The Best Way To Think About Goals

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When I heard about goals in the past It's like here is your Target and it was Always disappointing and confusing and The reason why is when you set a goal You're setting it at the furthest Distance away from that reality from day One is the first distance you'll ever be Away from that goal so it means you Don't know anything about that reality And every day as you get closer to that Goal it becomes clearer and it becomes More real and oftentimes you change your Mind you're like oh wait this is not What I actually want or you learn Something new it's actually over here so I think that rather it being the Final Destination it's like a lighthouse you Never go to the lighthouse right the Lighthouse stands at a place that's Actually really hazardous it's there to Make sure the chips don't go there but Ships can also use it to navigate you're Setting some destination for you to Learn and if you think about it as a Lighthouse then going off course or you Know changing course if you will is part Of it

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