“That’s a LIE” – Candace Owens and Chris Cuomo Heated Debate Over Voter Fraud & Voter ID

Patrick Bet-David hosts Candace Owens and Chris Cuomo LIVE from Valuetainment’s 5990 Live!

Joining Patrick, Candace and Chris are Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana. In this clip, Candace and Chris debate if requiring photo I.D. to vote in U.S. elections is racist.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Voting Chris M you're very smart we can Fix this can you pull up the first stat Real quick for me when it comes down to Uh uh smartphones if you can pull that Up Rob uh uh Uh do you know which one I'm talking About the Pew research that you guys Just sent me pull this one up check this Out folks so smartphon zoom in a little Bit so let's first read at the top what It says it says Black and Hispanic Adults in the US are less likely than White adults to have a traditional Computer or home broadband okay fine no Problem this is from 2021 two years ago However if you don't have home broadband Or traditional computer how many of us Are would agree that this is officially Our new home broadband and computer yes Or no before go before I show you the Stat how many more whites do you think Have access to smartphones than blacks And Hispanics what's the percentage if you Were to say what do you think the number Is 15% more 3 % more 10% more 20% more What do you think it Is is all so can you pull this up please Please pull this up this is so Interesting this is pure research Smartphone zoom in okay first first Let's identify the the dark uh uh blue Is whites the light blue is blacks and The lightest blue is Hispanics Hispanics

Have the same access to the smartphones As whites do and blacks are only 2% less This guy yesterday sends me this Technology that he has and he wants us To be part of his company so I'm giving Him free advertisement you know this Would be a $100,000 sponsorship deal but I'm going to show it to the world and See how many of you guys can see a Technology like this being available to Us today to vote Rob if you can play That Clip I send this to Tom nfid the most Disruptive and gamechanging advancement Ever witnessed in international and Crossb payment verification shockingly Nothing exists that allows individuals To prove account ownership when Transacting online until now nfid stands As a hypers secure yet userfriendly tool That creates trust across all digital Transactions and touch points once Logged into an nfid profile by using Multiactor biometric and blockchain back Verification anyone can simply copy and Paste a crypto wallet address or bank Account including iban or Swift codes And allows us to instantly verify the Rightful account owner if the intended Recipient also holds a kyc approved nfid Profile we can definitely confirm that We are transacting with a rightful Person or entity from anywhere in the World international and crossb payments

Are no longer based on blind trust and Guess word if it's not verified by nfid It's not worth the risk trust but verify By the way trust but verify this podcast Is not sponsored by these guys he has no CL showing this I saw this and I'm Wondering if Hispanics have access to Smartphones as much as whites do if Blacks have access to smartphones as Much as whites do by 2% why why why have Why do we have a hard time maybe we Start voting with maybe not IDs you come In with your ID and I kind of show my Face and I go like this and if we can do That yep nope this is not Patrick this Is not him yeah okay good this is him we Can verify this why are we so worried About finding systems to verify let me Give you data and then I'm going to come To my friend here Chris ready so 16 out Of 50 states in America do not require An ID to vote those 16 out of 5050 States Rob if you can Pull this up those 16 out of 50 states Have 212 of the electoral votes out of the 538 let me say it again there's 16 out Of 50 States you have no need to go like this And walk in when you're voting to say Hey can you please pull out your ID and Do one of these things nope you don't Have to do it they're not asking for Your ID they could care less about your

ID 2 212 now watch this this 11 out of 50 states don't require a photo ID you Can just give an ID but no photo did you Guys understand me so far those 11 out Of 50 states that don't require a photo ID to vote have 69 electoral votes out Of the 538 69 plus 212 it's a sweep Forever for the left just so you know This this is not me telling you this This is the government telling you this What our gu lines are by States today And arrest 23 out of 50 states only 23 Less than 50% of our states actually Require to go like this how pathetic is That Chris to have some like that you Don't have to be a left right or a Center person to say that doesn't make Sense what are your thoughts on this the Way we're voting today there's a lot That goes to it um you know you have Half the representation of the US Government represents onethird of the Population why uh because of how we do It with the Senate uh and redistricting Rules and stuff like that so there's a Fundamental imbalance voter ID here are the two arguments and you Can assess them how you want um is it That uh I forget how it was explained Earlier but I I don't know that it's That the government whatever that means If you want to ascribe it all to one Group think doesn't trust blacks or Think minorities are capable of or

