“Terrible Timing” – Will Elon Musk Buy Donald Trump’s Truth Social?

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they discuss how Elon Musk’s purchase of X (formerly Twitter) destroyed the value of Donald Trump’s Truth Social.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Trump asked Elon Musk if he wanted to Buy truth social interesting let's see If there's any credibility behind the Story uh the Overture and this is a wo Story The Overture to musk whose Business Empire includes SpaceX Tesla And X did not lead to a deal but the Conversation which has not been Previously reported shows the two men Have communicated more than was known The two have had other conversations to Trump advisor say about politics and Business amongst their convers ations Was a meeting earlier this month in Palm Beach where Trump met with musk with a Few High powerered Republican donors the People said the subject of the Discussion is not clear but after it was Reported by New York Times which noted That the meeting happened while Trump Was looking for campaign contributions The billionaire wrote on X that he is Not donating money to either candidate For US president must the world sick and Riches man has increasingly voiced Support for conservative ideology on X Including Echo and Trump's unverified Claims at the B Administration uh is as musk wrote last Week importing voters and creating National security threat from unvetted Illegal immigrants what do you mean Unverified bro like you have to be a Dummy to think that the American people

Are dumb to think 10 million people are Coming here then the next week AOC says We don't have a immigration problem we Have a documentation problem you think The American people are naive I accept It as a victory Democrats good for you Or don't play on words that the Unverified claims the numbers are very Clear so do you actually think that Conversation took place Tom where Trump Is asking Elon if he's interested in Buying truth social do I think the Coners do I think they had a Conversation about it sure but you know Two business guys of their level what They would talk about a lot of things it Says hey you know what about this what About that hey would you ever be Interested in truth you would you Because remember Trump was Raising Investment like any other you know Startup it was a startup at one time but It was a big startup needed big Investment would Trump talk to Elon About that many things they talk about I Think so but it was a clandestine thing Oh my gosh I'm upset my my company's in Trouble would you buy it from me hell no I don't think that conversation took Place Vinnie um I I don't know dude I I Wish I was there but you saw the Interview with uh uh Elon said uh who Who was Elon interviewing oh with Don Lemon he said what did you talk about he

Goes well not really none of your Business at a single moment where they Ran into each other at breakfast to be Spefic by yeah it was you know what he Said he did the most of the talking it's Donald Trump bro he's the he's the AL in The room he's probably talking he's Pitching he's doing his thing but yeah I Mean didn't we talk about um who who was Interested in buying Tik Tok as well Didn't we say something yesterday Rumble Rumble was they said something about Rumble and then Rumble stock started Going up I mean I think I don't know but God got who knows what the hell they Were talking about this might have been To something really really fast but I Don't see nothing into it look with Tru Tru social you know speaking of echo Chambers I've never been on on there I Don't I mean I don't it's not anything I Don't think most people have been on There but I do know who wrot this ask That question has anybody here been on TR I'm not a truth social hey Rob can You run a poll to see who is on Truth Social You' be primed to be on Truth Social the fact that you're not on there Is very no it's just a Tells A Sign like Nobody's going on it's I registered and I checked it out but I have not been Back yeah I would I would venture to Guess it's just an echo tramber of trump Loy maybe maybe ask the question are you

On Truth social active daily registered Never used never registered put those Three that's what I would want to know Yeah yeah I I would want to know that I Don't know how much credibility is Behind this article that's a great poll To do but you know we know who owns the Washington Post that's Jeff Bezos who's Jeff Bezos biggest competitor Elon Musk They're jocking for position of richest Man in the world I don't know I mean What Is you probably followed are you on true Social I'm not you're not okay so I mean Like you have multiple guys in this room That are in the social media world that You know are in the Trump orbit you're Not even on Truth social that should Tell you something I tried to get on Truth social and at the beginning Because to save the name I think the Team said let's save the name Patrick Bavid so you know cuz Patrick B David 1 Patrick B David 2 and then we had Complication so we never followed up Yeah by the way at that time I'm I'm Actually curious with the poll what's it Called when you tweet something on X It's a tweet what is it called on Truth Like a truth bomb is this a truthy I Don't know interesting that's a very Good question is this company making Money is it money yeah even our audience Out here has not used true social for

