The Irrefutable Argument for God (Exodus Clip)

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In Exodus Part 3, Jordan and a rebound table group of religious scholars, writers, and artists pour over chapters three through six of Exodus. The primary topics discussed include God’s transcendent unity, order and chaos, God’s necessity, faith, a relationship with the divine, and freedom.

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There's a paradox in the notion of Whether we can know God exists and the Paradise Paradox is in part you can't Know God and so can you know that Something exists that you can't Understand and the answer is Well then maybe that's why you only see God's back in some real sense right you You get hints and and and maybe you get Hints if you open yourself up in the Right way and one of the ways you open Yourself up in the right way is not to Ask for what you want in the God is a Celestial Butler manner but the the to Ask how it is that you could transform Yourself so that you could be a better Agent of the Divine will or something And then what would you find when you do That when you Embrace responsibility What you find is meaning yeah well that That seems to that seems well especially If the responsibility you believed is Divine if it's if it's just purely human I don't know how much meaning it gives Well what I mean is in your approach That is my Approach so that is a that is A route to meaning which is a route to The device well the secularists would Say well you without God you can still Find meaning and service to others and I Would say yes that's true but the reason You find meaning in the service to Others is because that's one step on the Ladder to the Divine well the people who

Constructed the gulags you know there Was a lot of altruism there there was a Lot of cooperation there was a lot of uh You know there was there was a horizon Of action and and there was there was Planning and so on by the way the the Forgive me I just wasn't the issue of uh The consequences of no God Is a very is a very powerful impetus in My life to believe Uh uh as odd as it sounds I I always Tell people I come to God through the Back door not through the front or the Front door is God has appeared to you in Some way or whatever and I and I never Knocked that for anyone who has that Experience I have not To me the most powerful rational Argument Is the consequences of the of the death Of the Divine when the chaos and and Indeed ultimately evil that ensues If I understand that without X nothing Exists then X must exist I hate I'm not A physicist I I don't think in the Algebraic terms but that's how I think The greatest argument for God is what Happens without God Yeah it seems to be in some sense the Most irrefutable argument I would say That's right the same way it's like well Nietzsche said God is dead and what's Going to happen his prognostication was Oh

Nihilism and psychological catastrophe And then mass murder on a scale Unparalleled that's exactly right which Is exactly right but Nietzsche would Just call this wish fulfillment he might Say well maybe reality just doesn't like Us very much [Music] Thank you

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