“The Mouse House” – Donald Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Gives Bizarre Tour of Home

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by attorney Alina Habba as they discuss the $18.3 million in compensatory damages and $65 million in punitive damages awarded to E. Jean Carroll in the Donald Trump defamation case.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

And this which we're talking about by The Way kills Mees I could not bring this in Front of the jury would not let me bring Just look at just look at her hair Before it even plays that's a crazy Person hair she's crazy by way even Anderson Cooper yeah couldn't believe What she just said go ahead Rob feel like a victim I was not thrown On the ground and ravished which the Word raped carries so many sexual Connotations this was not this was not Sexual for it just it it hurt it just What it just I think most people think Of rape as a I mean it is a violent Assault it is not I think most people Think of rape as being Sexy no watch think of the Fantasies we just got to take quick Break I don't want to be at work today Bra by the way that was my entire Defense and they wouldn't let you play It I was not allowed to play it by the Way this is my favorite part look what She says to him go ahead Rob watch quick Break talk more the other side Fascinating you're fascinating to talk To she said that to me Jesus she said That to me she said she like Talking how much of the 83 million is She going to see zero zero and then I'm Going to sue for attorney's fees oh I Can't wait for that oh yeah so she can't

Go shopping you mean she can't take Shopping bu she can't buy her France oh I watched that I said I said Reed Hoffman I hope you're watching DNC I Hope you're watching this is the person This is the person you picked she look At I couldn't talk about her cat's name I couldn't talk about that yeah this This oh look at these people you've Talked about using some of Trump's money That you're about to get um to help Shore up women's rights do you know what That might be what that might look like Yesel oh my tell me I had such such Great ideas for all the good I'm going To do with this money first thing Rachel You and I are going to go shopping we're Going to get completely new wardrobes New shoes motorcycle for crawling new Fishing rod for Robbie what you the Lawyers are panicking by the way watch Rachel oh my God no and then and then if You find the video of her house she There's a video of her she's got red Hair cat that was another one no but the Cat's name oh you couldn't say the cat What's the cat's name is this of course You know the cat's welcome to the oh my God that's not her that's her that's I Call it the mouse house because some Very distinguished mice live here Conan Lives in the kitchen tersi lives in the Bedroom this is my shed oh my God on That no I tried to get this in they

Wouldn't let me dude that wasn't true Detected that's where the psych serial Killer lived on the door are the list of My Dogs Dude this is Tits and HB bur the streams and the Rivers were dry And I it so horrified me that I came out And started painting The Rocks blue to Indicate that there was once a river Here and then after I got done painting The Rocks I just sort of walked over Here and then did that tree and then did That tree and then I did this tree and Then pretty soon i' done this whole Force she's voting Democrat 100 like That's the Democrat voter base is that By Patrick let me let me flip this and Alinaa i' I'd love you on this let's say Jez can we do like a quick case study Yeah okay you are a criminal defense Attorney oh Alina takes a gun and is shooting Randomly and wounds not kills one of her Neighbors the da wants to put her away For attempted murder how would you Defend her you would use every clip and Say my Poor client is not mentally capable of Standing there's so many of those clips That would say I'm not no no as her Attorney what would you do with all this I mean literally that's what I tried to

Do I was not allowed imagine if you're a Jury and you just see those two Videos you are you awarding anybody $83 Million no okay I wasn't allowed so then You got these people on CNN and msdnc Going hubba is a terrible Lawyer I couldn't bring it in because The judge wouldn't let me so yeah I had A jury but the judge before the jury Came in said Alaba you're not bringing That you're not saying that she has a uh What is it a dog named vagina yeah cat Named vagina te Fireball let's get it Right fireb is a cat's name is the cat's Name I could but if you're saying Somebody defamed you if you're saying Somebody hurt you the most terrible Horrific crime and my case was just Defamation so you're telling me that I Can't litigate through the Appel Division the first case that is crazy Now I to go on trial for the second case Even though the first case hasn't been Determined by the Appel division hasn't Been overseen right so now I got to go On a trial with this verdict that's Insane already and then I got to go in And and the judge says oh no he defamed Her and that's why people think she's Crazy because of what president Trump Said and I can't play those videos of Her saying Rape some people would say rape is sexy Whatever she said on Anderson Cooper and