The most part interesting have never Used it have an account don't use it use A daily 5% use daily it's like it's like Legitimately Big Time hardcore like Magga people are on there to hear what Trump has to say would you say it's like The Twitter it's the rumble for Twitter I would say it's way more of an echo Chamber than Rumble cuz at least According to Chris our friend Chris is That there's sort of I think they wanted To be at the time I think that was the Strategy or it's the parlor that made it Exactly that's yeah exactly you're right I gu I'm not even being fous did they Make it is this company making money is It doing well are they going to sell for A profit is it a loss I generally don't Know what so I think something just Happened recently with truth social can You typ in truth social valuation truth Social market cap maybe put truth social Market cap uh if you Ty in okay right There let's see what do we got what does It say zoom in February social To merge to merge media technology Blanket check acquisition vehicle that Currently values the parent of a social Media have truth social as much as 10 Billion that's a lot bro for and no and The majority of people aren't even Really using it there's no way can you Type in truth social revenue revenue Type in truth social Revenue 2023 so for

Truth social generated just get out of Here doing a quarter doing a quarter in Guys that's like 4 million a year yeah It's not it's not so man is bigger than Tru yeah exactly man is bigger than Tru So and by the way that doesn't even pay I would be willing I know what servers Cost that probably doesn't pay Pat for Two weeks of servers scroll down a Little bit notec that Amazon server Cost1 million net loss I don't think This company's making money bro if You're telling me there you go if you're Yeah reports $31 million net loss in Launch in mid 2023 they're saying it's Worth what $10 billion look if you're Telling me and you're looking me in my Face and you're like Elon Musk bought Twitter for $40 billion what was the Exact number 46 I think okay 42 44 Whatever it is you're telling me that True social is a quarter of the net Worth market cap of Twitter and they say That Elon overpaid I'll tell you you're A bold face liar there's no way this I Believe that number because I can do the Math in my head and I believe their Infrastructure cost is million dollars Per two weeks that be 26 million bucks Plus they don't do a lot of marketing I Believe that number wow anyway well I Mean you just saw Q was it Q3 or Q4 of a Million3 is that even accurate no that Would be accurate because you're a spack

A spack you got to report numbers and That was what the first link was Pat Right that first link was about SEC Don't you have to report if you're spack And the publicly traded company February 14th the SEC was giving him a green Light on Spa how bad is that Pat million Dollars in Revenue not about how bad is That when it comes on to techn techology Software apps things like this they they You're not buying initially because of Revenue you're buying initially because Of traffic and eyeballs going to then You hire a Cheryl Sandberg to find a way To bring Grand revenue or Linda what's Her name vario Lind VAR vario you bring People like that that know how to turn Yakar yino yeah you you forgive us we're Not so yako who was what a former NBC uh Whatever executive yeah so you bring Somebody like that but first you got to Get traffic so can you type in how many Times truth social has been downloaded Truth app how many times has truth Social app been downloaded I'm curious Why and why he's looking so do you think Because Trump is basically the face and The name of it is he paying just to be Able to speak you know what I mean like He can go on X right now what who's Who's pain to keep this thing afloat Just to have Donald Trump speak you know What I mean toal he paying for it truth Social Trump loyalist who just want to

Hear what He P 20239 third Quarter yeah cuz think about it since Elon bought Twitter some of the best Follows are the conservative guys that Have what they they're not on truth They're on X you should be able to find Out how many times truth social has been Downloaded it's got 115,000 reviews on Apple it's a lot of Reviews uh uh but how many times has the App been downloaded does anybody know The number trying to see the number of How many times anyways I I don't you Don't know what the number is you should Be able to get it though to truth social App total downloads rob you can also While you're looking for it go to their Stock I'd like to see how they're doing It since they're a spa they're publicly Traded I'd like to know where their Stock is over the last here we go there Are about 2 million active truth social Users today Rob if you can pull that up What you just is this you send me or is That Brandon I think it could be Brandon That Brandon send it to us there's about 2 million active users Rob if you can Put that up truth social has about 1 Million download in the first two weeks Of its launch which includes 170,000 Downloads on the first day 12% of all us Social media users have used or visited

