reasonable amount of time but the notion That he's some kind of cultural hero

That he was welcome to the White House That Kamala Harris sent him a note of Commendation it's like he just can't Make and that Matt Walsh is being Canceled for objecting to this Absolutely absurd narcissistic parody You can't make this up and it's so Interesting to see that that silence you Know that all the right thinkers who are Afraid of being mobbed uh Allied Themselves with has led us to a place Where you were confusing children Regularly about whether or not they're Boys or girls and that's moral you know God it's something to behold man yeah I Was gonna say the cancellation Factor it Is affecting not just you know moderate Or left culture we had a hard time Getting this book published daily wire Took a chance on us we are two fairly Well-known writers in the conservative Space of you know fairly large Followings Publishers were very Interested in our books we had meetings With all the conservative Publishers They openly said to us we want this but Hey can you turn tone down the fighting A little bit and then other Publishers Said to us the transgender chapter we're Afraid Amazon's not going to sell this We you know it was during the time when Abigail schreier's book was in danger of Being pulled down off Amazon Ryan Anderson's book had been pulled down

They were afraid so when daily wire Offered us this deal it really was Taking a chance and they knew that they Were taking a chance on us and that's That should be scary to everybody where Do we live that even the conservative Publishers are afraid to publish books Yeah yeah absolutely absolutely so now Your book is available on Amazon It is yes for now in case Okay so that's good so so we can be Happy about that and so if people want To pick up your book is that the best Place to do it where else can they find It are all the bookstores are so far Distributing it all the bookstores yeah On daily wire books uh selling it Amazon It's the best seller well Congratulations on that front so it Shows well so that's Optimist okay Because you did write this book you did Get it published it isn't being canceled And you know I think there has been a Shift in the tide in recent in recent Months especially after the closing of The Tavistock clinic in the UK which was A major blow to the to the uh to the to The woke gender transition mob and that Hasn't Fully unfolded yet on the culture front But will over the next few years you Know I suspect that you know I think in 10 years you won't be able to find a Person who will admit to having ever

Supported the idea that children should Be medically transitioned that'll be as Taboo as lobotomies you know it'll be as Taboo as well Nobody everybody now says they didn't Support lockdowns right and there was Nobody who supported lockdowns yeah Justin Trudeau didn't push anybody to Get vaccinated right right exactly Exactly we're going to see a Spate of Historical revisionism the likes of Which we've never seen you know so with Any luck yearbook along with schreier's Book there's a number of them that have Come out recently that have been Decimating the arguments made on the uh Gender transition front especially for Minors there's not a bloody shred of Evidence that that so-called gender Affirming care does one iota of good and It's Preposterous to assume that it does But there's certainly no evidence that It does and so it's very nice to see That There is some well-documented Journalistic work like shires for Example and years that is making a Strong case for the Elimination of this particular brand of Unforgivable and malevolent stupidity Virtue signaling stupidity fact that We're willing to sacrifice children in The name of this perverse woke Propaganda is I think it's beyond

Criminal you know and it's funny because The telegraph really supported me you Know I wrote One vicious article about Childhood Surgery the most vicious article I could Produce I was actually afraid of it you Know calling the counselors who enabled This and the surgeons liars and the Surgeons who perform the Processes butchers which I think they Are and calling outright for their Imprisonment and criminal prosecution Which is exactly what I think should Happen and the telegraph published both Of those articles which was extremely Brave of them and it was so weird to Launch them into the public sphere Because 99 of the comments were positive So it's not like people think this is a Good idea but a very loud minority of Very nasty creatures think it's a good Idea and they're perfectly willing to do Everything they can to ruin your life if You dare to uh to object Um their their teeth are being pulled Though They're a very loud minority they Implement what they want through force And they try to force Conformity and That's how they get it done Um but yeah they're a tiny minority uh They're gonna grow right now I would say Seven percent of the US refers to Themselves as very liberal and I bet

