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You guys hear about the story about this Customer service representative that Starts from the bottom Works its way up And then becomes the number one customer Service rep in the world becomes a Billionaire this guy becomes a Billionaire and everybody's like how the Hell do you become a billionaire being a Customer service rep insane everyone's Asking about this guy I want to tell you About him by the way if you get any Value from the video and gets you to Think give it a thumbs up and subscribe To the channel so let's get right into It you know who the number one customer Service representative in the world is That became a billionaire his name is Elon Musk and let me tell you why he is The number one customer service Representative in America today do you Realize how many CEOs in America today Are sitting there saying Ilan don't talk To customers you're embarrassing me I Never engage with customers on Twitter Please don't talk to customers let us CEOs Who hide in our offices and allow Other people to engage I don't want to Be exposed that I have to do that as Well please don't talk to customers and Elon is saying so what do you think About this latest feature on Twitter on Twitter hey what do you think about on Tesla if we do this yeah that's not good I heard about the news with the Tesla

Crashing I'm not happy about it hey very Disappointed about what we did here but We're getting better hey do you guys Like to let me run a poll what do you Think about this we're definitely on top Of it no one engages more with customers Than Elon Musk does by the way let me Bring it on a smaller level so you Understand how the simple concept Applies to everything you do no matter How big no matter how small you are this Works since 2002 2002 Till today I I ran a system because I Read an article about how the Rockefellers would write notes and all This other stuff that they had and how You know Clinton when he ran for office He wrote 20 000 handwritten notes to Become a President Lincoln was big on Writing letters I'm reading all these Presidents right because presidents you Become a president you're essentially Campaigning musk is campaigning your job As a salesperson as a entrepreneur you Want to be a manager leader you must be On a campaign everybody wrote birthday Cards anniversaries everything was about Communication so here's what I did Started off with 10 cards a month Because I only have 10 clients and I Would say hey thank you birthdays are Only once Year anyway so you got 10 Clients you got 12 months of other one

Birthday in a month maybe you're gonna Have a couple months they're not gonna Have birthdays so I would just send Cards to people and I would call how you Doing how's everything this last week we Did a Black Friday and then we did a Cyber monday on Black Friday I made a Call and FaceTiming people for five Hours surprise FaceTime people are Hanging up on me I would call them I Would say hey I'm calling you from America can express your money to us and I'm pulling pranks on them they're Cracking up we're going back and forth They're laughing wife starts crying a Husband naked in the shower picking up The phone we're having this incredible Conversation together the name of the Game to make it to the top of your field No matter what business you're in is Customer service customer experience Customer engagement And most people when they start making a Little bit of money and becoming too Famous they don't want to talk to lower Level employees they don't want to talk To customers they don't want to deal With them they say ah talking to a Customer that's not my job that's Somebody else's job and a guy who's Worth nearly 300 billion dollars says You don't call the customers because You're too big too cool to make these Calls don't worry I will and you know

Who is exposing everybody not just Fortune 500 CEOs not just Fortune 5000 CEOs anybody that's in business and in Sales he's shown the world that your Number one job as a CEO is to do Customer service so question back to you How good of a job are you doing with Customer service yourself are you making Those calls are you talking to them if You're not this is the perfect season to Start calling your customers now and Just engaging with them no matter what It may be if you got value from this Video give it a thumbs up and subscribe To the channel and I did a video a few Years ago titled the difference between Customer service and customer experience If you've never seen it before click Here to watch that video having said That have a great week everybody take Care bye-bye

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