Take CHANCES and Don’t Let Your Imagination Get The Best of You

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Imagination goes two different ways okay So the sentence starts what what if Imagine if one day now what direction That goes next determines whether you're Going to play offense or you're going to Pivot and play defense right so let's Let's go with the sentences what if I Start a business and I fail Okay what if I start this business and it works and All of a sudden we're doing this and Traveling Oh my gosh what if you know oh Imagine if I go and talk to this Customer and she rejects me in front of Everybody Oh I don't know if I want to talk to her Imagine if you go talk to her she Introduce you to a client all of a Sudden your life changes because yeah Sorry oh my God so but everybody starts Here we all start with the what if Imagine right where we let our Imagination go next is the fear

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