Whatever but the argu is that culturally Socioeconomically as you go down in Terms of the poverty level as poverty Becomes more important there's less um Connection with government there's less Percentage of people who want to Interface with government and who have Identification so the argument is if you Say you need an ID to vote you will have An uh unfair Bias against those strata of society That don't tend to get IDs and don't Want to deal with government okay I just I'm just saying is the AR know it's not An argument it's a lie okay because it's You don't get an ID because you want to Engage with government you get an ID Because you want to drive you get an ID Because you're 19 and you uh or I mean You're 21 and you want to have your First drink you get an ID because you Quite literally need an ID to do so many Things in so forget you wouldn't say That people that are in a lower Socioeconomic class are never drinking Are never driving are never doing all of The other things that are required never Seeing a movie like you know that's Above PG pg-1 16 you need an ID to do so Much in life so you're focusing this is What this is a lie you're saying well They don't tend to vote that might be True that might definitely be true they Don't why they're getting an ID that's

Not why they're getting they're just Lying I understand I don't think it's It's a lie it could be wrong it could be Uh a false assumption it's a lie if you Keep saying it if it's wrong and you Keep saying it it becomes a lie right no That's only there's no black people that Are not getting their IDs I I came from A low socioeconomic background I got my Driver's license when I was 16 years old Because I wanted to drive and pick up my Boyfriend get I I get it and and those Are the reasons people get IDs that's Simple I love you too I get it what I'm Saying Is two things can be true at once the Argu ment is exactly what I'm saying it Is okay the reason the big states don't Have it is because of this argument that They that they say that there is a Disproportionate impact on people from Lower socioeconomic rungs that do not Get it one we do know for a fact that Poor people uh that live in more Populated areas drive at a much lower Rate than other people so maybe they Don't have the license that's the Argument I'm not saying you have to Value the argument the other argument is We need IDs for everything that we do Why wouldn't we do this the argument now To your question which is uh why don't We do it online okay so I ran with this Idea uh like seven years ago when we

Came out of the hanging chad thing that Allowed me to spend a great amount of my Time in your state uh in Jacksonville Specifically about the hanging Chads the 2000 election and all I was like wow This is such a stupid system why don't We just do this the way everything in my Life is on here pay my mortgage my money Doesn't exist right I mean I I don't Have I'm not my grandparents I don't Have 50 Savin cans which was a an Instant coffee in my basement that has My savings in it uh I don't put money Under my mattress I don't even know Where it is and I'm okay with that but We can't vote and I got crushed by all Of these uh security and intelligence People saying oh the fraud that would Happen the chance of fraud I said but we Have like the easiest system to beat in The world the stat they hit me with was The voter ID states do not have better Rates or let's say lower rates of voter Fraud than the states without ID so it Doesn't really make a difference that is The fraud that is that is but I'm saying That that's that's what I'm saying I ran With this I believe in this I believe That voting should be as easy and Immediate as possible I think that Voting should not be one day I think That voting if it is going to be on that One day that one day should be a Vacation day for everybody in America so

That they can go out and vote I believe In early voting I Believe In online Voting I believe that we should have as Many people voting as possible so we Make it as easy as possible now I'm Going to tell you something and you're Not going to like it but that's not my Problem it is not even this issue it's Not both sides of the aisle the right Until voter ID has consistently been Against anything that would increase who Votes okay can I I think there are Reasons for that I am in favor ask you Yes yes or no yes or no ready can we Play that game again yes should Americans be required to have ID to vote Chris yes or No no and I'll tell you why Wow I'll I'll tell you why I'll tell you why the Until I see fraud rates that go along With the distinction I don't believe That you make a simple Pitch the my answer is no and my answer Is no because I don't believe that you I Don't believe you want the government Having even more control over who can Vote and who can't okay so I just okay That's fine I'm glad you're being honest I just want to say if you are a Black Or Hispanic American please find somebody Find me the Black Or Hispanic American Who does not work CU you need an ID to Get a WT form get set up they ask you For your ID who does not vote who does

