The Most Effective System For Learning New Skills #shorts

The difference between a founder and a CEO, explained.

Your number one role as a Founder is to Learn you learn how to code how to Design how to talk to users how to Recruit how to do whatever as a CEO you Have three roles make sure there's Enough money to bank set the vision and Put the right people on the right seats At this point and even today I'm just Always learning new things and my system For learning is I read literally 100 Books on the topic and then I talk to Every expert there is and then I rewrite The Playbook from scratch so for ads What I did is I read all the books that I could and then I made a list of the Top 100 best performing consumer Subscription companies in the world and Then I flew around the world and I met All of them and I sent them emails I Sent them Faceook Facebook messages and Instagram messages and Linkedin messages And I just went and I you know got to Know the founder of audible the founder Of grammarly the founder of reflectly The founder of L Trix the founder of Lululemon Richard Branson whatever it Was and I the the CMO of Airbnb the CMO Of Netflix and I would just spend time With them and in some cases I would Literally go into the office sit behind Them and saw how they bought ads and Then I would go in and do the same Thing

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