STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF – Best Motivational Video

Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.

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Rich Wilkerson Jr

Steve Harvey

Les Brown

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Foreign [Music] Body else that we're comparing our life To everybody else's life and really What's taking place is that so many of Us we struggle with this thing called Fomo fear of missing out the only way That you actually step into happiness And joy is when you put the focus on Where you are at and get engaged with The thing that you're doing [Music] I have learned over and over again that Life is ten percent what happens to you In ninety percent how you react That life is going to happen and you're Going to set up a plan and you're going To have a vision and you're going to Hope that it's going to turn out perfect But what so often happens in life is That things get burned And things go the wrong way and it's in That moment that you're gonna have to Choose your reaction are you just going To look at the surface of the problem or Are you going to get deeper into the Problem and discover even in the problem There could be a purpose to your pain And somehow God could use this thing See there's some people in this room Right now that you need to hear this Loud and clear you need to get this in Your spirit because I don't know what You're walking through but some of you

Right now you are in a tough season an Event has happened and Something's Happened and maybe you have failed but I Want to remind you that failure is not Final it's formative If you can just keep believing When nothing in you Is working when all your external Forces have given way if you can just Manage to somehow keep hoping Just hope You ain't even really got to believe All you got to do is hope faith is the Substance of things hoped for and the Evidence of things not seen you just got To Hope sometimes you ain't strong Enough to believe But you can always be strong enough to Just hope not I hope God come get me I Hope I make it see when they tell you When you read the scripture and they say Faith is the substance of things hoped For what faith really is is just hard Hoping and I just took that hope and Just kept hope alive if you can keep Hoping man You have a chance you just can't become Hopeless the devil is busy man the devil Has one job that's to rob you of your Destiny that's his only position in life He don't care if you get money a car a House as long as he can rob you of your Destiny that's the devil's whole mission In life

He just want to Rob he just wants you to Not be what God made you to be [Music] It's possible even when you have no Evidence to point to say to yourself It's possible there's nothing as Powerful as a made of mine it's a Struggle sometime to do that especially When you have people around you telling You that it's not possible that you Can't do it and they're constantly Pointing out your failures of the past Constantly reminding you of all of the Things that you don't have going for you What could you do What could I do what could all of us do If we did not have the naysayers in our Lives That that that we believe That it was possible what would you do If if failure was not on the table Do you realize that 87 percent of people allow the fear of Failure To outweigh their desire to succeed I discovered that sometimes you have to Believe in somebody's belief in you Until your belief kicks in so here's What I am believing for you the goals That you right now have the things that You have envisioned for yourself this is A reflection what you've done thus far And what you are engaged in doing it's What's possible for you right now but

There's even more you don't even know What's in the future I has not seen Ear Has Not Heard Thank you It is part of the process it's part of The journey your failure matters as much As your success how do you think you're Gonna grow if you don't ever fail Yet some of you have failed and you have Decided well guess what I'm a failure no Failure is an event it is never a person Just because you failed doesn't mean That you're a failure in fact failure is Actually fuel for your future the way That you grow the way that you advance You have to fail in order to succeed It's the fact that we failed it's the Fact that we got burned that we even had An opportunity to Pivot and to react the Right way to even tell a story and some Of you in this room today you need to Change your mind because some of you are Thinking about giving up because you're In a season of failure but just because You failed doesn't mean that God doesn't Have a bright future in store for you it Is always too soon to quit Failure is part of the story and you Need to hear it today that it's forming Your future it's pushing you forward Yet if you're not careful when you fail You have a choice to make Do you have the right reaction or do you Have the wrong reaction

[Music] But if you can remain hopeful In spite of all adversity Like it was times in my car man I felt Like quitting I mean I felt like giving Up you got no living in a car is not a Simple task you know but I just you know some days I just said Man oh God I hope so come on now If you can just go to bed And just wake up tomorrow Every time you wake up That's a sign from God that he ain't Through with you yet he's just waiting On you to turn and see what it is But you got it you gotta turn to God Because he gives us choice you know you Got to turn to him you got to ask for Help like if you can't figure your life Out you gotta ask God why did you create Me you got to you just need two most Important days of your life a day you Born a day you figure out why you just Gotta ask God why You know you don't you don't have to Keep tripping You really don't because he's your Creator he know exactly why he created You I just knew early on that I was born To be something special I did not know What it was though I mean man I was just living my life I Had no idea but I had a lot of people Along the way you different you know

Quit hanging with them Foreign If you believe in yourself If you constantly remind yourself after Every defeat after every setback every Time you get knocked down I've got a Saying if life knocks you down try and Land on your back because if you can Look up you can get up You will fail your way to success it Doesn't matter how many times you fail It doesn't matter how many times people Tell you that you can't do it it doesn't Matter if you don't have a dime in the Bank you will feel your way to success What's very important is you you're Believing in yourself you're constantly Saying somehow some way I'm going to Make [Music] Thank you

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