The Demise of the Left: from Liberalism to Marxism | Naomi Wolf | EP 351

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Naomi Wolf discuss her original ambitions, the derailment of her scholarly career at the hands of misogyny, her rise to the forefront of third wave feminism as a best-selling author, and how the mainstream turned on her once she wrote on a topic the Left had blacklisted: COVID-19.

Naomi Wolf is an American author and journalist. Her first book, “The Beauty Myth,” would challenge notions of attraction, arguing they are societally fabricated. This publication became an international bestseller and cemented Wolf as one of the leading spokeswomen for the third wave feminist movement. She has published many books since then, such as “The End of America, and Vagina: A New Biography.” In recent years, she has come under fire for being an “anti-vaxer” and a “conspiracy theorist,” which led Wolf to write her most recent book, “The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human.”

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(0:00) Coming up
(1:24) Intro
(2:48) Why Dr. Wolf agreed to speak with Dr. Peterson
(5:00) The proclivity to cancel
(7:32) Dr. Wolf’s upbringing
(9:19) Yale, party culture and rampant sexism
(12:48) Institutional tolerance
(14:53) Harold Bloom, sexual assault and the grip of authority
(18:35) The moment versus hindsight, experiential planes
(22:18) Subsequent trauma, knocked off course for twenty years
(28:05) The importance of literary criticism
(32:10) Oxford, becoming a road scholar
(38:00) The representation of women in literature
(44:36) Syphilis, terror and social impact
(48:28) Authoritarianism, Nazis, and infectious disease
(58:12) Shifting allegiance
(1:04:00) Imagery and the rate of change
(1:05:46) The rise of conservative humor, and what it means
(1:10:24) David Buss, evolutionary psychology
(1:12:50) Symmetric faces, evolution toward juvenile forms
(1:14:30) Projected attractiveness markers, conceptual flaws
(1:18:00) Female slanted hypergamy, differential burden
(1:21:10) Where Dr. Wolf disagrees, the value of men has decreased
(1:27:24) The attraction of maturity across gender
(1:32:30) The beneficial adversary
(1:40:35) Comedians, laughter exists on the edge of offense
(1:42:48) Productive derailment

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