Not drink who does not drive or drive Somebody else's car this person does not Exist that does not travel you can't get Out a plane without it it this person Does not exist okay so it is the lie That they tell so that they can rig our Elections by having a bunch of people Who are not Americans coming in and Voting and that is that that Is everybody know knows that okay how Can you know what we've never been Shown where is the fraud where are the Fake the idea that any person will get Up and say to you that they do not Believe that you should have an ID to Vote I'm just going to I'm not even Going to characterize what you just said But you backed it up by saying that we Know that all these people vote who Aren't supposed to where's the pro Understand the voting rol is there's Dead people on the voting roles and this Has been every time they measure this With billions and billions of vote Checks and anybody here a magic Rob go Up and find different from me on the Internet they look and they see that the Amount of fraud in elections is di Minimus which is beyond a level of Action this just we just went through This let me ask a question different way Let me ask me hang on let me ask a Question different way let me ask a Question different way Chris here's a

Question you and I run a nightclub yes Okay it's 21 and over need an ID why Um because otherwise you can't tell Whether they're over 21 and they're Worried about the Liability Pro American show me proof Listen I get the arguments you're I get The AR this is no Chris this this to me Is more yes no it's it's it's common Sense it's for for me to okay so why do You think that they don't do it again Because you think so you agree with Candace that the reason they don't Require ID is because they want a lot of Illegal votes and to manipulate the System a a lot a lot of and all the Watchdogs from the right that follow This issue have just never been able to Prove It all well you're racist if you say Something everything Candace said of Everything Candace said about IDs was For me to be able to get a driver's License for me to be able to get a for Me to be able to do this for me to be Able to do thate I agree for me it's a Different reason on why you need a Driver it's for me to know who the hell You are it's very different I totally Not interested in what you know all that Stuff that I get to do selfishly because I need the ID to do that no no when you Came in here right now we have friends We respect a lot and we respect our

Guests did you guys all come through a Metal detective yes or no do you know How many cops and Sheriff are around Here right now you know how much we Spent on security right now to make sure They're safe and nobody can come in here Where you're safe as well now we're Doing our part we invest the resources There sheriff is very good with us cops Are very good with us but did you guys Come in did somebody walk you through Find out verify checking who you are Where you're doing we have to do that we Got to go through that process I totally Get it and and by the way this is not 1 Million of as important as an election Okay I agree this is just a podcast and A conversation so for us to sit there And and say you know the idea isn't that Important brother you're a you're a very Very people from your community and Others will hear what you have to say And they'll may go with that as well in A country a country without IDs and Without being checked you're not a Country you're not even a country club You're not even a village I don't even Know what to call you but you're Definitely not a country again rep again We're a constitutional republic that's Right you know less than 5% of Americans Banana rep said ban repblic it's also It's not like they're hiding when the Board when Biden comes in opens the

Border with myor as the rat doing his His Dirty Work how many in the past Three years have we've had more illegals Come into the country than children Being born okay December of last year Was more coming in and children this is Where it's that it's that window of I Know understand the proof the proof is When they're coming in they're wearing Buying shirts Biden shirts and being Told we're voting for them because They're telling us to then Biden just Got they admitted then they'll be easy To catch yeah well hold on though yeah Those four but think about this and then Biden they admitted last week he flew in Secretly 320,000 illegals across the country Which to me that's that's treason BR but It's brilliant from the perspective of Spread the votes not just in States you Already have control over you got to Spread them you don't age and think About this I can't as you nailed it and Then if you say anything against them It's you're racist these mind you and Nancy Pelosi was crying she was also Pissed off on MSNBC or it might have Been yeah MSNBC at the end she goes you Know what really pissed me off about can You that clip uh yeah Rob if you can Until Rob um she she was phenomenal Name By the way cried because Biden touched Her heart but then she was Furious

