The Top 3 Goals Of A Successful CEO #shorts

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If there is someone who I think is Awesome I will just build a relationship With them and then the way I got really Good at Performance Marketing is I just Made a list of the top 100 best Performing consumer subscription Companies in the world and I went and I Sat behind the founders of grammarly Audible goop Robinhood Etc and I saw how They bought ads and then I met Amara and Thomas and Matt from yes Theory or Logan Or Jimmy and I just would study how they Created content and then I gotta go to Creating content and then I wanted to Know how to hire Engineers so I found That ctOS of all the top startups and I'd talk to them about it and I'd figure Out the process and then I'd implement The process your top three goals as a CEO is make sure there's enough money in The bank set the vision and make sure The right people are in the right seats

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