The 6 Weeks That Destroy All The Momentum of Your Year

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In today’s video, Patrick Bet-David talks about winning during the holidays.

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This video is only for those of you that Love competition you want to make a name For yourself you want to compete in a Marketplace maybe even you want to be a Dominator you want to be somebody that People are saying this guy is kicking Some major ass in the industry he or she Is a part of let me talk to you if you Get value out of this video give it a Thumbs up and subscribe to the channel You know my favorite season of the year Is November whatever it is a day before Thanksgiving to the first week of January here's why that season produces More people getting casual that become Casualties than any other season Including summer a night a day before Thanksgiving till about second week of January people are Thanksgiving mode They're coming in later they're going Home earlier they're kicking back They're relaxing they're calling in sick On Fridays and Mondays and all this I've Been around the block and I've watched And I saw so many of the people that Were way ahead of me when I was a brand Spanking new salesperson when I was a Small agency running my insurance office When I was running a company I watched Everybody I'm gonna say wow that guy Kicked my ass for 10 and a half months But he takes these six weeks off and It's so interesting why he does that so What happens during that season that is

Your season to catch up you recreate Yourself you realize what new skill sets You want to learn what new topics you Want to study what new habits you want To pick up you go buy the courses you go Buy the books you go take the seminars You go do certain zooms everybody who is Competing at the highest level they do Certain things others aren't willing to Do you may watch this video right now And you don't even like this video Because you're like well Pat why are you Saying this to me it's Christmas I'm Supposed to take the time off I'm Supposed to be kicking back don't you Take Christmas off don't you take Thanksgiving don't you do any of this Stuff yes I do but I have a different Mindset around it I was being Interviewed by another uh podcaster YouTuber and he's here interviewing me Up so Sean Cannell he says Patrick you Agreed to do the podcast with me today I'm interviewing you I flew out to Florida interview but today is your Birthday I said yeah he says why are you At the office I said what's the big deal It's your birthday it's another day for Me what do you mean let me explain it to You if the government tells me what days To take off that means the government's My boss the government doesn't dictate What days I take off I decide what days I take off because I'm a leader I don't

Need you to tell me it's Memorial Weekend take Monday off I don't need you To tell me it's Labor Day but I don't Need you to tell me it's Thanksgiving I Don't need you to tell me any of that Stuff you know where I was Thanksgiving The day after Thanksgiving Friday I was Here all day and I have my kids here With me you know where I was at Saturday I brought him in here my kids are Watching daddy working they're like wow Daddy it's normal to them and we're Spending time together if one of them Had to write a phrase 75 times and the Other one had to write another phrase 75 Times one of them had to write both of The phrases 75 times we're working on Ourselves we're doing a bunch of Different things but this is your season And by the way those of you who were Already planning on checking out guess What you're about to get passed up and You know who you are because you Probably stopped watching a video but Those of you guys that are still glued To the screen and you're like hell yeah You're talking to me phenomenal let's go Compete because the stars who are all of A sudden identified in 2023 are the People who behind closed doors during This season are improving themselves and If that's you 2023 is probably going to Be the beginning of the greatest years Of your life if you got value out of

This message give it a thumbs up Subscribe to the channel and if you want To find out how to reach your full Potential video I did about three or Four years ago you've never seen it Before click here to watch that video Take care everybody bye

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