Because he called them illegals she said These are migrants and their newcomers It's obvious they're going to be voting Let's let's watch this go ahead Rob Magic Rob now you should have said Undocumented but I that's not a big Thing okay what's the big thing about a Big thing to Vin I actually wasn't even Going to ask about that I was just going To ask more about the moment but you do Think that he should have said Undocumented that wasn't going to be my Question well usually say all in Documented he said and and let let's Just be honest because they are and we All know this they love power so much They they don't want to lose it they're Willing look at all the fent all 120,000 Dead Americans each year all right more Than any war that we've combined all These wars children sex trafficking all These votes it's such an open just it's A supply chain and Chris you nailed it Is it cheating or is it that these are The rules they don't have no voter ID in All these places the left is just Playing the better game is that what That's what we talked about I definitely I definitely think there's a game uh I Definitely think uh that language and Blaming people for being bad if they Don't agree is part of the game and Really really effective it gets used

Against me on a regular basis um I Literally have a monitor of every day Whether or not I'm seen as Anti-semitic because I had somebody on Who's worried about Gaza or whether I am Pro Hamas and a terrorist because I'm Talking about you know what's happening I get it this all works very very well Okay um Pelosi can make whatever Point She wants about vocabulary I don't have Any problem not seeing everyone who Enters the country illegally the same Way I I don't have a problem with that I Do have a problem with the fact that It's not just some brown Menace uh that Everybody's being told to be afraid of You got Russians you got Chinese you got A lot of people coming from different Countries now in illegally this is the In their best this is the main this is The main well or or maybe or maybe they Are it took 19 people to bring us to our Knees for months in 2001 it doesn't take A lot of people who are motivated to Madness to make a difference but I'll Tell you something the truth is enough Okay there is no hidden program the CBP App was wide open and you were told About it and you were told this was Going to happen all right and it was Allowed to go through They don't fly people in they allow them To fly themselves in now is that a Difference yeah because it's a little

Bit of a rhetorical difference it's not Biden paying for the people to come in But you are going to pay for the Hundreds of thousands of people who are In here now that weren't really verified Because the system is broken this is the Most important domestic issue of this Election Immigration encompasses the economy National Security and the number one one Killer in our country which is the most What you were saying when uh in 2016 When Trump people were saying Build That Wall build that wallall were you saying It was the most important issue or Absolutely and I was saying that the Wall we are not a wall away from being Safe why because if you go down to the Border or you just pick up your phone Because all of us have access to the Smartphone and talk to people who do the Job at the border the first thing they Ask you for is not physical barriers why Because there's a lot of their problem That doesn't have to do with physical Barriers it has to do with rules and the Number thing that number one thing They've been asking me for 18 years to Change are the Asylum laws because there Is no right to economic Asylum and that The reason less than 10% have successful Asylum claims is because they are Economic based and they've been begging For rule changes and they've been

Begging for resources to adjudicate That's what they ask for most and that's What was in this Senate bill was it Imperfect yes uh should we be able to do Better yes should we be able to do Comprehensive no way stop asking for Comprehensive border reform it will Never happen Chris out of these let's Say in these four years s of C Adam Let's say once this Administration is Done the four years and let's just guess Because the numbers are not going to be Accurate 20 million are coming illegally And we didn't make up the word it's in The law it's illegal I don't have any Problem with your language yourself I Love you thank you um out of that 20 Million illegal that were come on in Come on how many you think are going to Actually vote for the Democratic party I Have no idea I have no idea but I do Know this idea there's NOA to say a Third a lot of I have no idea but what I'm saying is if people come in and they Vote illegally you should be able to Catch them but what but some of the the Law the state laws don't show ID if you Don't need ID in all the states that he Said already the cheating that's what I'm saying the window is so open you Can't tell but it's obvious what's Happening you know you know what Chris Chris what are you doing man what are You what are you doing you you know I

Just I I can't accept you're not an Unintelligent person okay that's a high It is it is you are not so I I I need to Just prod this further because I know You're not unintelligent okay thank you I know that you backhanded but I'll take It no I'm serious not unintelligent is Different than intelligent go ahead no I'm I'm being serious cuz to to take This position That you don't think we should have ID While acknowledging the influx of people At the border and pretending that you There's some study that shows that There's not actually fraud while also While also acknowledging that you have No idea because you can't give them ID You can't give them ID how how can you If you're saying you can just go in and You can vote right and you're saying we Know there was no fraud it defies common Sense right so what are you defending When you say something like I do not Believe that Americans should have to Have ID what are you actually Defending and protecting ID to vote um I One do not believe that you're Government remedy away from the problem Two I respect the data and they keep Looking at this keep trying to find that People are voting illegally who who Specifically what what what study who Did the stud the Heritage Foundation the KO Institute places on the right places

