“Stop Indoctrinating Kids!” – Reaction To LGBTQ Book For Children

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth react to LGBTQ book for children.

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You know I like books for kids and There's a lot of different kinds of Books and then this book pops up and I Said this has to be a joke no it's a Real book What's the title of the book This is the title of the book if you can Zoom in the game if you can zoom in by The way Rob you're laughing and you know Part of it could be funny the the Website is called queerbooks.com okay And this is a real book so I bought it I'm like okay let me take a look at this The gay BCS let's go through it together Oh sorry about that well let's take a Look so here's what a a is4 is that Ally A friend who is there to stand up for You with strength love and care I like That yeah uh B is for bi you can shout It out loud I like boys and girls and That makes me proud What ages is this for does it say it Again I mean what age is this like You're not a kid that's at 18 years old This is a kids book this this has got to Be the author is ml Webb who essentially Want to go through this to see on Amazon It says the grade level is preschool Through third grade yeah this is exactly Where I was going okay don't say gay Build specifically targets people third Grade and under they're not talking About so basically Congressman basically C is for coming out you're ready to Share what you feel deep inside it's

Okay to be scared D is for drag You construct and by the way this is not A joke this is a book you can strut and Dance in clothes that you have dresses Heels and pants E is for equality we're on the same team We all have the right to love hope and Dream F is for family related or found they'll Stick to by your side ups and down good G is for gay it's a word that implies That you're a girl who likes girls or a Guy who likes guys H is for Hope dream Up a life you love sky's the limit and By the way an intersexes i j is for Joy Key is for Kiki uh uh L is for lesbian M Is for Mountain uh n is for non-binary OS for orientation P is for pan Q is for Obviously queer R is for respect s is For Sashay sachet sachet That comes with drag T is for shout out To Rupaul there T is for Trans it's a Brave step to take to live as the gender You know uh use for Unique vs for Vogue W is for Wonder X is four you can write It down when you have ammo from his Pronoun use for you uh wise for you Z Assist yeah that's a book okay the ABC's Okay so should they have the right to Sell this book the answer is what of Course yes of course you should have the Right to sell this book price of free Speech is Free Speech yeah there's There's nothing wrong with by the way

This came out in 2019 this is before the The series yeah this transculture war is Really really were highlighted but but Now here's the part you you when they Say nobody is grooming yeah that's the Part when you see stuff like this as a Parent this stuff is you know getting Into schools this stuff is getting into Kids reading this what is a Five-year-old think about when they read Something like this the eight-year-old a Ten-year-old if if if you like if if I Were to tell you right now as a kid what Phrase do you remember your mother or Your father telling you that you believe Till today positive what phrase what did Your mom or dad tell you that till today You remember my mom would always tell me You can be anything you want to be just As long as you're give it your best okay Tom my parents are big on um honesty Okay always tell me the truth even if You've done something tell me the truth How many how many times did they say That to you how many times did they say It was it was constant it was it was Constant my brother and I were only About uh less than two years apart we Would get into Mischief things would Happen I remember six seven years old We'd break something and so it was Always or somebody gets hurt Somebody's Crying and it's like tell us the truth Tell me the truth and I can remember the

Punishment was always slightly moderated If you told the truth if they had to dig It out of us or one of us was lying it Was always the punishment was a little Heavy at the belt for what no for what You did Or for And for the lie it was like a Compounding effect but if we told the Truth but that was always what my Parents say just tell me the truth what Was it was what what was it that was Over and over again for you Rob what was It for you over and over like you heard Over and over again I I don't even know why to this day but It just sticks in my head my dad used to Say no matter where you go there you are I have no idea what that means I if You're lost you're somewhere that's a Quote from Buckaroo Banzai I thought That was Austin Powers hey there you are Do I know you know but there you are Adam how about yourself my mom I mean Again you always told me to try us but My mom is like the the most loving Caring person she would always say Um I don't care who it is it could be the CEO or the janitor you have to treat Them the same like you have to treat People the same way you have to do this You have to treat people right treat People right treat people that you want