That number for walk is even lower Um but it they they certainly will grow If we let them yeah yeah well you know What that really highlights I would say And maybe we can close with this before We move over to the Daily wire plus side Of things You know it's if you look at the course Of revolutions throughout human history Especially the more pathological Revolutions like the Russian Revolution It was a tiny minority of people who Fomented the revolution it doesn't take That many people this is the thing that Everyone has to realize you might think Well it's a tiny minority of people who Are pushing this it's like yeah well It's always a tiny minority of people That upset the apple cart and the thing Is they can especially when they get Organized I mean Andy Knoll told me Andy's studied antifa probably more than Anyone else in the world and uh I had a Bunch of Democrats at one point tell me That antifa didn't exist and these were Smart people and I thought what the hell Do you mean and they said well you know They have no formal organization there's No hierarchy they're not a charitable Institution no they don't they're not a They're not a recognized organization And I thought well fair enough that's a Point and so I asked Andy about antifa And he's I asked him how many cells he

Thought there were and he thought about Something approximating 40 And I said well how many full-time Employee equivalents do these cells have And he figured 20 per cell and that's 800 people and there's 320 320 million People in the U.S so that's one person In 400 000. and so that's kind of Statistically indistinguishable from Zero people right in the city of a Million you'd have two people But the terrifying aspect of that is That's actually enough Like 800 well-organized people Especially given electronic resources They can wreak a lawful Lord of havoc And so Minority or not we're still in the Position of how can this be regulated so That you know they don't bring the whole Bloody thing crashing to a halt which is Certainly Certainly their aim So all right well I would recommend to Everyone who's listening that you check Out You check out Carol's book stolen youth Apparently you can get it where books Are sold online and otherwise and so That's good if you haven't been canceled And in fact your book is a bestseller so You know kudos to daily wire and also to You Um how have there been any critical

Reviews Um there have uh there have been Um I think in slate or Salon one of Those uh where they call us names like You know gender folds or I don't know I Don't even know what they're saying at This point Um but nothing that oh it was at a Daily Beast yeah it didn't make any sense oh Yeah well that yeah well that Daily Beast specializes in things that don't Make sense so but any any thoughtful Critical reviews No I you know I would love to do Adversarial interviews about the book Um but we you know I haven't been Offered any and I would love to argue With somebody about the concepts that we Talk about in the book I would love for CNN MSNBC to invite me on and have a a Recent debate even if it's a you know The the five-minute cable news clip Where they mostly yell at me let's do it Like let's get the conversation going But they'll never do it because you're Not allowed to have been have you Reached out to You know people well of course not of Course not evil people like you that's Right yeah have you reached out to Anna Kasparian and the and the Young Turks Maybe they would have you on you know Anna seems to have yeah she's going Through everything the bloody walk left

Thinks isn't she sure is and and so is I Don't remember how to say his name uh Ugir how do you say Yeah yeah yeah well both of them Both of them seem to be well it's so Interesting watching them because They're claiming that you know the woke Mob is just a tiny proportion of Progressives you know it's like yeah Like Kamala Harris for example who Pushes Equity non-stop so they're hand Waving about how this is just a Right-wing fantasy this Progressive Nightmare but it is interesting to see Both of them you know take stock again And realize that indeed the left can and Has gone too far so yeah fun to see you On The Young Turks but you know that Probability that strikes me as pretty Much zero anyways everyone who's Watching and listening you can pick up This book stolen Youth and you know Especially if you're a parent or maybe An interested teenager it might be a Book you want to pick up and thanks Carol very much for agreeing to talk to Me today and good luck with the Promotion of your book and your further Work and uh thank you to the Daily Word Plus for making this conversation Possible facilitating this studio here In Portugal I'm in Porto Portugal today Which is beautiful old town and uh to Everybody watching and listening

Um thank you for your time and attention And also I'm going to talk to Carol for Another half an hour on the daily wire Plus platform we'll do more Autobiographical interview uh talking About the matter in which her career Path made itself obvious and accessible To her and so if you're interested in That please Consider Subscribing to the Daily wire plus they Could use your support anyways because They're one of the few organizations Brave enough for example to Publicize Matt Walsh's documentary what Is a woman and to publish your book and So you know that kind of Courage Arguably could use some support if we Want to Facilitate and reward its existence Anyways Carol thanks a lot for talking To me today Hello everyone I would encourage you to Continue listening to my conversation With my guest on

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