On the left the government I mean look You can say oh they're all bought off by Big Pharma or whatever I'm just saying They study this all the time trying to Catch illegal voting catch it and if you Catch it then make the case look you you Lock me into a yes no I say no because I'm not a fan of it as a remedy I I Think they policy arguments against I Don't want it as a remedy I want it as Just a full stop rule that you should Have to have an idea to vote I'm not Trying to fix it that it can't it's Necessarily going to be broken if we do Not have a system in which where is the Proof that there's all this illegal Voting if you if you if you have to mail In your vote for don't show any idea or Any proof that's look they catch can't Catch when you go and vote right you go There they open the book in front of you Right they say where do you live you Have this little card that they've sent You right they see your address they say If if you if they see that you're me They say who you voting for Chris which Is really great um and then they Mark You off in the book all right so it's Not that you just come in and you do it And you go do I think that's the best System of course not would it be better If you know who everybody is yeah of Course from a Safety and Security Standpoint fine well then why are you

Against it because two things three Things really one I'm not a big fan of More government involvement in the lives Of people two I don't know the proof I Well I'm just look look government you Don't have to it is the government it Absolutely it's not more government Because you already have an ID to do Everything else but these people don't Have IDs and that's if you said you have To get a like go out and get a special Different from your driver's license ID That would be asking for more govern are You trolling right now I think he's Trolling me are you honestly if you are If you're doing this like are you Trolling or are you being straight up Right now this do I want you guys to Play with your position a little bit yes Uh because I think that you just assume Things that can get you into trouble you Are assuming that our system is broken And our elections don't work that's what You're saying that's you're saying that The voting uh numbers are wrong and that It is Rife with fraud right and I'm Saying none of you can prove That you just hung on it you can insult Me although if you assign a little Waiver that you won't Sue and you do it To my face there'll be a different Outcome what I'm saying is what I'm Saying is look I don't believe the System is broken and it's Rife with

Fraud and I will tell you something I've Been watching what's been happening very Very closely after the last election and I have to tell you it was upset setting How quiet so many people were who say They're concerned about the elections That when truth the vote came forward With their Council under penalty of Losing their licenses in court and they Said we have no proof of any of the Things that we have asserted in open Court and nobody said anything they just Let it go why didn't that bother you When everybody gets a mail and ballot And you have video evidence of people Dumping multiple ballot why TR the vot Say we have no no no no stop telling me Not to believe my own eyes it's an Insult it's it is an insult listen Listen I don't I don't care what TR the Vote said it is an insult to the American people always to tell them not To believe their own eyes okay we saw The video evidence of people going with Multiple bags and inserting slowly just Inserting more and more ballots that are In there that's what happens when you Mail out a ballot automatically which is What something they want to do in Perpetuity in California I think they've Already passed the law perpetuity Everyone who even if you don't ask for You're just going to get a mail in Ballot that that allows people to then

Harbor those ballots and then to dump Them off you can have one person doing All the votes okay and to vote multiple Times you have no idea if that Individual ever received their ballot First and foremost or who is filling out That ballot on behalf of them and when You see people on video that are Actually doing these things and then you Say we have no proof you are you are Doing the thing that the mainstream Media always does which is the reason That the people are now disillusioned Right they they have no interest in the Mainstream me anymore because they know That you use this terminology we have no Proof we have no proof we have no proof That it causes myocarditis we have no Proof that it's impacting we have no Proof that masks don't work okay you you Just have to stop doing it Chris Honestly you I don't see how any of Those things go together it's the Argument not to believe the argument not To believe your own eyes constantly Believe all your own eyes but the people Who gave you the video went into court Could not prove it wound up showing that The videos don't don't mean what they Were saying they meant in open court Where they had the chance the person who Dropped that video that was coming out Of just as one example Fon County uh her Name she goes by Jackie da I believe is

