The Twitter Files: Behind the Scenes | David Zweig | EP 354

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and journalist David Zweig discuss his role in breaking the Twitter Files, government censorship in society, the extent to which lockdowns were effective, how they affected children in particular, and how one renegade church would not bow to overzealous regulation.

David Zweig is a writer and journalist, with multiple books published, such as “Invisibles” in 2014 and the upcoming “Abundance of Caution” that centers on the effects of the COVID-19 response on schools and children. He was also one of the journalists who helped break the Twitter Files, focusing on the suppression of information to the satisfaction of the U.S. government and the public health establishment.

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Read David’s article that we discussed in the episode:

“When a Renegade Church and a Zealous County Health Department Collide”

– Chapters –

(0:00) Coming up
(1:16) Intro
(1:51) The role of the media
(3:25) How Zweig joined the Twitter Files team
(5:02) Parameters of the investigation
(6:00) Determining relevance
(9:39) Why Zweig chose to tackle lockdowns
(14:13) Having solid stories turned down
(18:44) Bari Weiss, willing to listen
(21:53) What the suppression of voices on Twitter means
(26:23) Public trust in vaccines before the pandemic
(30:45) The biological parallel
(33:00) Overt focus on the pathogen left us blind to the side effects of our response
(35:43) “Stay in your lane”
(30:42) The problem of having too many options
(41:58) Why we have natural, inalienable rights
(47:55) Early data that was completely ignored
(49:52) Weighing risk against value
(53:45) An astonishing lack of curiosity
(54:40) The evidence based hierarchy: where expert opinion ranks
(57:30) The censorship at Twitter exposed
(1:00:25) Some censorship is not unreasonable
(1:01:03) Psychology of troll behavior
(1:03:09) The few can corrupt the whole
(1:05:22)The job of a journalist is NOT to draw the line
(1:07:26) Authoritarian information control
(1:13:43) Confusing a model with actual data
(1:14:52) The error in “techno-solutionism”
(1:18:07) The places that stayed closed and those left outside
(1:22:22) Critical well being dispensed over assumptions
(1:25:10) Asking questions makes YOU the pathogen
(1:27:08) Spying on church members, millions in fines
(1:31:50) Rapidly diminishing returns across time
(1:33:30) The truly affected are those who lost their support systems


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