The America Dream Has Been Under Attack Since Day One

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What do you say to people who feel that The American dream is dying who feel That it's under attack whether it's from A business angle whether it's from a Freedom angle whether it's from what's Happening to kids around the country Some feel that there's a system in place Call it a system a matrix that's out to Get the little guy and they feel like The American dream has been compromised Maybe Beyond repair what's your response To that I think you're always going to Be a a under attack I think American Dream has been under attack since day One because anytime you're a threat to Anybody you're gonna constantly have Attack meaning uh Walmart's always going To be attacked by Amazon Amazon's always Going to be attacked by Walmart uh you Know Starbucks has to be worried about Coffee bean coffee beans got to be Worried about Starbucks the best Athletes have to be worried about Rookies coming and wanting to take their Throne you know Dethrone them Tom Brady Is having a hard time stepping away from The game I don't think he wants to give It up to the next person so he's a Threat until somebody takes them

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