The People Who Run The World Don’t Care About Money


The People Who Run The World Don’t Care About Money

Do the people in charge of the world Care if America's crime rate goes up one Thousand percent would they lose sleep I Actually think they do partially that There's no way they're going to let America fall because if America Falls Everything else Falls so they're going To go just as much as they can to Control but not enough to get the Machine to break because they're so in Love with money and power they don't Want to give that up well I hope that's True but my argument is that these People are already so deeply entrenched Like I don't think they give a [ __ ] About money they'll print the new money They'll change the name of it and print The new one a certain level of power I Think they're so above and beyond all of Our concepts of how the world works and They don't have any interest in any of It I think if you were to go to these People whoever they are and say we're Going to take your money away they would Just laugh at you you think you can take My money you think you understand money The harder they damage the economy and The more damage they do to money the More people are dependent on governments To eat the more poor we get the more you Need the government just so you have Food in your mouth how can you resist The government if they feed you

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