What she goes by at down in Texas and She is now suing them for the smears and The lies that they said about her Because it was completely false the Video that she showed was 100% true and She is suing a ton of networks as cuz She's suing doesn't mean she's right Well if she was wrong they would have Arrested her no they wouldn't NE Necessarily have arrested her for saying That she thought she saw something and There is litigation going on once we get Past the drama of who gets to be the can I help you out no oh no I'm I'm enjoying This it's just so dishonest I'm going to Try to help you because I'm actually With my guy Vinnie on this and I'm with The audience and I'll tell you what and I'm actually gonna um cuz you're scared Of the mob you think I'm scared nobody Gets more hate comments than this guy Right here and I and I love it they're Messaging right I want all of it here's the deal okay Prin you said you said very po yeah I I Try to tell my kids how to feel good Luck with it and then I try to tell my Wife and you know what you're trying to AR argue policy-wise everyone here is Looking at what's going in the border And they're just like no I agree no you Should be I'm not buying this crap you Should be people are coming in they Don't have IDs we were told in 2020 that

You know if you require ID it's racist I Own a bar in South Beach okay come on Down guys uh you got to be 21 you have To have an ID if you want to fly you Need an ID this whole ID is racist is BS So these people feel this way because They're seeing what's going on the the Old Candace don't believe My Lying Eyes Over here whatever the argument is They're just like nah not buying it but I have a question for Candace yes or no I always yes now yeah my my wallet got Stolen recently literally And I currently don't have an ID Literally can I vote you're going to Have to figure out how to you have a Passport you got to figure that out you Know I do have a passport yes yeah if if It happens to Happ you said that Trump Voters are not a monolith every there's Individuals so and if you go to those States the 12 States or whatever that Don't require ID they're all blue States So what they're just going to be blue For the majority also states that have High population what would happen if Someone literally loses their ID a few Days before the election I am telling You right now asking a question this is Not helpful by the way if your goal was To help me this is why I said No the way thank you for your support Laws wait what's Candace C Candace go to Answer your question right you have to

Make laws that work to make sure that it Satisfies the majority we we do we make Rules not exceptions right if if we were A country based on exception there would There would be no rules right if this is Like when people are saying well what About in the circumstance if this Happens then you slip and then you fall And then this law exists then you know It's not really my fault it's like okay I get that there can be extenuating Circumstances right as a rule you have To have ID to vote so if you're the Person that on Election Day you lost Your ID you can't find your passport It's snowing you know 30 in of snow are On the ground you and your wife got into Fight I'm really sorry to hear that Right I really am that's life you're Going to have to wait for next election And may maybe that'll inspire you to get A passport and have back up just to be Clear I said that IDs should be Mandatory so That you should go to sleep before Midnight and not stay out as long as you Do and not know where you are on any Given night PD it happened at dinner at 700 p.m. the early bird special in for Sure I believe you 100 why does voting Have to be one Day it should be a national holiday I do Agree with Chris I mean at a minimum and Then you ask the question well why isn't

It cuz we have lots of national holidays Um that maybe you don't have to have um And I think it's because we're not a Culture uh politically that encourages People to participate Chris you lost me At no ID to vote I know I did I know I Did that's why I'm not in the position Business but but but no no but what I'm Saying is like from the perspective of Every decision I need to make we need an ID TSA everything and you're saying the Most important decision to be a President and sit across a guy like Putin that you don't need an ID for that And the audience get to make a decision For themselves hold on a second your Argument is you need an ID to be President of the United States to sit Across from to vote and decide who gets To be that there's a reason that the States that don't require to have the Highest percentages of minority voters Uh and minority citizens strategy on the Left because they're mailing them Ballots the minorities aren't feeling Straty on the left I don't have a Problem I don't have a problem with mail And ballots I don't have a problem with More access uh I don't I don't I think That you have better I love the idea of That company that you had I'd have no Problem with that about recognition Software that the difference between That or ID that's even more of an ID

That that is an ID well no no if if it Was something where you just e Automatically had access cuz you had the Phone that's great but if people don't Have IDs and you're asking them to go Get it there is an argument to be made That they do yelling for and what you Went to schools I have IDs from both Those places you do need them because It's what we do so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right Here

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