The Best Way To Overcome Heartbreak 😞 #shorts

Sitting with your sadness after a heartbreak doesn’t have to be a negative experience.

If I were to have heartbreak or sorrow Now I like the idea of sitting with it I I I had friends in school and college Who would like have like sad songs Playlists on Spotify and I'd be like What you have a sad song playlist like I Mean yeah the music's good like chasing Cars is a good song but like and they'll Be like yeah you know sometimes I'm Feeling sad and I just like play the sad Songs and I'm like that's so doesn't Make sense cuz now you're just wallowing In the sadness and they're like yeah and I'm like what is wrong with you but I Now kind of like the idea of like if I If I feel sad it would be nice to Actually experience that and like wallow In the sadness in in air quotes what What what if it's not what would be Another word besides wallow indulge or Revel or experience or surf or enjoy I Like saber Savor oh that's nice Savor The Sadness

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