The truth social platform just under 70% Of current uh yeah huh interesting on How many it is so we'll see listen it's Not easy to get a business like this off The ground it's not he's got Deon Nunes As the CEO and um they launched two Years ago approximately 2 million active Users according to this website could be Higher 77% of democrat voters said they They'd never use the platform over 60% Of women said they would never use the Platform truth social is now valued at $500 million what is a date on this this Is February 13th 2024 so this is a month Ago this is pretty recent so they're not So B they're not making money do you Think Trump and them are just keeping it Alive because he there's so many people There's millions that are listening just To him what sucks about this is the Following when when did truth social Launch what's the date on trth social 2022 maybe we just said this right and The date was what February of 2022 right Okay okay there is a big event that Happened that year that hurt their Momentum when did musk buy Twitter oh Great point I don't remember similar Right after that dude he bought it I Think in October of 2022 yeah right After when did musk buy Twitter man okay I think it's no right April of okay There no no no he bought it that's when He said I'm going to buy 9.6% but he

Bought it October of 2022 so think about It remember that yeah you Launched X you launched truth social Great timing America needed an Alternative and Trump's going to be on There I'm going to use it great two Months later Elon announces he wants to Buy 99.6% or give or take of a what do You call it Twitter and then he buys Aund or makes an offer for 100% then October 8 months later X is back with Musk and people trust musk you know Horrible timing yeah horrible timing is What it sucks for Business screwed Donald just know that Look at this by the way look at the Stock price when it launched versus Where it is now go to basically the last Five years years Digital World Acquisition Corp don't spaxs Peg at 10 Anyway the um so it shot up when it came Up there it stayed up and then look Right in 20 literally right when Elon Musk bought Twitter go to October I Guarantee you yeah right there boom Plummeted literally Pat you called it Once Elon Musk bought Twitter truth Social was doomed that's that's that's Called timing and unfortunately it Happens it happens to all of us public Market cap 1.5 billion right now public Market cap is what 1.5 billion correct Rob scroll down today 146 okay yep so That trillion valuation it had a it's at

It's at 39 bucks today 52 week high is 58 low is 12 it's not doing bad it's Climbing this this month because it's Not now is locked in the nomination so There's some and and guess what he has Posted stuff on Instagram so it's not Like he's not posting stuff on Instagram But I don't know if he is yet to have Tweeted have you looked to see if he has Yet to have tweeted or not let me see Here I believe the last one that he Tweeted was his mug shot August 24 2023 Which got 1.8 million likes prior to That the last time he tweeted was January 8th 2021 a day after January 7th Wow last time he tweeted they banned him Did they ban him after that yeah he got Banned on everything that's when that Took place and then the next time he did Is this but he hasn't done anything Since then and even when he posted that Guess what website he drove it to Donald J trump.com he didn't drive it to trth Social he drove it to Donald J trump.com Is that the shirt let me see that Remember me you get you have to get that Signed Adam you got to get that signed Your favorite shirt this myen C bu well We'll see we'll see what's going on There with uh what I can tell you is the Left is so scared of a musk Trump Tucker Unity that is a very very scary thing For them and you know who else I put in There that's kind of scary a guy named

Dana White let me tell you listen Dana White was the only man in America that Could save Budweiser the only man light literally Bud Light whatever it is the only man in America that could have said anheiser Bush the only man that could have saved That organization only man and the co Was at the UFC fight again he was Sitting right next to you didn't even Know it did you know that which guy was It Brendan the guy that had eight bot Lights oh that's him did he would go to The bar come back with three B lights I'm like this guy fully believes in the Prod I didn't even know yeah he was like Okay he was you spoke to him I know who He is good looking guy the jacket Jack He's the CEO he's the CEO of anheiser B I thought he was like an actor no he's Not he's not good-look but he's a goodl Looking and was a Harvard grad I believe Former CIA agent and a marine analyst CIA analyst CIA analyst so you know what That means Tom he has Secrets yeah yeah And by the way he is an actor cuz he was Acting like he actually likes blood Light so Congratulations great point but the Point is saying you meet Brendan he Seems pretty well how about this Tom uh Would you touch a Bud Light cuz you Wouldn't for two Years I got I have my answer buddy Tom

Who's not exactly as masculine as white In the UFC video Best when I brought Bud Light in for Halloween when I wore that outfit you You would even touch it Tom so don't Don't tell me that guy in acting when Tom Ellsworth the mainest guy I know won Touch a but l so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right Here

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