The Lack of Backbone Among College Deans

In the realm of higher education, a concerning trend has emerged – the lack of backbone among college deans. This phenomenon raises questions about leadership, courage, and decision-making within academic institutions. Let’s delve into the complexities of this issue and explore its implications on the college landscape.

The Lack of Backbone Among College Deans


Have you ever wondered why college campuses are becoming hotbeds of protests and chaos? It seems like the backbone is missing from the leaders who are supposed to maintain order and discipline. College deans, once seen as pillars of authority, now appear to lack the courage to quell unrest and uphold the institution’s values.

The Cowardly Lion Syndrome

  • College deans are facing criticism for their inability to effectively handle protests on campuses.
  • The lack of assertiveness and decisiveness is eroding the respect traditionally accorded to academic administrators.
  • Students are emboldened to disrupt classes and events, causing inconvenience to others due to the perceived weakness of deans.

Dancing Around the Issue

It seems that college deans would rather tiptoe around contentious issues than address them head-on. Here are some reasons behind this trend:

  • Fear of backlash from activist groups and student unions.
  • Concerns about damaging the reputation of the institution.
  • Desire to maintain a peaceful facade, even if it means ignoring underlying problems.

What’s at Stake?

When college deans fail to take a stand, the consequences can be far-reaching:

  • Diminished academic quality due to disrupted classes and academic activities.
  • Erosion of institutional integrity and credibility.
  • Negative impact on students’ overall educational experience.

The Call for Courageous Leadership

It’s time for college deans to reclaim their role as leaders and impart discipline on campuses:

  • Embrace transparency and open communication with students.
  • Implement clear policies and consequences for disruptive behavior.
  • Seek support from faculty, staff, and alumni to uphold the institution’s values.


In conclusion, the lack of backbone among college deans is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed promptly. By demonstrating courage and leadership, deans can restore order and civility to campuses, ensuring that academic pursuits are not overshadowed by chaos and unrest.


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  3. What role can faculty members play in addressing the lack of backbone among college deans?
  4. Are there successful examples of deans taking a strong stand against protests on campuses?
  5. How can alumni and donors influence the behavior of college deans in handling disruptive behavior?
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