The Severity of the Border Crisis: How Cartels Raked in $8 Billion Last Year – Kari Lake Reveals

The Border Crisis: Unveiling the Staggering $8 Billion Revenue Generated by Cartels – Insight from Kari Lake

The Severity of the Border Crisis: How Cartels Raked in $8 Billion Last Year – Kari Lake Reveals


The border crisis has reached an alarming level, with devastating consequences for both the United States and its neighboring countries. The severity of the crisis is being further exacerbated by the massive profits made by the cartels through smuggling activities. In a recent interview, renowned entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David sat down with Kari Lake, an influential figure in Arizona politics, to discuss the severity of the crisis and strategies to protect the border. This article delves into the key points highlighted during their conversation.

The Profits Made by the Cartel: A Sobering Reality

The illegal smuggling industry has become incredibly lucrative for cartels operating along the border. According to recent estimates, these criminal organizations made a staggering $8 billion last year alone. This massive influx of funds creates a vicious cycle, as the cartels use their newfound wealth to finance more sophisticated operations and outmaneuver law enforcement agencies.

Strategies to Protect the Border: Embracing Trump’s Plan

During their discussion, both Patrick Bet-David and Kari Lake emphasized the importance of implementing effective strategies to protect the border. One key solution they advocated for was the adoption of former President Donald Trump’s border plan. Lake argues that Trump’s approach was comprehensive and focused on addressing the root causes of the crisis. This includes enhancing border security, building physical barriers, and implementing strict immigration policies.

The Role of Strong Border Governors: A Crucial Component

Governor Kari Lake stressed the significance of having strong border governors who recognize the importance of protecting their respective states’ borders. These governors play a pivotal role in advocating for the necessary resources and policies to combat the crisis effectively. Their influence can be instrumental in pressuring federal authorities to take action and provide the support needed to secure the border.

Utilizing the Military to Protect the Border: Lake’s Plan as Governor

Kari Lake expressed her support for using the military to protect the border, describing it as a viable option to address the crisis. As a gubernatorial candidate, she outlined her border plan, which incorporates deploying National Guard troops and working closely with federal agencies to enforce immigration laws. This approach aims to not only deter illegal border crossings but also disrupt the activities of the cartels and provide much-needed relief to overwhelmed border patrol agents.

Honest Communication: Loyalty and Disagreement with President Trump

During the interview, Lake addressed the issue of loyalty to former President Donald Trump and the importance of honest communication. She highlighted that while she remains loyal to Trump as a leader, it is crucial to have open discussions and express disagreements when necessary. Lake believes that this level of transparency is essential for progress and ensuring that policies are based on comprehensive analysis rather than blind allegiance.

The Media’s Treatment of Trump: Increasing Distrust and Its Consequences

The media’s treatment of President Trump throughout his tenure contributed to the erosion of public trust in mainstream media outlets. Their biased reporting and sensationalism led many Americans to question the accuracy and objectivity of the news they consume. This growing distrust highlights the need for citizens to seek information from various sources and critically evaluate the narratives presented by the media.

President Trump’s Next Term: A Historic Turning Point

Experts predict that if former President Donald Trump were to run for office again, his next term would be historic and bring about significant change to the country. Trump’s unconventional approach and commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises resonated with millions of Americans. These supporters believe that his vision for the nation aligns with their aspirations and that his policies could address pressing issues such as the border crisis.

Supporting President Trump: A Call for Positive Change

To bring about positive change in the country, it is imperative to support President Trump and his efforts to address concerns such as the border crisis. By endorsing his policies and providing constructive feedback, citizens can contribute to the ongoing debate and shape the path forward. The involvement of the public, combined with effective leadership, has the potential to bring about meaningful solutions and secure the borders for the benefit of all Americans.


The severity of the border crisis cannot be understated, as cartels continue to rake in billions of dollars through smuggling activities. Patrick Bet-David’s interview with Kari Lake shed light on the gravity of the situation and proposed strategies to protect the border. The importance of strong border governors, utilizing the military, and embracing Trump’s border plan were among the key points discussed. Additionally, the need for honest communication, distrust of the media, and support for President Trump’s vision for the nation were highlighted. It is crucial for both political leaders and the public to come together and address this crisis proactively.


  1. Q: How much money did the cartels make from smuggling activities last year?
    A: The cartels made a staggering $8 billion last year through smuggling activities.

  2. Q: What strategies were discussed to protect the border?
    A: The interview discussed the importance of implementing Trump’s border plan and utilizing the military to protect the border.

  3. Q: How can strong border governors contribute to addressing the crisis?
    A: Strong border governors have the ability to advocate for necessary resources and policies to secure the border effectively.

  4. Q: What was Kari Lake’s stance on using the military to protect the border?
    A: Kari Lake expressed her support for using the military as a viable option to address the border crisis.

  5. Q: Why is it important to support President Trump’s efforts?
    A: Supporting President Trump’s efforts is crucial to bring about positive change and tackle pressing issues like the border crisis.

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