The Day Sammy the Bull Quit the Mafia

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At one point it was 14 15 people on a Piece of Pep I ripped it up and flushed It down the ball so I'm done I'm not I'm Not killing I'm not doing it why no why I quit what do you mean why I quit Here's my best friend my boss I did so Many things for this guy all them trials He I rigged the trials I threatened People I [ __ ] bribed people and this Is all fact and he turns on me you love Your wife she's extremely loyal to you When every possible way imaginable Supposedly she turns on you like a beast Tomorrow how would you feel this is how I felt I was betrayed by somebody who's A brother a father somebody that you Gave your whole life to betrayed you That's a [ __ ] guy who just pointed You out of a mug book or a copper no This is the the closest person to you Foreign [Music]

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