The Science of Attraction: Unlocking the Reasons Why You Haven’t Met Someone Yet – Insights from Matthew Hussey (Bonus Episode)

The Science of Attraction: Unlocking the Reasons Why You Haven’t Met Someone Yet – Insights from Matthew Hussey (Bonus Episode)


Finding that perfect someone can be a difficult task for most people, but modern dating and romance have made it even more complicated. It’s not easy to find someone who not only connects with us on a deeper level but also ticks all the boxes on the checklists we have created for ourselves. Meeting potential partners through dating apps and websites is more common now than ever before but it still hasn’t made the process any easier. Social media is, unfortunately, another aspect that has complicated things by creating unrealistic expectations and encouraging comparisons.

In our quest to find answers to why we haven’t met someone yet, we turn to renowned dating coach, Matthew Hussey. In a recent episode of Deep Dive, a podcast that delves into the minds of entrepreneurs, creators, and inspiring people, Hussey discusses the science of attraction in-depth. He also talks about the mistakes people make while dating and offers practical advice that can be incorporated into our dating lives.

The Four Stages of Attraction

Hussey breaks down the four different stages of attraction in a way that is easy to understand. He explains that the first stage is superficial attraction, where we are drawn to someone because of their physical appearance. In the second stage, we develop curiosity about the person, which leads us to find out more about them. The third stage is connection, where we feel a deeper emotional bond with the person. The fourth stage is commitment, where we decide to be in a serious relationship with the person.

From Hussey’s insight, we can conclude that attraction is not just physical, but rather a complex process.

Common Dating Mistakes

One of the key points of the podcast is the mistakes people make while dating. Hussey notes that one of the biggest mistakes people make is having preconceived notions about what a relationship should look like. Instead of having a fixed idea of what we want, we should focus on what we need in a relationship. Additionally, we should be willing to step out of our comfort zones and try new things, such as dating someone who doesn’t fit our usual “type”.

The Secret to Long-Lasting Desire

Another fascinating topic Hussey talks about is the secret to long-lasting desire. He notes that desire cannot be sustained by physical elements alone but rather by emotional connection. By putting effort into getting to know someone emotionally, this can help us establish a deeper connection. Hussey also suggests sharing our vulnerabilities and imperfections with the other person, which can make them feel more comfortable opening up as well.


Finding love in the modern world can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. By following the advice of dating experts like Matthew Hussey, we can improve our dating lives and increase our chances of finding a long-lasting relationship. The four stages of attraction, avoiding common dating mistakes, and creating a deeper emotional connection are all keys to finding a partner who is perfect for us.


  1. Who is Matthew Hussey?
    Matthew Hussey is a renowned dating coach who helps people find love and build relationships.

  2. What is Deep Dive?
    Deep Dive is a podcast that delves into the minds of entrepreneurs, creators, and inspiring people.

  3. What are the four stages of attraction?
    The four stages of attraction are superficial attraction, curiosity, connection, and commitment.

  4. How can we sustain long-term desire in a relationship?
    According to Hussey, long-term desire is sustained by developing an emotional connection with the other person rather than relying on physical attraction alone.

  5. What is the biggest mistake people make while dating?
    One of the biggest mistakes people make while dating is having preconceived notions of what a relationship should look like, instead of focusing on what they need.

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