The Single Method For Designing A Life You Want – Cal Newport

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Get the image of the lifestyle you want At whatever point in the future and you Make it super tangible like you can feel It you can smell it you can see it but Not getting specific at all about what Your work is like are you in the Countryside are you in a city is it You're at the Bohemian bar in the Lower East Side and around all these artists Are you in a field and you've been out In the sun and like working on your Trails like what are you up in the Mountains like get that really clear and Then say great let me work backwards now To figure out how do I get there with my Work and I think that's such a critical Way of thinking about things because hey It's not just hey Follow Your Passion or Something like this because the right Answer might be I'm going to go to Medical school so that I can get these Nightingale shifts where I work three Times a week one week out of the month Or something like that it's the highest Hourly rate I can get and then I can Spend the whole summer in the Canary Islands it can lead you to really Interesting places I think it's the way To do it

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