The Surprising Rise of Cheeto From Underdog to Dominance in UFC

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I will just tell you as an athlete like Nothing will make you folder or or break You mentally more then when you find Yourself in a contest that's harder than You thought it was going to be what Whatever that might be it could it could Be a swimming uh race when the guy all Of a sudden your heart's beating a Little faster than you thought sha Ali Has gotten so much better but that's the Same compliment I've got to give to Cheeto Cheeto when he fought Ali here Was 4-2 or he was two and four this off The time but it was one of those two he Was just a guy he was brought in to get Beat up and all of a sudden he turned a Corner and now like in his last fight he Knocked out Dominic Cruz who's a Guaranteed future Hall of Famer I mean Cheeto is the real number one Contender It's a really interesting match

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