The Spirit of Mercury

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There are figures in mythology who exist On boundaries so the spirit Mercury for Example Mercury is the winged messenger Of the Gods and he exists half in the Human world and half in the Divine world But there's a place there that's a Border between two categories the way Mercury makes himself manifest is by Catching your interest some things catch Your interest some things don't there's A pattern to the things that catch your Interest and that pattern is associated With well you could say you become Interested in the things that are likely To further your development so you could Think that implicit inside you is the Realm of the potential better you and Then it captures your interest and it Guides you in those directions and That's the spirit that exists on the Boundary and the spirit that exists on a Boundary there's a word for that the Word is psychopomp and a psychopom isn't One thing or another it's a shape-shift Or a trickster and what that means is That one of the things you learned is That you could operate in two different Territories and so whatever you what Were fundamentally wasn't limited by Either of those territories

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