The 3 Things That Drive People

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He says there's three things that drive People and you gotta make a list and Figure this out he says make a list of What you love what bothers you what you Hate so you make a list of those three Things what you love and you'll say I Love my wife I love my mom I love real estate I love this I love That what bothers you what bothers me is When people are late what bothers me is When people what do you hate oh I hate Bullies I hate manipulators like that's true Right and then there's a quote that says Whatever you don't hate you'll learn to Tolerate right whatever you don't hate You learn to tolerate most people just Don't like their jobs they don't hate it So they'll tolerate it yeah most people Don't hate their financial situation They just don't like it if you don't Like it you'll tolerate it if you don't If you hate it you ain't gonna tolerate It you're gonna do you're gonna do Something about

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