The Scariest Type of Opponent in Business & Life

Patrick Bet-David explains the scariest and most frustrating type of opponent to compete with. The type of opponent that will drive the opposition crazy, what are the qualities this type of opponent possesses?

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

So I'm going to break down to you what The most intimidating quality of a Competitor is somebody you're facing or Maybe you to the people you're competing With and if this video gives you value Make sure to give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to the channel let's get right Into [Music] It this past Saturday we take 25 of our Guys from vt2 UFC everybody's dressed up Pbd Podcast man value tment all this Stuff that we wear And we go to the UFC in Miami big card Om Ali Vera Dustin's fighting bunch of Great people are fighting on this card And we're on our way there while we're On our way there it shows that President Trump is campaigning in Atlanta Georgia And he's talking in front of thousands Of people so the crew then says well you Know typically Trump shows up to UFC Fights he's probably not going to make It tonight because he's going through What he's going through I get to the UFC Dana's kind enough to play would give me A seat that I'm sitting right between Him and Trump at the UFC around a bunch Of different people Candace poroi S Steel all the rumble people are there NE Boys are here every Joe burrow Logan Everybody's at this event it's a star Studed event we're in the back having Conversations with some of the people

Trump's daughters also there Ivanka Jared is there and Anda says Pat you Will not believe who text me last night At 2:30 in the morning I said who President Trump I said what did he say He says Dana I'm speaking in Georgia but I'm trying to find a way to come to the Fight I said get out of here he says Then he texts me back 7:30 8:00 in the Morning I said a 77 year-old text you at 2:30 and he text you back at 7:30 yes I Said what's he saying he's trying to Make this fight I said get out of here I'm telling you he's trying to make this Fight all right we'll see what's going To happen we're in the arena okay doing Our thing we enter the arena place is Insane going wild all of a sudden Dana Steps away comes back at around 9:30 at Around 10:30 and you see the entire Audience everybody 15,000 people people Turn on their phones and they're going Like this recording and you look at the Top he's walking in he walks in sits Down shakes God knows how many people's Hands takes pictures one by one by one Everybody's coming to take pictures with Them and a fight that night you know What time the fight ended 2:00 in the Morning he ended guess who was still in The arena he was still in the arena at 77 years old his opponent went to sleep At probably 8:30 9:00 the same night his Opponent is a very kind man gentle man

They call him Joseph he went to sleep at 8:30 not because I'm telling you this And trolling because kareim jeampier and Saki saki once said the president always Goes to sleep before 9:00 a.m. and Doesn't wake up before 9:00 a.m. this Guy 77 years old do you know how many Times he went like this they know would Put his hands here and he would stand up Yes boom picture boom stand up never got Tired never yawn once never complained Didn't do anything and then left and did His thing and imagine what time he got Home that night you know 3:00 in the Morning 3:30 maybe he had the sack at 4:00 who knows what it is I still Haven't told you the story on what's the Most intimidating quality of an opponent You ready years ago I want to compete in The insurance industry and in capitalism And in business and content creation Whatever it may be I want to I'm a young Guy coming up and I want to compete and I'm asking everybody what it was I Understood I had to outwork my peers but That's not enough I understood I had to Timprove my peers learn skill set Mindset people skills any of that stuff I had to learn then I had to out Strategize which hey these guys are Doing this hey content creation do this A business do this a change the comp Plan like this expansion go to these States strategy but there's nothing more

Intimidating to your opponent if you can Outlast them it is so scary imagine You're done at 8:00 the guy goes till 9: You're like no he's going to leave the Office 10 11 12 1 2 then gets up then Gets at it again next day gets at it Again event to somebody that goes like That they Outlast you know what their Competitors typically do you know what Their opponents typically do they Mentally and emotionally quit physically They quit a long time ago but they Mentally and emotionally quit in the Fight game same thing in a business game Same thing in sports same thing it Doesn't matter what it is those who Outlast their peers are by far the most Intimidating people in the world of Competition you yourself are watching This you may be thinking about somebody Either you're that person to others or You thought about somebody else you're Like man he's kind of like that that Guy's like you know he's always this He's always he's always this man does he Ever get tired that's the mental game They play to torture their opponents Until eventually their opponents Mentally and emotionally say that's just Not a guy I'm going to compete with why Because to me like I remember one guy Goes around talking behind my back and He would say things like this well you Know I just value family and faith more

Than Patrick does that's the excuse That's the excuse making people I just You know to me what's more important is This no man you're just making an excuse Cuz when we got back from the fight that Night we went to a sushi spot we shut it Down and all of us were having dinner We're having a great time you know what Time we got home that night 5:30 you Know what happens when you got four kids 12 10 7 2 years old they wake you up you Know where we were the next morning Early in the morning church you know why Cuz I got four kids I don't have a Choice so again going back to you guys That are watching this this is a message Purely for those of you guys that are in Business that are competing that want to Find a way to earn the kind of respect So when you walk into a room and Everybody stops you don't do that Because you have a degree you don't do That because of your height you don't do That because of the way you look you Don't do that because you're sexy you Don't do that because you're a six-pack You don't do that because you're close You do that because mentally emotionally You've outlasted everybody and you now Have the moral authority to impose that Fear on your opponents because they're Simply not willing to go at the pace That you're willing to go while they're Making excuses you're simply leading

Them there's something very special About that oh my God the feeling of high Brings when you're able to do that I can Describe it to you you can't go to saxs Fth Avenue and buy that you can't go to Amazon and say can I buy some moral Authority to impose fear into my Competitors nobody has any of that stuff Because it's not for seller you got to Pay a full full retail price and then Some that's how you earn this kind of Respect people got it in sports people Got it in politics people get it in Business and if you want that it takes Typically a couple decades maybe even More anyways if you got value out of This video give it a thumbs up subscribe To the channel and if you are watching This you're crazy enough where you're Like this freaking message fired me up Man me ask me a question on man if you Really want to go do something big on Instagram 95% of the time nobody Responds back to you when you DM them or On LinkedIn I never get back to people On LinkedIn Instagram or Twitter because I value my time and if you value my time Pay for it whether through a text a Video or FaceTime click here I only Respond to messages on man if you have Any questions download the app ask me or Any other 6 7,000 experts on there any Questions on why they're competing the Way they are maybe they'll give you

Insight in a mindset of a competitor Having said that take care everybody Bye-bye Bye-bye

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