Showing Anderson Cooper cutting Immediately probably talking to her During completely FL He sounded like the lawyer from my c of Any he he turned into that guy no and The point I'm trying to make for people Listening is that if you had a Conservative district attorney we have To take a break we have to take a quick Break because our sponsors wanted us to Give a quick shout out to uh V vagina Fireball sorry Tom okay there you go Brought to you by Petco Vtf no it's called Peta save this cat Like get get her away looks like Carol She's begging he's under duress look at His face I thought Peter was people eat Tasty animals anyway I'm confused the um No the the point I was making was if you Had say a conservative local district Attorney that said hey you've shot Someone you wounded them that's Attempted murder the Liberals would come Back the other way and say oh no no no No you should let her walk she was just Misunderstood or she's she's mentally Not quite all there and they would use Every bit of this to let the per walk You know you know the saddest thing About this whole thing is this is all The stuff that they're do obviously on Purpose obviously it's called cheating Not election interference these are all The talking points that whoever is going

To run against Trump is going to use Even though it's all Bs they're going to Be like January 6 Insurrection all the Felonies the blood bath you know the Blood bath thing is going to come back Even though we all know was all Bs and Then rape and all this these are all Talking points that whoever is going to Debate is going to use he was not found Guilty that's what I'm saying Insurrection for none of them you know I Mean it's crazy it's crazy and and but More crazy to me more than any of the pr Any of the TV stuff any of the politics More crazy for me this shouldn't be Happening in courts yeah this is Court We're not talking about TV Land This is In court I couldn't play that so so long Story short there's nothing else crazy That's going on that they can come after Him for money except for criminal cases That we have right number two uh he's Going to put up the 175 million has to Be in an account like the entire 175 or 10% of the 175 10% on top of the one so It's 175 so 17.5 192 whatever 195 Exactly like esro in a bond put they Bond it so the whole 196 the whole Amount so mhm okay that's a lot of cash Guys that's and by the way the so just So you guys understand when they asked For the 500 let's call it but it really Was more like six seven with the 10% on Top plus the interest plus whatever um

We went to chub the best brightest uh Insurance carry you know they're great And we say hey um we need this B they Don't do it there's only seven the United States Treasury has strict Regulations on who can give that large Of a bond okay there are only I think Seven or so uh bond companies that are Actually qualified to do it so it's not Like oh you can just go to the open Market and say who's going to help Trump It's not about that you can't just put Cat you have to get a bond you have to Put it up and they only take cash or Cash equivalents Mark so you can't have An asset and put a lean on marago they Won't allow that so people don't realize And this whole narrative Trump's broke Trump's begging for money no not even Close if you look at the regulations in Our country the Treasury regulations it Takes the entire globe of bond people it Cuts it down to seven then it cuts it Even smaller and says okay now you have Your seven but by the way you actually Have to have cash or cash equivalent you Have to have stocks you have to have Cash you have to tell me what smart Billionaire has a billion dollars Sitting in cash in a bank not one you're Stupid you wouldn't be a billionaire you Would not be a billionaire and by the Way president Trump has so much cash More cash than probably anybody I know

But you are telling me that that's a no And then they say the whole Nar he's I Thought he was a billionaire it's Garbage but it's going to but they're Going to and by the way the the whole Trth social Tom where's the stock at Today he's killing it he's killing it It's 66 everybody said it was going to Pop and drop nope it's staying stable And it's staying around 7 billion and His his take is staying right around not Take his ownership of a company he has Built once again Trump the entrepreneur Built another company 62 to 66 has been The trading range 63 right now look at The market no no that's not right Rob You're what company are you on that's Not it Rob no no no that's trans DJ no No no no yeah yeah no he went to DJ it's Not 36 billion DJ well there's Dow Jones Transportations you went the djt stock There you go there we go yo 66 that's What I said yep and today we're at a Mark cap of 9.47 billion 60% of that is Sitting on $4 billion good for him touch For 6 months I think he touches turns to Gold I swear he really is incredibly Bright that's why they can't stand him He's bright he's smart and if you try And censor him on Twitter he'll just Create another company and kill it by The way I don't think people give him Enough credit for what a great DJ he is God DJ djt is the best he is amazing mus

He needs to put that in his resume and Go up against like David Solomon and say Who's a better DJ and he needs to be DJing but okay I can no longer remain in Today's Democratic party Tulsi gabard Says she is no longer a Democrat a Potential Tulsi Gab VP where we are being told that we just Have to comply and go along with Whatever they say American people are Smarter than this however we must remain Vigilant to recognize their propaganda For what it is pure life unfortunately We live in a time where free speech is Under attack whatever they say goes and We we have to just fall and the people Who suffered under your reign as Prosecutor you owe them an Apology taking on KLA Harris on a debate Stage before I would look forward to Doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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