Texas Governor Greg Abbott Takes a Stand Against the Biden Administration’s Border Policies by Militarizing Texas Guard

In a bold move to address the escalating border crisis caused by the Biden Administration’s lax policies, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken a firm stand by militarizing the Texas National Guard. With an unwavering commitment to protecting the safety and security of Texans, Governor Abbott’s decisive action serves as a staunch rebuke to the federal government’s failure to secure the border. As the Lone Star State faces an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants, drug smuggling, and human trafficking, Governor Abbott’s proactive measures are poised to make a significant impact in curbing these alarming trends. Through bolstering the capabilities of the Texas National Guard, Governor Abbott is sending a clear message that Texas will not standby idly as the Biden Administration neglects its responsibility to maintain border integrity. With this resolute stance, Governor Abbott is positioning Texas as a crucial front line in the battle against illegal immigration, demonstrating exemplary leadership in the face of a mounting crisis.


In a recent podcast episode, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana delve into the ongoing border dispute between Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the Supreme Court, and the United States Federal Government under President Joe Biden. The discussion revolves around Governor Abbott’s decision to militarize the Texas State Guard in response to the potential federalization of the Texas National Guard amid the border crisis. This article explores the key points raised during the podcast, shedding light on the motives behind Governor Abbott’s actions and the underlying implications of the Biden administration’s border policies.

The Border Crisis and Governor Abbott’s Response

The first topic discussed in the podcast revolves around the escalating border crisis and President Biden’s handling of the situation. The hosts express concern over the influx of illegal immigration, attributing it to President Biden’s enticement of illegal immigrants away from legal entry points along the Southern border. This has sparked a heated debate around the enforcement of immigration laws and the President’s constitutional duty to faithfully execute them.

Texas Nationalist Movement’s Urgent Call

The Texas Nationalist Movement has urgently called on Governor Greg Abbott to expand and militarize the Texas State Guard, considering the potential federalization of the Texas National Guard amid the border crisis. The movement proposes that the Texas State Guard could serve as an alternative Border Protection Force, as it cannot be federalized by law, offering a potential solution to reinforce border security.

Texas State Guard as a Defense Mechanism

The Texas State Guard’s potential role as a defense mechanism against border threats is a significant topic of discussion during the podcast. The hosts explain that while the Texas National Guard can be federalized, the Texas State Guard is immune to such a measure. This highlights the strategic importance of the Texas State Guard in ensuring border protection and preventing potential federal interference.

President Biden’s Negligence

The podcast hosts criticize President Biden for his apparent negligence towards Texas’ demands to enforce immigration laws. They argue that Biden’s failure to perform his constitutional duties and his violation of his oath to execute immigration laws faithfully have contributed to the border crisis. This criticism reflects their overall support for Governor Abbott’s actions in taking a stand against the Biden administration’s border policies.

The Concerns of Terrorism

Amidst the discussion, the hosts address the concerns regarding potential security threats and terrorism associated with the lax border policies. They highlight a specific incident where a Middle Eastern man was caught crossing the border, raising alarms about the possibility of terrorists infiltrating the US through unguarded entry points. This emphasizes the need for a strong stance on border protection and further justifies Governor Abbott’s decision to militarize the Texas State Guard.


In conclusion, the podcast discussion sheds light on the ongoing border dispute between Governor Greg Abbott, the Supreme Court, and President Joe Biden’s administration. The hosts express support for Governor Abbott’s decision to militarize the Texas State Guard as a strategic measure against potential federalization and to address the border crisis. The concerns surrounding President Biden’s open border policies, infringement on immigration laws, and potential security threats add weight to Governor Abbott’s actions. This episode of the podcast serves as a valuable platform for understanding and analyzing the dynamics of the border dispute, enabling listeners to form their own informed opinions on the matter.


  1. Q: Is the Texas State Guard prone to federalization?

    • A: No, the Texas State Guard cannot be federalized by law, making it a reliable defense mechanism for border protection.
  2. Q: Why is Governor Greg Abbott militarizing the Texas State Guard?

    • A: Governor Abbott aims to strengthen border security amid the border crisis and potential federalization of the Texas National Guard.
  3. Q: What are the concerns raised regarding President Biden’s handling of the border crisis?

    • A: President Biden’s failure to enforce immigration laws and his open border policies have led to an influx of illegal immigration and potential security threats.
  4. Q: Has terrorism been a concern at the border?

    • A: Yes, the podcast hosts discuss a specific incident involving a Middle Eastern man crossing the border, raising concerns about the potential infiltration of terrorists.
  5. Q: Where can I find more videos or podcasts related to this topic?

    • A: The video concludes with a link to watch other relevant clips or the entire podcast, providing a comprehensive resource for further exploration.
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