The Motivators You NEED In Your Life

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For me I got 20 different motivators Under four different categories that People have one is individual so you Have individual accomplishments you're Going after right you want to have a Degree to be able to say you went to UCLA or you want to pan you want to Wharton that's an individual Accomplishment makes you proud right Individually you want to have a car a Watch clothes you know a house whatever Right that's individual accomplishments Those will run out eventually if it's Just individual then you have one that's Lifestyle lifestyle is purely selfish Stuff that you want the other one is a Purpose you know I want to do something Big and memorable and the last one is Madness madness is you know Michael Jordan is part of Madness Community Tom Brady is part of Madness Community Connor is part of Madness Community I Mean you can go down a bunch of people You know that are part of Madness Community you'll know if you're part of Madness Community or you're not part of Madness community

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