The Disturbing Truth About Recycling

Have you ever wondered what really happens to your recyclables? In this video, Patrick Bet-David explains the disturbing truth about recycling and the impact it has on our environment in this eye-opening video. From contaminated materials to improper disposal, learn why recycling may not be as effective as we think.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

We're going to go down to Rabbit Hole of Plastic recycling today and it's Absolutely crazy did you know paper you And I we recycle 66% of all the paper we Use every year but you know what Percentage of plastic we recycle every Year 5 to 6% did you know roughly Worldwide we generate 400 million tons Of plastic every year of which 42 Million of it is in us and we you and I Back in 1980 we used to waste plastic 60 Lbs per year you know what we're doing Today over 220 billion per And we've known about this problem that Nobody is recycling because of a study That was done by vinyl Institute they Came up with a conclusion in 1986 that Recycling merely postpones disposal Without offering a permanent solution Bunch of other numbers I want to share With you which is kind of wild we're Going to talk about that today okay so If you value out of this video give it a Thumbs up and subscribe to the channel Let's get right into it did you know Plastic became available the first Product in 1907 but mass production Didn't start till 1952 matter of fact if You look at this chart here this is how Much plastic production was taking place Annually worldwide look at 1950 nothing Look at 1976 Bingo 89 double again 2002 Double again and then look it from 2002 Till today to where we are today's

Absolutely wild 400 million tons of Plastic every year by the way just 70 Years ago it was nothing meaning this is Not yet a problem that we all know a lot About the right people know it's a big Problem but they're not talking about it Very similar to the oil and the tobacco Industry for example the tobacco Industry many many years ago they knew This was a problem they knew tobacco was A problem they knew about this early on In the 50s when documents reveal that Tobacco companies had internal research Showing the link between smoking and Lung cancer but didn't tell you about us They marketed kids they marketed women And minorities despite knowing the Health risks which eventually led to a 1998 major tobacco companies reached a Historic with 46 US states agreeing to Pay billions of dollars in compensation And fund anti-smoking campaigns it was So bad that in 2005 they made a movie Called Thank You for Smoking and Aaron Eart was in it the whole thing was about How a lobbyist played a big role in Making sure you and I thought it was Cool to be smoking doctors smoke Cigarettes and they're so cool we got to Go do it as well by the way oil Companies went through the same thing as Well let me give you some stuff on what Happened with oil companies companies Like Exile mobile revealed in the 70s

That there's a link between what fossil Fuel emissions do with the climate but They didn't want you and I know about it Right and by the way many of these guys Paid big money in fines BP paid $29 Billion on fines I think Exon paid $1.5 Billion on fines 388 different Settlements there's a list of things I Can talk to you about and according to The International Energy agency the Burning of fossil fuel accounted for Around 73% of global greenhouse gas Emissions in 2020 but guess who they Also hired a lot of lobbyist why cuz There's a lot of money in oil which is Fine they're being capitalist but now When it comes down to our risk our Health right and by the way this is oil And tobacco right let's go back to the Plastic recycling watch this remember When I said to you 400 million tons of Plastic uh waste this every year do you Know what percent of it ends up in Landfills in our natural environment Ready 60% of it that's 240 billion but Let me continue let me continue in Comparison us remember how we said 42 Million tons metric tons of plastic Every year highest in the world in Comparison the US produces almost twice As much as China and more than all of The countries in EU combined this next One's pretty crazy more than 8 million Tons of plastic enters the ocean every

Year it is estimated that roughly 40% of Ocean surface is covered in plastic Debris and if our plastic consumption Behavior continues scientists warned That there will be more plastic than Fish in the ocean as soon as 2030 this May be a little bit of fear porn by the Scientists but do you believe the fact That there's a lot of plastic and trash In the ocean how often do you go to the Beach you're like what the hell is this All about or you're going with the boat You're like why is it so dirty over here I believe that 100,000 animals die from Plastic in tangle and every year let me Give you a couple more here humans Ingest 5 G of plastic every week you Know what that is that's one credit card Every week every week you and I eat one Credit card which by the way in 10 years Time we would have eaten 5 lb of plastic And 44 lb worth of plastic over the Course of our lifetime we eat a lot of Plastic folks covid-19 added another 26,000 tons of plastic pollution in the Ocean the whole mask and everything that We had going on that's a whole different Story that we're talking about and by The way the list is long so a lot of Companies want to be able to say well we We do recycling we do all the stuff even Starbucks check this out not one of These plastic food service items Including the polypropylene cupets that

Starbucks touts as recyclable has ever Met the FTC green guide legal definition Of recyclability as if you're not Already overload on all this data I'll Give you another one do you know how Long it takes for plastic to decompose Ready someone retain 20 to 500 years That's a long time this is kind of Complicated because there's an element Of you know where you're going to need To private and the public sector to Solve the problem and on the public side The government you and I are going to be Paying for private sector is a lot of These companies have to figure out a way To come up with better stories for you To say I want to buy from this company Because it's doing XYZ so let me kind of Unpack how I'm viewing this EU comes out And says by 2025 all beverage bottle Made of P plastic must contain at least 25% of recycled content okay fine we're Going that direction that's a good Progress that they're making however in A consumer economy like America fast Fashion why are we buying so many more Clothes than we did before we're Throwing away 81 A2 pounds of clothes Every year not buying throwing away 81 A2 pounds what are we doing with all This stuff why is our closet so full of Stuff that we're never going to be using It is an element where this has to be Education from top down because remember

This is just a 70E problem not even 70 Even when plastic came out in 50s we Were not making that many of them even In 70s we were making a lot of them it's In the 80s then 2000 when this just took Off so even if we look at this chart 2002 till today is when it skyrocketed Which is what only only 22 years what Does it tell you it doesn't take 22 Years to be a crisis but go 40 years 60 Years 80 years you and I may not even See the price of this okay I don't know How old you are I'm 45 but our kids will And our grandkids will so should we kind Of like delay the problem let it go I Don't think so I think we need to kind Of partner a private and public sector To work together maybe create certain Incentives for companies who choose to Do it in the proper way and let's Recognize them and others you don't Recognize them and also incentivize some Entrepreneurs to choose ways that they Can help clear these landfills and work With the public sector to say hey here's My offer this is what I can do and help You clean it up hey government what are You willing to do for it and maybe those Two team up together to make something Happen here because I don't think this Is a small problem 400 million tons a Year we're not talking about a decade What we've done the last 20 years that's Per year and us is 42 of it so lots of

Thoughts here on how to fix them we got A bunch of ideas here I'd be curious to Hear your thoughts if you have any ideas Or thoughts comment below okay so if you Got value out of this video give it a Thumbs up and subscribe to the channel And if you enjoy this video there's Another video I did on Fast fashion if You've never seen it click here to watch It take care everybody bye-bye Bye-bye

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