The Devastating Fallout of Bankrupting Nations for Power: Welcome to the Sh*t Show

Welcome to a world where bankruptcy has become a strategic tool in the pursuit of power. In recent years, we have witnessed a significant rise in the manipulation of national economies, leading to catastrophic consequences for nations and their citizens. This blog post delves into the devastating fallout of bankrupting nations for power, shining a light on the intricate web of political maneuverings, economic implications, and human suffering that ensues. Brace yourself for a deep dive into the real-life sh*t show that unfolds when nations are pushed to the brink.

The Devastating Fallout of Bankrupting Nations for Power: Welcome to the Sh*t Show


In a world filled with political and economic dominance, the consequences of bankrupting nations for power are often swept under the rug. However, the damaging effects of this strategy cannot be ignored. Through a discussion between prominent figures such as Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Vincent Oshana, and Bassem Youssef, the true extent of the destruction caused by bankrupting countries for control is exposed. In this article, we will delve into the dark side of power plays and explore the fallout that ensues.

The Sh*t Show Unveiled

  1. Bankrupting Nations for Control: A Dangerous Game

    • The model described in John Perkins’ book “The Economic Hitman” reveals a chilling reality where countries are manipulated through infrastructure investments and forced into crippling debt.
    • Contradictions in politics and mainstream media often prevent the real story from being exposed.
  2. The Devastating Consequences

    • Economic collapse: Bankrupting nations results in a massive downturn in their economy, leaving citizens impoverished and without basic necessities.
    • Political instability: The power vacuum created by bankruptcy opens the door to corruption, civil unrest, and the rise of extremist ideologies.
    • Loss of sovereignty: Countries that fall victim to this strategy often find themselves under the thumb of more powerful nations, losing control over their own decision-making processes.
  3. Shedding Light on Injustice: Israel’s Actions in the West Bank

    • The ongoing conflict in the West Bank highlights the devastating consequences of bankrupting nations for power.
    • Israel’s actions, including land grabs and human rights violations, have caused immense suffering and loss of life.

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The devastating fallout caused by bankrupting nations for power cannot be underestimated. From economic collapse to political instability, the consequences affect countless lives. As individuals, we must be aware of the manipulative tactics employed for control and strive for a world where power is wielded responsibly and ethically.


  1. What is the “Economic Hitman” model described in John Perkins’ book?
    The “Economic Hitman” model reveals a blueprint where countries are controlled through infrastructure investments and subsequent bankruptcies, leading to the loss of their sovereignty.

  2. How does mainstream media contribute to contradictions in politics?
    Mainstream media often has its own agenda, which may prevent the real story from being revealed. Biased reporting can create confusion and distort the truth, exacerbating contradictions in politics.

  3. What are some of the consequences of bankrupting nations for power?
    The consequences include economic collapse, political instability, and loss of sovereignty for the affected countries.

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