The Secret Formula For MKBHD’s Videos #shorts

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So there's this very specific aesthetic To the videos that I think a lot of People don't really talk about which is That they feel first person instead of Third person sometimes we'll do like a Setup and I'll go hey all right Vin and Brandon we're gonna make a video with The pixel 6A and any sort of Easter eggs That you see in the script that you Think would work here let's build it and We'll build a set and then we'll have The camera like five feet away from me And it'll look incredible like a Beautiful set you look at the frame and You're like I look like someone is Shooting a video of me not like I am Making a video we're thinking a lot About that feel just as much as the Things that are going into the video Itself and I think that's the reason why It never feels like we're shooting in a Giant white concrete box it's more we've Built things inside of the box to Accomplish a different vibe

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