The Hero’s Journey: Life of an Entrepreneur

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The first couple years of your business You are going to get to a moment where This happens to you you can't call your Wife you can't call your friends because You told your friends you got big plans Not your parents because you're told Your parents I want to go become a Businessman A salesperson or an Entrepreneur and then all of a sudden You find yourself in a car like this all By yourself talking to only one person And it's you here's what it sounds like Is this even going to work for me why am I doing this why don't I just go get a Regular job and just have a peaceful Life I mean what is really a big deal About having all the money anyways most People who have money are miserable in Those moments is whether you win or you Lose because of what you tell yourself It's here where you become your own Ally I remember I would go to a point I Wouldn't work in I come to my car and I'm like oh my gosh and I would Visualize what this life is going to Look like and I would have to shut my Eyes to believe in the dream that I have And my visualization would go imagine a Conversation having with your dad with Your mom with your family imagine those Moments where they say you're proud of You it's like going to Chevron gas Station but the challenge is most people When they hit these moments they don't

Go to the gas station

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