The Plummeting Acceptance of Gay Marriage in America: Why it Matters

The issue of gay marriage has been a hot topic in US politics for years, with opinions on both sides varying widely. However, recent studies have revealed a disturbing trend: acceptance of same-sex marriage seems to be plummeting. This sudden decline is alarming for LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies, raising concerns about the state of rights and freedoms for marginalized groups in America. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind this change and why it matters more than ever.

The Plummeting Acceptance of Gay Marriage in America: Why it Matters


The United States became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage in 2015, and the historic decision was celebrated across the country and in many parts of the world. However, in the years since, public views towards same-sex relationships have shifted, and Americans have become less accepting of LGBTQ rights. According to a recent Gallup Poll, the acceptance of same-sex marriage has dropped from its peak of 67% in 2015 to 61% in 2021. This is a significant shift and one that has far-reaching consequences for the LGBTQ community and the country as a whole.

The Increasing Intolerance

We’re living in a diverse world where people of all colors, cultures, genders, and backgrounds are trying to live in harmony. Despite the progress towards a more inclusive society, people are becoming increasingly intolerant towards the LGBTQ community. The Gallup report shows a decrease in the acceptance of same-sex relations, while support for the death penalty has increased. Pushing too much of anything drives people back into their core beliefs, and the increasing number of bold actions towards wokism has made agitation and a lack of tolerance the norm.

The Impact of Controversial Decisions

The acceptance of diversity and tolerance is a value that should be upheld within any organization, but sometimes, the decisions made within the entertainment industry can oppose these values. In recent times, Disney’s controversial decisions and their push towards wokism have led to significant backlash from consumers. Such actions include the elimination of 75 positions at Pixar Studios, which was unexpected, and sparked controversy. Additionally, Disney’s streaming service, Disney Plus, has faced subscriber loss due to the quality of content provided by the platform. These events have led to concern amongst consumers that Disney is prioritizing politics over the delivery of quality content.

The Underperformance of ‘Elemental’ and its Implications

The release of Pixar’s latest film, “Elemental,” made history by featuring their first non-binary character, thereby marking another milestone in the industry’s efforts to move towards inclusivity. However, despite the hype, the movie failed to perform well at the box office, and some argue that it was a direct consequence of Pixar’s decision to include a non-binary character. The movie’s underperformance is representative of a growing trend of audiences pushing back against controversial decisions made in the entertainment industry.

The Decrease in Acceptance of Same-Sex Marriage

The Gallup report shows that the fall in acceptance of same-sex marriage has been in motion for a while. In 2021, around 61% of Americans said that they approved of same-sex marriage, down from 67% in 2015. This downward trend suggests that America is becoming less accepting of LGBTQ rights, and this has consequences for the country’s social and political fabric. The LGBTQ community is an essential part of American society, and their rights and protections play a crucial role in shaping the country’s future.

The Autonomous Index and the Trans Movement

The tolerance index could be called the autonomous index where autonomous individuals decide what they want to tolerate or not. The trans movement has affected this index negatively with events like the openly trans men competing against women in athletics, the decree that intentionally misgendering someone is illegal in New York City, and trans children being told that they are in the wrong body and need medical intervention to correct it. The effect of these events leads to pushback from people who believe such actions go against the natural order.


1. Is same-sex marriage legal in America?
Yes, same-sex marriage became legal in America in 2015.

2. Why is the decreasing acceptance of gay marriage a concern?
The decreasing acceptance of gay marriage is a concern because it reflects the growing intolerance towards the LGBTQ communities. As acceptance decreases, it may lead to an increase in hate crimes and other violent acts towards the community.

3. What is the autonomous index?
The autonomous index could be called the tolerance index, where individuals have the autonomy to decide their level of acceptance of different races, sexual orientations, and nationalities.

4. What is wokism?
Wokism is pushing for a more diverse, inclusive society, but sometimes leading to the political correctness, bias, and intolerance of others’ views.

5. What is the impact of underperformance of ‘Elemental’?
The underperformance of “Elemental” highlights that it is not enough to make a bold decision by just including a non-binary character in a movie. Companies producing such movies need to ensure that such decisions align with their audience’s values and beliefs, lest they risk facing the financial consequences of such actions.


In conclusion, the plummeting acceptance of gay marriage in America is a worrying trend that represents a growing intolerance towards LGBTQ rights. It is essential to address this trend and work towards creating a more inclusive society where all people are treated with dignity and respect. The entertainment industry needs to ensure that their decisions align with their audience values to avoid backlash and the risk of underperformance. Finally, people must be aware of the negative effects of pushing too hard – it leads to intolerance and division rather than diversity.

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