The Fatherless Crisis In America

America has the highest rate of children living in single-parent households. Homelessness, suicide, and people with behavioral disorders are all linked to fatherless homes. In today’s video, Patrick Bet-David talks about the fatherless crisis in America and the consequences in society.

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I have some disturbing stats I want to Share with you about fatherless homes And by the way some of the stats you Know I've seen this profile say I'm Going to tell you when you read some of These stats you're going to sit there And say that is insane by the way these Stats are from 2021 of the impact a Father makes in a child upbringing both A girl and a boy like I said disturbing But you will be Shell Shocked with the Stats if you get value from the video Give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the Channel let me get right into it the US Has the highest rate of children living In a single parent household of any Nation in the world about 80 percent of Single parent homes are led by single Mothers at a rate of 23 percent of Children living with one parent and no Other adult the United States stands Over three times the world average of Seven percent of children raised by one Parent for reference the number stands At three percent in China four percent In India this is not an area area we Want to be competing with other Countries by the way if there is a Statistic to not be competing again this Is one of the statistics China's at Three India is at four the world's at Seven we're at 23 in America zero Bragging rights this is the stat Everybody wants to hide and this is the

Stats where the side effects of this we Ain't gonna see for two decades or three Decades or longer takes a while to see The side effects let me continue even For children with a father present in The home the average school age boy only Spends about 30 minutes per week with One-on-one conversations with his father For comparison the same boy on average Will spend about 44 hours a week Watching television playing video games And surfing the internet in our house There is no video games throughout the Week it's on the weekends after you read 150 Pages throughout the week then you Have the right to play video games for An hour or two on the weekend and that's What you have to earn you have to move Your body you have to exercise there's Certain things you need to do to get to That point that's our household but the Stat tells you 44 hours a week of Watching TV playing video games and Surfing the internet let me continue 90 Percent Of all homeless and runaway children 63 of Team suicides 85 percent of Children and teens with behavior Disorders come from fatherless homes let Me read that statue one more time 90 of Our homeless And runaway children 63 percent of all Teen suicide 85 percent of children and Team with behavioral disorder come from

Fatherless homes that is a very very big Number next fatherlessness likewise has A direct link to teen pregnancy and Sexual activity roughly 70 percent of Teenage pregnancies come from women Raised in a fatherless home 70 percent Of teenage pregnancies Comes from fatherless homes 70 percent That's a big number and these same women Have significantly higher abortion rates Than women raised by both a father and a Mother on the whole Fatherless kids are 20 times more likely To be incarcerated and 11 times more Likely to exhibit violent Behavior than Children from two-parent household 20 Times more okay 20 times more if a man And a wife raise a child they're less Likely to end up in jail but they have The same chances as children raised by Just their father you may already be Blown away by the stats before so maybe Come back and let me read this to you Embrace for impact if you missed it let Me read it one more time listen Just stay with me don't get distracted Stay with me listen If a man and a wife raise a child They're less likely to end up in jail But they have the same chance as Children raised by just their fathers The husband and wife raise their kid the Chance of this kid going to jail is the Same as just the father raising his kids

The problem is the single mother without A father in the picture That can sit there and discipline the Kids give them hope values principles All the other stuff we play different Roles this is statistic if somebody's Watching and saying oh my God you're Discounting woman you're discounting Mothers go get upset at the stats not at Me this is stats you can't get upset at Three times three is nine that's stats I'm giving you stats that's been given To us by the government because they Have access to these stats this is Disturbing let me continue girls with no Fathers have lower self-esteem we can Lower crime lower mental issues help the Economy lower suicide rates and decrease Homelessness by bringing back the family Nucleus there are things that my wife Can do as a mother that I can't do There's things she can bring that I Can't bring but there are things I can Do that she can't do so now you may say Well Pat I agree I I do agree we can Lower this we can but then how can it's Not happen and here's the other question Who's to blame Who are we playing with this now you may Be listening to this saying well it's Got to be the husband and wife's fault It's got to be the man in the women's Fault fine how come it's not the same Ratios around the world why is U.S

Fatherlessness at 23 percent Everywhere else is seven percent average So is it really the mom and dad so how About the mom and dad in India how about The mom and dad in China how about the Mom and dad in Germany how about the mom And dad in Brazil how about the mom and Dad in other places why are we at 23 how Did this happen was it like this before Is it an evolution is it mainstream Media is it Hollywood Is it the fact that parents are afraid Of parenting because everybody is so Much involved you can't do that to your Kid you can't do this to your kid you Can't discipline your kid like that Whose fault is it it's someone's fault Is it the fact that hey you know we Can't really bring Church in schools and Pray and all this other I don't know Maybe that's not something you agree With maybe it is maybe we need those Values and principles but it's Somebody's fault in America that this is Happening this is purely a systemic Issue that we're having this cannot be Like in your whole you know no it's Really it's really the community it's The parents it's the culture it's all This other stuff no standards are Standards we're sitting there not Educating that's not a big deal go ahead And do that that's not a big to go ahead And do that it's not a big to go ahead

And do that no standards have dropped And the numbers are shown if if we Judged a country Based on How many kids are being raised by Fatherless homes that's producing crimes At the levels that we're getting Sex during teenage pregnancy abortion Suicide incarceration maybe we ought to Look at this Maybe this is very important maybe our Educational system sucks Maybe Kids spend more time around teachers Than they do around their parents maybe Who do we blame the responsibility has To lie on the nation Maybe we're either too much involved or We're not selling take your time to get Married take your time before you have Sex with someone take your time before You get pregnant take your time before You have a baby protect yourself stay Home do not just go out there and have Unprotected says maybe we're not talking About this kind of stuff maybe we are Maybe we're not the stat says we're not Selling it in the right way and we're Paying a price for it if you're in a Community that crime is high hello You're feeling it that's the stats So the next time you see a father that Takes their job as a father seriously You can actually say you know we see

Somebody in military uniform Guess what you say hey thank you for Your service what do you mean hey man Stats 23 fatherlessness and you're there With your kids thank you for your Service being a father is tough good for You guys husband and wife trying to make This work marriage is tough salute you Make my life better and safer by raising Good kids salute to you maybe maybe we Ought to give those Awards maybe we need To kind of recognize father of the year Award a bigger deal man if I ran a state Or a country we would be recognizing Certain behavior and turning great Fathers and mothers into Heroes Into Heroes because God knows their job Is hard Very hard not you know making their job Harder not recognizing the guys that are Doing a good job just kind of winging it Which the way we're doing it right now Stats don't favor us we got some work to Do this is an area well I will very Comfortably say America's got a lot of Work to do we've stepped away from Values and principles and we're kind of Winging it anyways and no one Masters Parenting and none of us know if we're Going to be great parents or not for About 40 years until our kids are 40 Years old by the time you know you're a Great parent you're probably not alive Because your grandkids will validate

That you were a good parent so you're Never going to know whether you were a Grandparent or not but I made a video From all the different things I've Learned and what I apply in my life About parenting called how to raise Successful kids if you've never seen it Click here to watch that video shout out To those of you guys that take your job As a father very seriously take care Everybody bye-bye

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