The Reason Capitalism is Beautiful

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The reason why capitalism is a beautiful Thing is because of four things you have The freedom to buy whatever you want to Buy that's legal you have the freedom to Sell whatever you want to sell that's Legal you have the freedom to try Whatever you want you don't want to do Real estate try Insurance you don't want To do insurance try digital Market you Don't want to go try YouTube you can try Anything you want but you know what the Last one is the freedom to fail we don't Give enough credit to this the reason Why certain people in the world are Respected and admired at the level that They are is because so many people fail Because when the pressure hits most People leave the arena we all root for The people in the arena and we criticize Them What we don't recognize is the fact that Whoever is in the arena getting their Handed to them at least they had the Courage to get in the arena

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