“Their Guy Is LOSING!” – Bill Maher Wants Biden To Replace Kamala Harris with Nikki Haley In 2024

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they discuss Bill Maher wanting Joe Biden to replace Kamala Harris with Nikki Haley for the 2024 election.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Bill Mars suggested Joe Biden consider Replacing his VP Rob if you have this Video replacing replacing his VP Camala Harris with Nikki Haley or Republican Senator Mitt Romney in a bit to bit Bridge The Divide between a political Parties going to play this Rob um I know it's crazy to think that She could run with Biden but that's my Dream a Unity ticket and then he would I Think definitely win because nobody's Going to and of course she's said some Crazy things most politicians have not As crazy as we've never been a racist Country I mean that's pretty crazy wow But you would literally destroy the rep Uh the Democratic base I mean take off The first African-American female vice President woman of Color but it's just like black women are Like the core of the democratic party Correct like what a what a douche back Like what a cuz Bill Maher apparently You know to him the first woman of color Com Harris is just a placeholder like This is what this is this is what I'm Talking about about Bill Maher bro just When you think he's starting to turn and He's like then he goes right back into Being a vampire I I was just saying Their guy is losing and so the lunacy That comes to the end of Dao's statement Is not surprising to me nor is it desp And listen to the last thing he said

Bill Mar goes and then he would win There is losing and so he is solving for Biden winning you know if Nikki Haley Was on here and Biden would win that's What he's solving for these are Desperate people groping and and looking For desperate literally groping in the Dark desperately trying to find a Solution how are they getting away with Groping I mean this is the kind of stuff That this this Isw he's a literally he's a literal man There's no way in the world Bill Mah and These guys can get away with groping Into the me too mov would get him is That time with the they are Metaphorically groping in the dark Metaphoric Metaphorically the never gave me a story About Bill Mar gropin but go ahead no But does that surprise you It's how can Biden win how can Biden win Will arrest Trump we'll get all these Things how can Biden win um you know you Know we oh I got an idea Nikki hilly Replaced this kamla Harris cuz she's so Unpopular we'll put a more popular Person and then Biden would Win all surprise you no but but this They're solving for their guy to win That's not surprising this is the one Thing that's bother they're crazy which Is equally unsurprising the one thing That bothers me about the left and the

Democrats is the proof is in the pudding This past three years and however many Months name me one thing that's going Right and please ple don't don't tell me Infrastructure because the majority of People have no idea what the hell They're talking about nothing has gone Right from Afghanistan to the border to The list goes on and on and on and on But you know what they would rather have The country go to than have Donald Trump that's think about the mentality We'd rather have a burning house I want It to fall down just as long as this Person is not in charge it's lunacy like I can give a if I if I was on the Left what's this oh Donald Trump first Tom don't look Tom don't look do you Speak English he looked too fast he was Looking don't look he's like go ahead go Ahead Adam what what a I don't know what Canadian thing you're doing over there By the way that wasman we have our ,000 Bet I said that Biden is going to be the Nominee yes clearly since the State of The Union Address where they set the bar So low that as long as Joe Biden Survived the Speech that you know they think he's Going to do okay when we last looked at This Michelle Obama was 9 to1 it is now Double she's 18 to1 Gavin Newsome was I

Think 12 to1 that's gone up a little bit Would you at least acknowledge that at Least since the State of the Union that It is now more likely than ever that Biden will fact to be the nominee or are You still clinging to your August Surprise prediction I'm not clinging to My August I'm not clinging to anything I'm objectively looking at everything And when you and I made a bet that's how I feel I still think it's possible I'm Going to honor my bet I'm going to hand You a check made out to Wounded Warriors For a th000 bucks no you're giving me The money and what I choose to do with It whether I choose to why do you hate Wounded Warriors I love Wounded Warriors I might take your money and double it That's not what I'm saying you're not Going to take a check for you're not Going to take a check for bucks made out To Wounded Warriors I think that's Horrifying that's not what I'm saying no It's a I don't I don't know if that was The initial Bet have you had a bad experience with Wounded Warriors in the past your I Don't I don't trust a lot of 501 c3s I Like to see where the money goes I'd Rather give it to him myself but I'll Tell you this the chances of him Replacing uh kamla Harris who is Astronomically horrible is zero uh the The base of the democratic party are

Black women they're not going to replace At this juncture the first African American woman whatever Indo indopacific Woman ever to become vice president way The most interesting thing about this is The fact that Gavin officially pulled Above Mich that's the most interesting Thing that that flipped that's very Weird but listen if and you nailed it at Him time for a stroke whatever drug Adrenaline they injected into Biden at The State of the Union if they do that Every debate he does have a I mean he Has a chance to survive I don't think He'll beat Trump but he'll make it Through the debate good at that he Looked good like he it's like if he had A doctor or maybe a family member that Knew a lot about medications oh wait oh Yeah weird this is what we're going to Do anybody that places an order of let's Say $50 or more minimum one future looks Bright hat cuz I want a million people This year wearing this gear there was so Many people in the arena independently Whereing the future looks brigh gear and It's so confusing for people who are Pessimistic when they see somebody say The future looks bright but this is what I'm going to do anybody that places an Order of uh you know $50 or more okay Between now and Thursday but Specifically anyone that places an order Every for every $50 you place an order

You get one ticket in the drawing and I'm going to get I don't know I'm going To get four tickets to the next UFC Fight okay I don't even know where the Next UFC fight UFC 300 and I'm going to Give two people two UFC tickets Rob if You can give me those Sam just bring it To me just bring it to me it's okay and Here's what we got these are the things That we have right now for international Women's day we just got these pink uh uh Uh uh look at that yeah pink future Looks bright hats that are here sville Are these on the site so Rob hats let's Make sure they're on the site we got These two future looks bright uh women's Hat pink to choose from and then we got The new navy blue navy blue if you're Like a police officer we got the new Navy blue future looks bright let's make Sure and these are on the site Rob can You show these things being on the site You place the order of the hats oh that Blue is sick $50 or more for every $50 We're GNA do a drawing and on Thursday I'm giving away four UFC tickets that That's the one right the navy blue and Then uh sville I don't know if I see the Pink one on there so if you can make Sure that gets on there as well but uh That's what we're going to do make sure You place your order okay it's uh April 13th Las Vegas perfect UF there you go April 13 Las Vegas I'm going to give

Away four tickets so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here

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