The Day I Became A NEW MAN – Emotional Story by Patrick Bet-David

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And I went to UCLA Medical Center and They were treating my dad like a regular Person and the guy said look what do you Want to do you don't have money if you Had money you'd have a private health Care but because you don't have money This is government wow he has to wait And I said you guys got to take care of My dad better cops came they escorted me Out I couldn't go back to visit my Hospital visit the hospital how old are You at this time 23 years old and I'm in The parking lot Um if you ever seen a video life of an Entrepreneur where my hands are there And I'm putting my head on the steering Wheel that's not acting that's exactly The scene when I cried like a little Baby for 30 minutes in the car next Morning I woke up you wouldn't recognize Me the next morning my eyes changed uh Determined you know to me my you know I Was telling myself my dad's going to Meet my kids there's no way no I had a Fear that what if my dad dies and my Kids never meet him because I never met His dad and I always wanted to meet his Dad so it was a certain level of urgency I never experienced before

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