The Truth Unveiled: How Only 33% of BLM’s $90M Donations Actually Benefited Charitable Foundations

Unmasking the Reality: Revealing the Impact of BLM’s $90M Donations on Charitable Foundations

The Truth Unveiled: How Only 33% of BLM’s $90M Donations Actually Benefited Charitable Foundations


In the wake of George Floyd’s tragic murder, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement gained significant traction and support around the world. As people rallied together to address systemic racism and fight for justice, generous individuals and corporations donated an astonishing $90 million to the BLM organization. However, a recent investigation has revealed shocking information about how these funds were managed and allocated. Contrary to the public’s expectations, only 33% of the donations actually reached charitable foundations, while the rest disappeared into questionable expenses.

The Alleged Scamming and Mismanagement

  1. The Black Lives Matter organization has been accused of scamming and mismanaging funds.
  2. Despite the enormous financial support from well-meaning donors, the BLM organization has come under fire for its alleged lack of transparency in handling these resources.

The Disappointing Allocation of Donations

  1. Out of the $90 million received by the BLM organization, only approximately $30 million found its way to other charitable organizations.
  2. Surprisingly, a significant portion of the funds, around $22 million, went towards expenses related to the organization itself.
  3. This means that a mere 33% of the donations were actually used to benefit causes aligned with the BLM movement.

Financial Missteps and Deficit

  1. Despite the influx of donations, the BLM organization ended the fiscal year with a staggering $9 million deficit.
  2. The mismanagement of funds and irresponsible financial decisions have raised serious concerns among donors and the general public alike.

Understanding the Allocation Choices

  1. A considerable chunk of the funds was allocated towards security services and consulting.
  2. While it is essential to ensure the safety of organizers and participants in BLM activities, critics argue that such a significant proportion of the donations should have gone directly to supporting social justice initiatives.

Progressives and Strategic Investment

  1. Progressives have been known to prioritize a strategic ground game, investing funds to maximize impact for their causes.
  2. However, in this case, it appears that the BLM organization may have deviated from this approach, leading to an inefficient distribution of resources.

The Importance of Value-Aligned Investments

  1. The revelations surrounding the BLM organization’s questionable financial practices highlight the need to encourage investment in organizations that genuinely reflect the values of the nation.
  2. Donors, both individual and corporate, must be diligent in ensuring their contributions are responsibly managed and used for their intended purposes.


The disheartening truth behind the allocation of BLM’s $90 million donations has left many disappointed and concerned. With only 33% of the funds reaching other charitable foundations and questionable expenses eating away at the rest, the question of transparency and accountability becomes paramount. Moving forward, it is crucial for donors and the public to demand greater transparency and responsible financial management from organizations like the Black Lives Matter movement.


  1. Q: What percentage of the $90 million donations to BLM actually benefited charitable foundations?

    • A: Only 33% of the donations were allocated to other charitable organizations.
  2. Q: How much money did the BLM organization spend on its own expenses?

    • A: Approximately $22 million was used for expenses related to the organization itself.
  3. Q: What was the fiscal year deficit of the BLM organization?

    • A: The BLM organization ended the fiscal year with a $9 million deficit.
  4. Q: What were the main expenses claimed by the BLM organization?

    • A: A significant portion of the funds went towards security services and consulting.
  5. Q: What is the lesson to be learned from the alleged mismanagement of BLM’s funds?

    • A: Donors should be cautious and invest in organizations that demonstrate responsible financial practices aligned with their values.
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