The Procrastination Anxiety Spiral 😵‍💫 #shorts

Uncertainty may cause anxiety, which in turn can lead to procrastination, stopping you from achieving your goals.

Consider a common source of uncertainty Like choosing a career path suppose You're in a stable job but you're Contemplating quitting for a less stable But potentially more fulfilling career The uncertainty surrounding the less Stable path might set off this process As follows one overestimation you Overestimate the negative consequences Of choosing the wrong career path like Not making enough money two Hypervigilance you become overly Attentive to signs that could indicate The success or failure of a particular Career choice like statistics that Suggest that lots of people regret Changing jobs three Identifying the factors that would Contribute to a successful outcome like Doing research on the company you're Considering joining and for avoidance You decide to put off making this career Decision completely after all it can't Be that bad sticking it out for another Year in your current job the result you Experience heightened emotional Reactions such as anxiety or fear and That makes you procrastinate for making A career decision for even Longer

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