The Sad Truth of Modern Feminism

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She gets up and she says Patrick this is Very hard for me to say this let me tell You why it's very hard I said what's That She says ever since in high school I Wanted to prove to men that I can beat Them So when I graduated high school in College I opened up my salon we do very Well I've made millions of dollars my People and my work that work at the Salon they do very well for themselves I Drive a nice car I have a nice house I Have money I have millions I don't worry About any of that stuff you know what Decision I made last night I said what's That she says I want a husband I no longer want to compete with men I Need them And I'm like what she's saying this in Front of 2 000 people with her sister Sitting right next to her wow and now She's getting emotional how many 65 year Old women do we have to hear saying that I march with the feminist movement then I bought into the fact that men are the Enemy I've never been married I'm alone And I'm miserable and I wish I would Have never bought into that philosophy

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