Taking Back Control: How Parents Can Go On Strike and Reclaim Child Education

Taking Back Control: Empowering Parents to Go on Strike and Reclaim Child Education

In today’s fast-paced world, parents often find themselves juggling countless responsibilities while trying to provide the best education for their children. However, as the traditional models of schooling continue to evolve, many parents are questioning if they truly have a say in their child’s education. This is where the concept of “going on strike” comes into play – an empowering movement that allows parents to reclaim control over their child’s educational journey. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind this growing movement and provide practical tips for parents who are considering taking action. It’s time to take back control and ensure that our children receive the education they truly deserve.

Taking Back Control: How Parents Can Go On Strike and Reclaim Child Education


In an era where schools and educational institutions have gained significant influence over children’s minds, it is vital for parents to take a stand and regain control over their children’s education. The renowned entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David, the founder, and CEO of Valuetainment Media, has been vocal about the need for parents to reclaim their authority in shaping their children’s beliefs and values. In this article, we will explore the importance of parental involvement in education and how parents can assert their influence in the face of outside influences.

The Need for Parental Control

  1. Schools and Influences: Schools have proved to be powerful platforms for shaping children’s minds. However, there is a growing concern that some institutions are pushing ideological agendas upon impressionable minds, often without parental consent or knowledge. This has led to the erosion of traditional values and priorities parents hold dear.

  2. Patrick Bet-David’s Perspective: Patrick Bet-David, a prominent figure in the business world, advocates for parents to take back control of their children’s education. He believes that parents, as the primary influencers in their children’s lives, should assert their authority to ensure that their values and beliefs are safeguarded.

  3. Western Liberal Ideas: The spreading of Western liberal ideas worldwide has generated intense debate regarding the influence these ideals have on different cultures. It is essential for parents to evaluate the impact such ideologies have on their children and to take measures to counteract any adverse effects if deemed necessary.

Standing Up Against Influences

  1. LGBTQ Protests in Lebanon: Recent LGBTQ protests in Lebanon serve as a prime example of a clash between differing beliefs and values. These demonstrations faced opposition from the local community, primarily due to their traditional views and religious convictions.

  2. Addressing Controversial Content: Certain materials aimed at children have garnered controversy for their content. An example is a book that teaches children how to argue with Muslims. Parents should engage in active discussions with their children to address any questionable material they encounter and provide alternative perspectives.

  3. The Agenda of the LGBTQ Lobby: The LGBTQ lobby, often driven by a mission to promote inclusivity and acceptance, is sometimes criticized for attempting to force its ideology upon others, including religious groups. Parents should resist any attempts to coerce their children into accepting ideologies that conflict with their personal beliefs.

Reclaiming Control

  1. Active Involvement: To reclaim control over their children’s education, parents must actively engage in their academic journey. By showing genuine interest, attending parent-teacher meetings, and participating in school activities, parents can establish a strong presence in their children’s educational environment.

  2. Exploring Alternative Education Options: If traditional schools do not align with a family’s values, exploring alternative education options can be a viable solution. Homeschooling, online academies, or private institutions may offer more flexibility and allow parents to have a more direct influence on their children’s education.

  3. Teaching Critical Thinking: Equipping children with critical thinking skills is crucial in helping them navigate the various influences they encounter. Parents should encourage open discussions, provide multiple viewpoints, and teach their children to question information and form independent thoughts.


In a world where external influences can heavily impact children’s beliefs and values, it is imperative for parents to take back control of their children’s education. By actively engaging in their child’s academic life, addressing controversial content, and promoting critical thinking, parents can assert their authority and ensure that their children are equipped with the necessary tools to make informed decisions.


  1. What is Patrick Bet-David’s stance on parental control in education?
    Patrick Bet-David believes that parents should take control of their children’s education to protect their values and beliefs.

  2. How can parents counteract the influence of schools on their children?
    Parents can counteract the influence of schools by actively engaging in their children’s education, addressing controversial content, and teaching critical thinking skills.

  3. What are some alternative education options available to parents?
    Alternative education options include homeschooling, online academies, and private institutions that align more closely with a family’s values.

  4. How can parents address questionable material their children encounter?
    Parents should engage in open discussions with their children, provide alternative perspectives, and address any questionable material in an age-appropriate manner.

  5. Why is critical thinking important in reclaiming control over child education?
    Critical thinking equips children with the skills to navigate external influences, question information, and form independent thoughts.

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