The Titanic Submarine Story: Unraveling Alex Jones’ Theory

Welcome to my blog post where we explore and unravel Alex Jones’ theories surrounding the infamous Titanic submarine. As a proficient SEO writer with a strong command of the English language, I will only present to you factual information and steer clear of any unfounded claims. Join me as we dive deep into the history of the Titanic and separate truth from fiction.


The tragedy of the Titanic in 1912 is one of the most infamous stories in maritime history. However, an unexpected twist to the tale emerged in recent times with the emergence of a theory that the Titanic was not the only submarine that met a disastrous fate in the Atlantic Ocean. Popular conspiracy theorist Alex Jones published a video discussing the potential submarine disaster, leading to a frenzy of speculation and rumors. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the story of the supposed Titanic submarine and try to unravel the facts from the myths.

The Story of the Titanic Submarine:

According to Alex Jones, a submarine carrying nuclear weapons sank in the Atlantic Ocean. He claims that military officials confirmed the existence of a sunken submarine, but the media remained silent about the potential fatalities. Alex Jones’ video ignited a firestorm of rumors and theories, but is there any truth to his claims?

Let’s take a closer look at what we know.

Sonar Technology to Locate Sunken Vessels:

The Navy and Coast Guard have advanced sonar technology to detect and locate sunken vessels. With that being said, if there was a sunken submarine in the Atlantic, it’s highly likely that it would have been detected using this technology. Nevertheless, some speculate that military officials may have covered up the disaster to prevent panic and public scrutiny.

Area in Atlantic Heavily Covered Due to Nuclear Submarine Activity:

It’s no secret that the Atlantic Ocean is heavily covered with nuclear submarine activity. The fact that there are submarines in the area is not uncommon and does not automatically suggest a recent disaster. It’s possible that the noise generated by the submarine activities may have contributed to the rumors of an implosion.

Implosion of Submarine Has Been Heavily Studied:

The implosion of submarines is a well-understood phenomenon, and the military has extensively studied it over the years. Submarines are designed to withstand the underwater pressure, but if the pressure exceeds the hull’s strength, it can rupture, leading to an implosion. This could explain why the commander reported wreckage of the submarine, but not whether anyone was on board during the implosion.

Commander Reported Wreckage of Submarine but Did Not Inform Media About Fatalities:

It’s not uncommon for military officials to withhold information from the media, especially in cases of national security. If there was, in fact, a sunken submarine, it’s entirely possible that the military did not want to reveal sensitive details to the public. Therefore, the commander’s decision not to inform the media about the fatalities could be justified.

Unclear Whether Anyone Was on the Submarine at the Time of the Implosion:

With all the rumors circulating, it’s still unclear whether there were any fatalities on the supposed Titanic submarine. It’s possible that the submarine was carrying a small crew, and they perished in the implosion. Alternatively, the military may have been testing unmanned submarines for target practice. The lack of official information from the military only adds to the confusion.

The Author’s Thoughts on the Situation:

Due to the numerous inquiries received by the author, it’s worth noting their opinion on the situation. While it’s difficult to completely debunk the theory of the Titanic submarine, there is not enough evidence to prove its existence. The lack of visuals or documentation of any wreckage or debris, the absence of official reports, and the fact that sonar technology would have detected any sunken vessel make the story highly unlikely.


The story of the Titanic submarine may have grabbed the public’s attention, but it’s important to separate fact from fiction. While we cannot definitively say that the supposed submarine does not exist, the lack of evidence makes it highly improbable. Instead, we should focus on the real tragedies of the past and present and continue to honor those who have lost their lives at sea.


  1. Could a submarine implode in the Atlantic Ocean?
    Yes, it’s possible for a submarine to implode if the underwater pressure exceeds the hull’s strength.

  2. Did Alex Jones provide any concrete evidence of the Titanic submarine?
    No, Alex Jones did not provide any visuals or documentation to support his claims.

  3. Could the military have covered up the potential disaster of the Titanic submarine?
    While it’s possible, it’s not confirmed. Speculation and conspiracy theories fuel rumors of military cover-ups without concrete evidence.

  4. Is it uncommon for the military to withhold information from the media?
    No, the military often keeps sensitive information for national security reasons.

  5. Was there any official report on the supposed Titanic submarine?
    No, there is no official documentation or report on the Titanic submarine’s existence or implosion.

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