The Best Leadership Advice – From A Top CEO 🚀 #shorts

If you want to become a strong founder you need to become the best version of yourself – people will want to work with you because you inspire them.

A company the definition of the word is A collection of people the best people In the world should be working with you That is the most important thing the Most important thing and so you just Need to be very persuasive to get people To buy into your vision and by and large People will not join you because they Believe in your vision they'll join you Because they believe in you and so my Number one piece of advice if you want To be a strong founder make yourself the Best person version of yourself right Read more books than everybody else work Harder than everybody else you know work Out philosophize solve out your issues Talk to a therapist figure out people Will want to work with you because you Inspire them um and that's part of what It takes to be a good Leader

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