To be treated the Golden Rule treat People right treat people right and that Served me okay so here's here's a Question for you I want to flip it on You you ready some of you already know Where I'm going with this what if Adam Your mom said Adam if you're gay it's Okay What if your mom said Adam if you like Boys it's okay what if you actually I Want you to think about Adam if you're Gay just tell me yeah well what if she Told you that a thousand times over and Over and over again now you may say I Would still be straight because I love Women right but let me tell you Something that's a thousand times that Thought is in your head as a Six-year-old eight-year-old ten-year-old Confirmation if your mom and dad told You Tom If you like boys you can tell me son Like can you imagine even that phrase Like preemptively before you even said Instantly even the kid given a sign like They're saying anything like here's a Question what is the advantage of a kid Reading this book What is the advantage of kid reading This book that's what I want to know What is the advantage if somebody is In a climate like this of where we are Today you think people feel Uncomfortable being gay today versus

What it was 30 years ago no like so so This is the part where you get a Bill Maher that comes out saying why are you Trying to You know increase why so there's a video I'm gonna send it to you uh uh a Rob if He can share this where a child exposes Uh his mom okay it's a very I don't know If you guys have seen this video or not Where there are parents now where They're proud to have this and talk About this and say look my kids are gay It's a bragging right If the the Asian father says you know my Son said did we play this clip before or No I want to show this to you as well Rob if you can see this clip I just sent To you look how the kid is like and the Mom gets a little bit upset just look at This reaction I think this is the same Video Yeah let's see if this is the one or not Watch this But but God that's fine keep talking say what You're saying My mom doesn't matter if I'm up if I am Gay or a lesbian or any of that she Doesn't care all she cares about is that I'm a part of it And if I'm not a part of it she'll try To convince me to um get join it because I what are you sorry though Facts that I would convince you to join

What the hell should put the qia plus Committed That's crazy You saw the mom's reaction a kid is not Going to say something like that just Because he thinks about that even a kid Is sitting there saying dude my mom just Wants to be a part of this organization Right there's a problem here there's This there's this apparent I don't know If you've seen this one uh uh um let me Let me see this one if I can find you Have to see this one uh it's it's I'll Find a clip to show it to you but you See a book like this you see what Happens it gives credibility to parents Tom what are your thoughts when you see Something like this Look the price of free speech is Free Speech that's my first thought and my Second second thought is each Organization each group is going to Publish books that it wants to read and Lgbtq they're going to publish books They want to read and books for their Kids and that's that's the long and Short of it Um I feel you know you It exposes the feeling his mom is Telling him one thing but he's feeling a Different thing and there's some Conflict in that kid but but just Thinking about even giving your thoughts On it do you feel uncomfortable

Well yeah because you know nowadays Um you know I I am the unprotected enemy A you know white male Canadian descent Though may I be you know I'm you know if I say anything too much I will catch the Most heat so I never moderate or lie About my positions but I'm very careful About expressing them Just say one thing that you know Um a you know to use the alphabet Analogy there's nothing wrong with being Gay and let before we go down this Rabbit Hole of like these guys are Anti-gay it's if that's who you are as An adult God bless you we have gay Friends lesbian friends all good like Very vocal I go out in South Beach I Know all they're all out there the Roberts decision says you can marry do What you got to do but I think the the Resounding uh effort from from at least Our narrative is like leave the goddamn Kids alone with this kind of stuff Specifically the fact that Rob pointed Out that this book is aimed at third Grade and under So what is that eight years and under so What are you talking five six seven Eight-year-olds why is sex and and Gender and identity and all this even a Thing at this age now we can have the Argument or conversation of when do you Start teaching these kind of things is It is it Middle School is it high school

Is it do the kids talk amongst Themselves or should it be a class Should it be booked should it be the Free market but I think we're all in Agreement that kindergarteners should Not be figuring it out if they're bi or Not that's not a thing that they should Be uh developing at that age like for Instance when I was in kindergarten I Wanted to be a dinosaur okay so if Someone was like it's okay to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex that's who you are on The inside it's like okay at what point Is does it go to all right I want to be Peter Pan I want to be a cowboy in Indian I want to be an athlete I want to Be a princess when does reality and Fantasy kind of take over especially When you have a kid because you have Wild imaginations and I think it's just It just leave the kids alone uh play This clip play this is the problem Though this is the problem right here Play this clip Are here today because we have a trans Trans child after six years old at three She was not sleeping very well she was Waking up every single night it was a Lot more than just a toddler waking up And one day I picked her up from daycare All the teachers had said Asher told us that she's a chi and Ashley comes around the corner and I Said hey there's my beautiful daughter

