The Single Thing Holding Back Your Mental Performance #shorts

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If you've got is not quite working Optimally then even though you might not Have any specific symptoms it can still Have an impact on your mental health and Your mental performance and inevitably If it's not happy it's going to be Screaming at your brain all the time and That is noisy and difficult for your Brain to cope with and that can lead to Things like brain fog and struggling With focus and concentration for example Similarly if your gut isn't happy but You don't really know from other Symptoms but you're getting loads of Bugs infections viruses all the time you Notice you're really susceptible that's A good time to start looking at your gut Health there is a very strong line of Communication between your gut and your Brain which we refer to as the gut brain Axis and again they are chemically Connected through neurotransmitters that Are produced in the gut they are Hormonally connected by the HPA axis and They are physically connected by the Vagus nerve and the chattiest organ Between your brain and your gut is your Gut your gut is constantly telling your Brain all sorts of different things and Throwing messages up that it's got to Deal with and people might think oh it's Your brain your guts not really doing Anything but actually your brain is busy And it's communicating and it's a lot

Through those microbes that live in your Colon

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