The #1 Key To Success

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So we know the whole thing about what's The key to success and and people say uh Marry the right person Faith hard work Money luck you know who you marry all This stuff right for me I believe Taquita's success is learning how to Process issues you don't know how to Process issues and you know your next 15 Moves you're going to be okay most People screwed up because they try to Make move number 14 on move number two It's a mistake you're gonna screw the Whole thing up right so it's knowing Your moves it's like they say the whole Thing about and you know uh chess Players and amateur knows their next Three moves one or three moves the Pronos four to five the master knows six To ten but the Grand Master knows 11 and 15 next move they're gonna make right so So so that that's the one part that you You got to be thinking about [Music] Thank you

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