What a few sleepless nights a random Declaration became positive Matt does a Great job talking about the stuff Your son did you hear like this guy Sounds like an educated guy three years Old what are you talking about bro and And he's getting the mic The mic he's get you know what you know What is a form of giving to Mike to Speak at an event that is a recognition If somebody gives you Their audience They're Mike that is a form of a Recognition I recognize you that you Have a credible message to give come Give your message we're giving the mic To that message that father can believe That But if he's doing that because he wants To be invited to certain parties or he Wants to be accepted by a certain Community or he wants to be known as a Sensible you know whatever whatever but Then you're using your kid as a prop Like you know how uh uh uh the joke About uncles are like hey let me let me Borrow your to your old kid man to go to The mall and say you take the kid and Like hey oh you have such a beautiful oh Thank you oh so what's your name oh my God you used to do that with puppies Yeah you do with cats though we deal With cats so so so but you know it's Kind of like a prop that you use you're Using your kid as a prop for some like

This give it a break you know who's Going uh who's training right now on Twitter Drew Barrymore you know why She's training right now on Twitter Because of this Tick Tock guy Dylan Mulvaney I don't know if you've seen What happened with this Dylan Mulvaney Uh where a bunch of people are posting This you know sharing cow you know uh Her story of uh trance and all this Stuff and then eventually Drew Barrymore Apparently get on gets on her knees I Don't know if you've seen this or not Viral uh uh Right there that's the knee picture so She gets on her knees that's a guy That's that guy in the dress that yeah Drew's definitely not a guy but the guy That that's a guy that is like and why She underneath what's going on it's like Man thank you so much for being so brave And doing this this is what we're Highlighting This is what's being turned into Heroes Okay that is the problem you know the The and and by the way the same exact When I watched Tom being uncomfortable With this You know what the average parent is Thinking about right now here's what the Average parent's thinking about right Now Tom and I were talking yesterday we're Talking about a couple big deals that

We're doing and we're in my room Upstairs and I'm getting Tom's Council Like I always do I'm always asking Tom Hey Tom what do you think about this Tom What do you think about them we're Processing issues together And One of the deals that we're going Through Tom says I worry if we're gonna Be able to close that deal I said why is that and if it happens You'll hear about it it's very big if it Doesn't happen you'll never hear about It maybe I'll write about it in a book Five years from now 10 years from now But you're not going to hear about it Anytime soon And he says I worry if that deal is Going to close I said tell me why he says because of The opinions and the stuff we talk about I worry if that Community will accept The voice and what we talk about on the Podcast You know what that is you that fear Shouldn't exist When you have kids like here's the part With me as a parent so I'll go to Schools okay And I'll go to the school and I'll see Some of the parents and you'll talk to Some of the parents or you'll see some Of the teachers and some of them will Fully you'll know if they're with you

And they'll say oh my God hey what's up Patrick how you doing oh my God that's a Great the last podcast this I loved it And then you'll also see some of them That are kind of like I know who you are I can't stand what you stand for totally Cool But now watch this As this gets bigger What's going to happen to their last Name it's not like their last name is Aguilar or Jones or Jackson where There's a billion you know not a billion But there's a lot of aguilars Jones and Jacksons out there right the last name Is what bet David how many sasniks are There how many else words have you met In your life okay but the point I'm Trying to make too is there that fear Shouldn't be there as a kid when I lived In Iran and people would ask me about my Religion and my parents would say don't Say it never liked it like my parents Are Christians we're Christians I never Liked the fear where you can't talk About it because you're going to be Judged you know yesterday I posted a job Post and we're hiring right now Aggressively we've got 18 job openings And I posted a video if you can go to The video I posted yesterday one of the Guys comments and he says something and Uh we got hundreds of applications being Submitted last night this guy says

