The Difference Between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

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The difference between Jobs and Bill Gates jobs understood his own brand Mattered as much as the company's brand People didn't really see Bill Gates as a Brand people did see Steve Jobs as a Brand and today you know you're seeing The difference between Basils and musk Bezos at one point was worth more but People don't know Bezos they don't even Like Bezos why don't they like Bezos Because no one knows nothing about the Guy why do people like Elon Musk he's Louder than basil shouldn't they not Like Elon Musk well then Elon Musk Trained Bezos to realize hey Bezos you Got to get a little bit more vocal you Got to start paying attention to your Brand so what does Bezos do Bezos starts Showing what he's doing traveling having Fun he posts a picture with his muscles Saying hey come on Leo say something to My girl then he calls out Joe Biden Because Elon Musk is so vocal about what He's saying now people are saying hey His engagement's gone up people are Liking Bezos there's a little bit of This guy's got guts he's got audacity

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