The Fastest Way To 10x Your Happiness #shorts

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Would you get 50 of your income each Year to charity well mccaskill is one of The founders of the effective altruism Movement who does exactly that and Apparently it's 10xed his personal Happiness money does by happiness my Best guess is that just at least until You're at a very high level that Actually keeps going up every doubling Of your income results in the same Increase in happiness so you go from one Thousand dollars a year to two thousand That's the same as going from a hundred Thousand to two hundred thousand yeah in Terms of your increase in happiness Giving is a good is like enjoyable Itself yeah so if I think about what's Been the impact on my well-being from Donating most of my income well I have a Much more meaningful life and now part Of this like wide community of people Who I just love and admire and source of Joy in my life it means that like when I'm feeling down and like not liking Myself very much and like well at least I'm doing something like you know I'm Really helping other people and there's Just this literature as well on Volunteering on giving gives this kind Of warm glow and sometimes people give Only for the warm glow but you get it Even if you're aiming just to help Others as much as you can

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