The Secret To Lasting Relationships

Think about your 5 most valuable relationships today… What causes you to create those strong bonds with these people? In this episode, Patrick Bet-David explains what everyone should look for to create a long-lasting relationship.

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So a lot of times when we hear the word Net worth all we think about is money oh That guy's net worth is 50 million 200 Million three million 600 000 because we Measured based on money but we don't Think about how does somebody increase Their net worth well you need to write Relationships how do you get the right Relationship to the level of depth with The connection and value for it to turn Into the kind of network that you have Today so all of this goes into think About the five most valuable Relationships you have in your life Today think about those five you may say Wife a husband you know friend partner Business part whatever it is before they Became as valuable as they are today to Be in your five what caused it to get to That level when you first met him okay So go back 10 years ago 20 years ago Eight years ago three years ago what Happened for them to be in your top five We're going to talk about that today and By the way if we get value from this Video give it a thumbs up and subscribe To the channel let me get right into it So we see Tom Brady and Gronk oh my God They're so great together I bet they've Been best friends since day one they've Probably never had friction look at Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett what a Great partnership Man Steve Jobs and Johnny I phenomenal relationship Tim

Duncan and Popovich Inside the NBA TNT Shot Barkley Kenny Smith these guys are Phenomenal together what we don't see Behind closed doors how did these Relationships get into how it is today This is what is going to happen 100 of The time when a relationship gets deeper Is when they overcome friction together Okay friction is a byproduct of great Deeper relationships here's what happens One time the New England Patriots Practice off season all these medias Their next thing you know the biggest Fight breaks up biggest fight breaks out Everybody's talking about oh my God the New England Patriots are off to a bad Start there's a lot of infighting going On practice ends media goes to Bill Belichick so Bill you know what do you Need to do to unify this team it seems Like everybody's fighting each other This is the worst we've ever seen the Patriots going into the season how are You going to fix this he says fix what All the infighting he says if we're this Competitive against each other I feel Sorry for their opponents I'm what They're going to do to them because this Is getting them to be closer and Tighter Bill Belichick understood you need Friction to get the team to be closer Together sometimes There's many stories where great coaches Create accidental friction to create a

Bond within the team this has happened Many there's many stories I don't need To go into your every one of the Friendships and relationships I talk About today it'll come down to this but Here's the kicker when you go through it You'll learn a lot about everybody You'll learn how you handle friction You'll learn how your approach is your Approach a good approach during times of Friction you'll learn if the other Person is willing and values their Relationship like I don't give a I Don't know no problem and there's no Value the verse is saying no I listen I'm not happy here's a conversation dot Dot dot but man I want to make this work Because I want to be in business with You long term because I want us to be Friends long term because I want to be With you long term we got to figure this Thing out but there's a moment of Friction here one night that's three O'clock in the morning I'm with Mario in The Rolls-Royce this is the story he Always tells this was a very awkward Moment of friction that he told it in One of his videos that he did where he Was going through a certain challenge we Had this one moment together that could Have been the last day we him and I ever Worked together it's a very very Sensitive moment of friction that we Have to get it there's another guy was

In business I've been in business for a Long time one day I asked him to meet me At the Northridge uh parking lot and we Had a three-hour conversation together That was friction but I have to tell him What I was on my mind and I said you Don't need to agree with anything I said I just want you to hear me out give me Three hours I'll never say to you ever Again you'll be left alone that led to a Moment of breakthrough he and I shared That moment together there's another guy Can tell a story about we're in Lake Tahoe one time something happened to his Family we're in the theater room of this House that had rented and he's in tears Crown I've seen this guy cry five times And I watched him and I said man this Guy's going through it right now there Was friction there was challenges in Order for relationships to get deeper Running mate spouse father son mom Daughter father daughter it doesn't Matter you and your mom or dad that only Happens when you guys go through a Moment of friction but both parties are Willing to get through that moment and Understanding together if you can do That and have mutual respect while we're Doing this what she don't know that's Happening on a Leader's bulletin Statistically that relationship went From a level one to a level two and a Half three months so you guys

Experienced something again you just Went from a two and a half you overcame That you go to 4.2 next time you have Another friction together this time it Wasn't handled well you go for a 2.8 Next time you go through it again yeah I Don't give a you go to 1.7 that's Exactly how these things are happening So in my life I have a lot of valuable Relationships some I was in the military I realized which one of my friends were Actually fully wanting to have a Long-term relationship to them for the Rest of my life I'm going to pour into Those guys that did what they did for me I never forget in 1997 I'm in the Military I'm all by myself and I'm I had All these friends that I thought were Like very very close friends are also You go military comebacks man that guy Was a friend and he was with me through Thick and thin that I would never guess She would have been there him Unbelievable but you almost need those Times to realize who has your back it's Unfortunate it's painful it's crazy but It is a filtering process that's Required to go through times of friction So anyways if this was a message you Needed to hear for you to realize maybe You just went through a friction in a Relationship that maybe you didn't Handle the right way if you really value That relationship great relationship or

Very very very hard very very hard to Come across if you had a moment like That maybe you ought to make a phone Call set aside your ego okay so I gotta Make that one work or if you're on the Complete opposite side You gotta say you know this is somebody That's really making an effort I want to Sit down and have a conversation with These guys and actually tell them how I Didn't like this thing was handled and Hash it out because say I know this Person wants good for me I know this is Somebody that I love to have in my life For the next 10 20 30 years let me make That phone call once again just like in Life great opportunities don't come Along all the time they're only going to Come across a handful of times great Friendships and relationship and Business relationships oh my God they Don't come across all the time water Them value them protect them very hard To find once again if you got value from The video give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to the channel got another Video I want you to watch as well I did A video six seven years ago titled how To choose great friends if you've never Seen this video click here to watch it Take care everybody bye bye-bye [Music]

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