The Day I Became an Entrepreneur

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When I was 11 years old in Germany I'm At this refugee camp and this this one Family comes in the Czechoslovakian Family last name is shaf The the son's name is Jan the daughter's Name is Katarina Katarina was dropped at Gorgeous she was 10 hours 11. I knew That sometimes she's 10 out of 11. and I'm looking at this girl I'm like I like This scroll so I find out Jan likes the Super Nintendo okay so I said okay I'm Not a big fan of Super Nintendo but I'm A fan of your sister so we got to figure Something out so that summer I went to The local swimming pool in Germany in Ireland again and you know Germany they Drink a lot of beer I said look you know There's a lot of beer bottles here if I Collect these beer bottles for you and I Bring it to you what are you gonna give Me he says I'll give you five fenik so The owner and I broke the brokered the Deal at 11 years old I calculated how Many bottles I needed which was five Thousand I brought the bottles to him he Gave me 250 marks I went to cow five I Bought the Super Nintendo I brought it Back to the refugee camp Jan played Super Nintendo I played with his sister

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