Something I hope the comment comes all The way at the top so I can read this Comment because this this is kind of Where we need to go where keep going Keep going keep going it's a video right There go to the comment click on it and Let's go to the comment section go the Lower go low okay right there fantastic It's there zoom in he says Patrick so I'm asking for somebody to be our Managing director of our consulting firm Right by David Consulting and I said to Be able to be the managing director with David Consulting this is a multi-multi Six-figure job that's going to pay very Well to whoever it's going to be okay With the potential making seven figures Within a three to a five year period It's a high paying job This guy says Patrick I don't like your Criteria when you start a PHP you Weren't an ex McKinsey consultant but You still had the chops to do the job Well and you did it There's talented folks out there who Don't care about you prestige you're Overlooking by bias for MD okay this is Not an easy job for an average guy off The streets to come and do and by the Way when I was starting PHP I was a 30 Year old Renegade multi-million dollar Year business in my 20s I wasn't just The guy off the street look at my Response what I said to him on the

Bottom I said my criterias were never Intended to be liked it's not for Everyone all the best yeah you know what I like his response Fair I respect it good luck with the Search actually like is the way he Handled it as well yeah I I I my goal With with this podcast and where we're Going and what the climate is is for us To be able to say This Dylan Mulvaney Guy this is weird Stuff what you're doing this is a weird Book It's weird you can sell it it's Capitalism but it's weird it's weird for Parents to feel a little scared that God Forbid if a parent has a position a University that his daughter or son Wants to go into may say no because we Found this clip of you saying this that Should not be the case that is the only Part about this right now with parents Where they're afraid to talk about how They feel about certain situations where You go into a school in orientation the First person you hear in orientation is Uh I am part of the lgbtq community I See myself as a they them or whatever And I'm this this is that and at our School we do this this this this that That's kind of weird to do that if the Population is a small population and That's who you're trying to Market to Um but anyways you know you see some of

This stuff happening a little awkward a Little weird I wanted to kind of share This book when I saw it I thought other People would probably relate to the Concerns some parents are going through You know you know how they say back in The day when it comes to TV and media That you gotta win the central time zone You ever heard that before yes it's not About The LA's of the world the New York Cities of the world but like win the Central time zone win Iowa right win Michigan win Ohio and that's where your Audience is and I feel like there's a There's a metaphor here to what's going On here you know what should be Mainstream in America and shouldn't be Contentious or a bad thing to say is Just just normal traditional Family Values father mother kids happy families That should be normal And the the problem to all the the the The The Allies to use the word a over there Uh is that you're trying to Basically make this type of stuff Mainstream and you can make that Argument by why this shouldn't be Mainstream but also respect the fact That you can be who you want to be but Stop indoctrinating kids and that's what I think essentially your biggest Argument I have I bro again

One day this stuff is going to come out That when I I mean it's going to come Out what some places I partied at and What I did I I'm I'm not sitting here Telling you I walk on water I'm not Sitting here if people partied with me And they asked what was Pat like to Party with some of the stories you're Not going to believe to say Pat really Did that with yes I've had a lot of fun You know prior to choosing to change my Life I did a lot of stuff in partying in In in the military in Tennessee in Kentucky and Vegas all over the place I Had a lot of fun I've always loved women And I've had a great time with it but I've always gotten along with anybody Straight gay whatever I had nicknames The Greek God because every time I told Him I'm a Syrian they said you're Sicilian I said forget about it I am Greek I can't explain to you what a Syrian is because it was so oh you're Syrian no Assyrian that four minute of Explanation with a Syrian is I got tired Of it yeah well you know what I am Sicilian you're right I got the nose I Got ears I got to look I'm Sicilian Let's just finalize right anywhere in The bottom of the booth So this is not about judgment man this Is about leave the kids alone but let The kids figure out for themselves I had No idea what I was going to do until

Many many years later on in life while I Had a brain to really think and that Didn't happen until many years later This kid if I if you were to judge me on What I'm going to do my life in high School at a 1.8 GPA I was a lost cause But it took me a minute to figure myself Out at 25 but a person wants to do that Later on in life let him do it don't put These things in their mind early you Confused the hell out of a kid when you Do that so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here [Music]

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